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The Scandal of the Incarnation by Jeff Iskra

Everyone loves the arrival of Spring — claimed to be God. This is the scandal of the warmer weather, sunny skies, the Incarnation. colorful flowers… it brings with it sense Incarnation means to be embodied in of renewal, refreshment and new life. flesh and the idea of the divine being Easter is a very big part of the season embodied in flesh has been scandalous and a global celebration! The reason and offensive ever since Jesus said this that people all over the world have cel- (see John 10:24-33). A statement of such ebrated Easter for more than 2,000 years significance requires us to respond: we is because Jesus is unique from everyone either embrace it or reject it. else! Second, Jesus was sinless (John 8:46). Here are just four of the reasons for Sinless means he never did the wrong thing, always did the right thing, and he Jesus’ uniqueness: always did the right thing with the right First, Jesus claimed to be God (in an motives! Dang — no one can live like earth-suit). It might surprise you to know that! Even Gandhi, certainly a selfless that in the history of the world, very few man of peace, confessed he was a sinner people have ever claimed to be God. The and according to the Quran, Muhammad founders of the world’s different reli- sinned and needed to ask for forgiveness. gions all claimed to be a servant of God or a prophet… but not God. Christianity Third, besides not needing forgiveness is the only one founded by someone who (because he was sinless), Jesus forgave

Jesus’ statements are so ‘out there,’ they are divisive and scandalous

people’s sins. Whenever Jesus verbalized this forgiveness the religious leaders were correct in asking, “Who but God can forgive sin?” (Matthew 9:2-7). To do so is either scandalous or true… yet, Jesus often affirmed his validity with some action, such as a miraculous healing.

Dr. Jeff Iskra is the Assistant Pastor of Pathways Community Church in Largo, FL.

Many religions teach that Jesus is a moral example or good person, much like Sister Teresa or Gandhi. However, if Jesus claimed to be God & in fact, was not God - He is neither a moral example or a good person. Jesus’ statements are so “out Fourth, Jesus claimed to be the only way there,” they are divisive and scandalous. to heaven. Many people and many religious leaders say there are several ways This is the scandal of the incarnation. Jeto heaven and you simply need to follow sus is unique and there has never been their instructions. Jesus said a scandal- anyone else like him! He is fully God ous statement when he declared, “I Am and yet, fully man. He is the One who the Path.” forgives all sin and renews our relationship with God the Father! John 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come Spring has arrived and so has our to the Father except through me.” Savior!

Debra Evans will be at Pathways Tuesday’s at 7:00p.m. For more information contact Pathways Community Church: (727) 397-4707 ext. 124 or Pathways Community Church 801 Seminole Blvd. Largo, FL

For many, life has not been

the fairytale we had all imagined. We all work hard, and seldom take time to do something for ourselves. We would like to invite you and your friends to be our guest each Tuesday Night for an extraordinary event called Real Women Doing Real Life. Come meet nationally known speaker Debra Evans, who will be teaching during the summer. • It is time for us to hear something relevant to our life. • It is time for us to do something that can help us live the life we have always dreamed about. • It all starts with a simple acknowledgement that we might need a little help.

Tuesday’s Special Guest Worship Leader Nationally Known Lead Singer for Silver Wind Rick Starrett

For those with children, we have a fully staffed Children’s Ministry. We also have a special men’s Bible Study. You can rest knowing your whole family is being cared for. You deserve the break. Make your plans for Tuesday at 7:00 @ Pathways Community Church and don’t forget to bring a friend.

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You Can Also Join Debra on A.M Inspiration Radio 1110 a.m. WTIS every Monday at 11:30a.m. for her radio program “Real women Doing Real Life.” April 2014 • 49

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