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Brian Pope, Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider Brian Horvath, Stewardship Director of Grace Family Church, Lutz By Pete O’Shea, WTIS 1110 AM This is part II of a recent interview with Brian Horvath who leads Financial Peace University locally at Grace Family Church in Lutz and Brian Pope a licensed financial planner and local Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider that aired on Inspiration AM 1110 WTIS. Brian Pope: People need help with their budgets. Eighty percent of people that try budgets fail after the first month. Why did they fail? Things don’t always go as planned. Emergencies happen and they don’t have any savings for that. Their budget gets derailed. It’s not easy. WTIS: It is hard. For some of us, it’s not even an emergency. We have daily frustrations. Three-four days of frustration in a row, you’re on QVC and buying stuff you don’t need. When I started to make money, I was spending it three times faster than I was making it. Brian Pope: You don’t need a brand new car every two years. You don’t need to have the biggest house in the neighborhood. That’s not going to bring you happiness.

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What’s brought me happiness is the fact that I don’t have to worry about money daily. It’s brought peace to our life. I could have never started my own business if I didn’t actually put the foundation in place personally. Other people can do it, too. You don’t have to live with that fear of job loss. It’s natural, you don’t want to lose your job, but that’s not going to be the end of the world. We can plan ahead and make sure that you’re going to be okay. Financial Peach University is just 10 weeks with 9 weeks of videos. We talk about financial peace, we talk about learning how to save. We teach you to talk with your spouse about money. As Brian mentioned earlier, maybe you don’t like the word budget. Learn how to dump debt. By the way, you’ll learn the spiritual aspects of debt too. WTIS: If you put the Lord in charge, you may be pedaling the bike but He’s doing the steering, right? The faster you accept that concept, the better life is going to be. When you’re financially in debt and you’re stressed about it, it can have a long-term,

negative effect on your life. It can consume your thoughts; Brian? Brian Pope: Well Pete, folks are tossing and turning at night. Statistics show that ninety-two percent of Americans are losing sleep over the finances every night. That’s startling! They did a study on this to see what time people actually log in to their accounts to check on their finances. It 8 am, first thing. They want to make sure they have enough to pay the bills that day. When people have reached that pain threshold, they are ready to change. I can show them the tools that they can utilize to reach their goals. What is important to you; being out of debt, giving” Everyone is different. We talk about their past behaviors. What have they been doing? What’s been going wrong? How we’re going to change it? What’s the best method for them? When we put their budget on paper, I can usually trim three hundred dollars a month. We overpay for deductibles, our cell phones, and the like. We don’t manage our money correctly.

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Our financial peace is not a one-day deal. That’s why financial mentoring or financial counseling is not a one-day deal. It’s over a course of time. WTIS: It’s about an entire lifestyle change. It is not the things that makes us who we are. Brian Pope: I agree. We have to remember the U-Haul will be unhitched when we go to heaven. Remember our Planning and Budgeting for Emergencies seminar is only ten dollars per couple. Call my office or go to the web site to find out the date and location of the next seminar. The website is That’s 727776-1409 WTIS: Brian Horvath and Brian Pope, thank you both. Remember that Dave Ramsey can be heard every weekday afternoon 2-5 on Inspiration AM 1110. Visit to learn where the next Dave Ramsey FPU class is being held in your area.

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