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people trip over extension cords resulting in fractures, lacerations, contusion. The CPSC also estimates that about 3,300 residential fires originate in extension cords each year. Here are a few safety recommendations to keep your holiday bright and safe:

Protect Your Family

• Teach your children not to play with plugs and outlets. by Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr.

Keep Your Holiday Bright and Safe It’s a magical time of the year and nothing is more important than keeping your little ones safe. Yet every minute, seventeen children go to the emergency room with unintentional injuries – that’s 9.2 million a year. This holiday season, we encourage you to THINK SAFETY and take these simple steps to keep your holiday bright and safe: • Water your live Christmas tree daily • Always blow out unattended candles • Never overload extension cords. It’s often small decisions –a dry Christmas tree, a candle left burning, a mis-

placed or overloaded extension cord – that could have life-changing consequences. When it comes to holiday dangers, the numbers are more startling than you might think. Candle-related fires are one of the most common holiday home hazards, averaging more than 15,000 each year, resulting in death, thousands of injuries and $450 million dollars in direct property damage. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that each year, about four thousand injuries associated with electric extension require a trip to the local emergency room. Just less than one half of those injuries happen when

• Use extension cords only when necessary, on a temporary basis and use only extension cords labeled for outdoor use for outdoor applications. • Use polarized extension cords and do not overload extension cords by plugging in lights that draw a total of more watts than the rating of the cord.

By teaching your children about safety and taking these steps you will not only enjoy a bright and safe holiday season but also raise a safer generation of children. Holiday blessings to you and your family and Happy New Year!

• Make sure cords do not dangle from the counter or table tops where they can be pulled down or tripped over. • With cords lacking safety closures, cover any unused outlets with electrical tape or with plastic caps to prevent the chance of a child making contact with the live circuit.





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• In locations where furniture may be pushed against an extension cord where the cord joins the plug, use a special “angle extension cord,” which is specifically designed for use in these instances and never remove the third (round or U-shaped) prong, which is a safety feature designed to reduce the risk of shock and electrocution.

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