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The Deacons’ Quartet Presents

A SINGING JUBILEE Sat., Nov. 16 6 pm

The Hoehns

North East Park Baptist Church 3737 1st St. N.E. St. Petersburg

The Sunshine State Quartet Featuring: The Hoehns

Unshakeable Faith


The McMillans

Free admission.

The Sunshine State Quartet

A love offering will be taken.

The Deacons’ Quartet

The Deacons’ Quartet

By Pete O’Shea, WTIS 1110 AM

Where do you turn when life feels like it is spiraling down? How do you get back up after you have been knocked down more times than you can count? Is there any hope left? Of course there is and it is in abundance if you are willing to open your heart and point yourself directly towards our Lord. Many people run away from God when things go wrong. They stop praying and going to church because they believe that God doesn’t care about them anymore. They use as rationale for this the things that they perceive to be wrong in their lives. Here is a helpful hint. You should always run towards God not away from Him when times are tough. God and only God can get you through the valley and back up to the top of the mountain. There is no better example of this than Pastor Tim Kelley of Grace Connection Church in St. Petersburg and WTIS AM 1110. This is a man who has survived and thrived through adversity and continues to proudly and boldly serve from the pulpit, the classroom and the airwaves. His unshakeable faith has emboldened him through the loss

30 • October 2013 • Pinellas

of a daughter, the ups and down of leading a large church and anything else that life can throw at him. Is he unflappable? Hardly, but who amongst us is? He is resilient and filled with the Holy Spirit. He is a pillar of our faith based community and he is far too humble to tell you that, so WTIS AM 1110 will tell you instead. He is one of the main reasons for the spiritual revival we are seeing here in the Tampa Bay area. We are one body in Christ. We are so very proud to be broadcasting Pastor Tim Kelley’s Daily Grace Devotions for 22 years now. You can hear him speak directly to you as an intercessor of our Lord every weekday morning at 7:39 during AM Inspiration on WTIS AM 1110. He is one of

the very best at delivering a sermon. He is a willing vessel. He is capable of strengthening and nurturing anyone who listens to him as he powerfully extols the endless virtues of Jesus Christ. He is a true man of God, a great role model and an emulator of our Lord and Savior. We are truly blessed to have him on our station and in this community. He is a perfect example of what we strive for as a radio station. Our goal is to inspire and empower you, to give you hope and enhance your faith. We want to be a galvanizing presence that uplifts everyone. That is why we are so pleased to offer you on a daily basis amazing national show hosts like Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer, J. Vernon McGee, Mike Huckabee and Dave Ramsey and outstanding local hosts like Jim Brangenberg, Derryck McLulan, Charles Boxsley, Chris Cambas and Tim Kelley.

There are going to be days when we feel lost, it happens to all of us. There are goSay you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

ing to be moments when you get knocked down so hard that you can’t imagine how you could ever get back up again. There is hope left and you can find it be tuning in to good men and women of God like Pastor Tim Kelley on WTIS AM 1110, Your Christian Inspiration Station for 37 years and counting. Thank you Pastor Kelley for 22 awesome years on WTIS and we are hoping for at least 22 more years! God is good, all the time! Grace Connection Church is located at 635 64th St. S in St. Petersburg. H2O - Humor 2 Outreach is coming to Grace Connection Church - Saturday October 12th at 7 PM for a Christian Comedy Show that will entertain and evangelize while raising funds and awareness for Grace Connection Church! Come on out and join us, tickets are only 10 dollars in advance and 15 dollars at the door for six headlining comedians!

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