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sure that your child is in an age-appropriate car seat and positioned correctly.


Protect Your Family

Since there is always a possibility of the unexpected happening, it is advisable to have roadside assistance service or auto club membership current and effective. Have your auto club membership card handy with your membership number and emergency phone numbers.

Protecting Your Family Over the Holidays

Since there are always an abundance of parties around the holidays, be on high alert for possible drunk drivers. Be a defensive driver, and you’ll get to your destination safely! According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), deaths from drinking and driving spike around the holidays, with alcohol being blamed for about 52% of fatal collisions compared to a rate of 41% for the entire year.

travel and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends:


Have your vehicle inspected and get an oil change shortly before you hit the road. Delays due to preventable mechanical failures can be avoided. Check the air pressure in your tires. Also, be sure your spare tire is in good shape and has the correct air pressure.


Wearing a seat belt is the easiest and best way to prevent injury in a motor vehicle collision. Ensure that all passengers are also wearing safety belts. [I have gotten dirty looks from adults when I tell them to buckle up when riding in my car--even in the back seat.] In addition, it is also important to be

Consider traveling during “off times” such as very early morning or later in the day to avoid the more congested times. Always check your route and be sure you are not going to go through a major city during a local rush hour. If you can plan your trip so that you are traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, it may be safer. According to the National Motorists Association, those are the safest days of the week to travel.


by Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr.

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go . . . Even though you may not be traveling “over the river and through the woods” to get to grandmother’s house this holiday season, many of our readers will be traveling. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many families will take several trips both long and short to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Since the cost and hassle of airline travel is going up, many people will be driving to their destinations for the holidays. In addition, holiday shopping also puts more people on the roads during this time of year. As your holiday travel schedule increases so does the risk of being involved in some kind of unexpected incident. Therefore, please consider the following tips as you prepare to



Don’t drive when you’re tired. Be sure to get a good night sleep before your trip, and if possible, don’t start your trip after a long day at work. Always be on the alert during holiday time as people are often rushing around doing last minute errands, and not paying full time and attention to the road.

As you travel this holiday season, please consider the precautions as indicated above, and always think safety to protect your family. The entire staff at the Tripp Law Firm wish you and your family a wonderful, safe holiday season! DISCLAIMER - Nothing in this informational public service article should be construed as giving legal advice and should not be acted upon without first consulting an attorney. Also, this article should not be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship.


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