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New Year, New Life By Pete O’Shea, WTIS 1110 AM

How long does it usually take before you have already gone back on your New Year’s resolution? For most folks, it’s a month, a week or in some severe cases maybe even a day or two. We start off with the best of intentions and we know what we have to do to improve our lives. For some of us, we need to get in better shape. Others need to watch their spending and the bold amongst us are ready for new challenges that take us way out of our comfort zone. We can make our resolutions come through if we support each other. If we encourage and inspired one another, anything is possible. Let’s make this the year we finally stick to our resolutions. Let’s do it together! Everyone reexamines his or her lives as a new year approaches. Self-analysis should actually be an exercise that perpetuates all throughout the year, but we only seem to be willing to break down our lives once a year. A

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fresh start sounds so very good doesn’t it? The problem is we tend to make unrealistic expectations and therefore, set ourselves up to fail. Then, we are inevitably crushed by our failure to achieve a goal that was way too lofty in the first place. If we set reachable goals and make them, we can feel good and build upon it. This simple change in strategy can be the accelerant needed to light a new flame. WTIS AM 1110 is the inspiration radio station. We strive to be a beacon of light for everyone. We provide hopeful and uplifting programming designed specifically so you soar to new heights. We are all about Faith, Freedom and Families. Faith is the belief in things unseen. We need faith to extend ourselves and to nurture our fragile psyche. If we have faith in God, he will lead us on path of self-discovery that can forever alter the course of our lives. We are all things through Him. God

gave each of us a set of gifts and talents that He hopes we will use for the greater good. Freedom is something we enjoy in this country and we should never take it for granted. We are free to try new things, even if they make us look silly at first. We are free to change how we look just because we feel like it. We are also free to strengthen ourselves and the community around us. It is our God given inalienable right! Family is were you go to get the undying love and support you need to make a realistic New Year’s resolution and stick to it no matter how good those cookies taste or how hard that French class is or how frightening a new job or a new school may be. Family was made for the sole purpose of being able to be

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there in your time of need and say with all sincerity, “I got your back, Jack!” The last couple of years have been rough and that is an understatement. So, let’s start fresh with a new lease on life. Let’s come together as one and support each other to make great strides and achieve all of our goals. 2014 is going to be the best year ever! Here is your new motto, words to live by from all of your friends at WTIS AM 1110 Tampa Bay’s Inspiration Radio Station. “New Year, New Life!” Happy New Year, good luck and God bless.

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