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Happy 37th Anniversary WTIS AM 1110 By Pete O’Shea

WTIS AM 1110 is celebrating our anniversary! For 37 years now, we have been broadcasting the very best national and local Christian talk shows. That’s right, I said 37 years. Have you been able to do anything in your life consecutively for 37 straight years? I know I haven’t and that includes brushing my teeth. We strive to provide inspiring community based programming each and every day. Working here is a calling or a ministry for all of us in this family environment aptly named WTIS. Inspiration is right in our call letters, THE INSPIRATION STATION is what TIS stands for in case you didn’t know. Most radio stations today are corporate run entities too far removed from what’s really happening and therefore they have little regard for actually nurturing our community. WTIS AM 1110 stands proudly as a family owned, faith based presence for all of Tampa Bay. We care about you and what you need for your body, mind and soul. Deborah Ray Roseman is our General Manager. She lives and breathes the mantra of providing quality radio that is important for this community that she loves so well. Tom Connolly is a veteran programming/operations director and he smoothly keeps us going strong. We have a resident superhero, a jack of all trades if you will, Super J, who bought Wonder Woman’s invisible plane on E-Bay and drives it to work every day. Be careful you don’t bang into it in our parking lot. We also have a guy whose last name is Miracle who works at a Christian radio station. You can’t make that stuff up. As for me, I try my best to find the very best people in our area that are making a positive impact on those around them. I interview them on both of my daily shows and I do it with the mindset that each show is another chance to share the very best of the human spirit. I love my job. I get to see God at work, through your neighbor and then I get to tell you all about it every morning,

32 • March 2013 • Pinellas

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twice a day on AM Inspiration and The Pete O’Shea Show. We have the most amazing local pastors at WTIS. Tim Kelley, Pastor Cody, Greg Powe, Glenn Pav, Tom Garrett, Arun Charles, Jan Natoli, Brother Earl and Sister Sarah, Anthony Jones and the Apostle Darryl McCoy. We also have great shows on gardening, Garden Talk, music, Tampa Bay’s House of Praise with Kenn Mann and health, Healthy by Nature with Martie Whittekin. And that’s not all folks, we have Z-Radio with Ebony and Tonya, The Christian Crusaders, Wonderful Words of Life with the Salvation Army, Talking Recovery with Dr. Gil Smith and Kaylee Bennett, Hearts Set Free with Elaine Creasman and a New Breed of Doctor with Dr. James Barile. We also have local experts for the things that really matter to you like our financial expert Brian Pope, our marriage expert, Chris Cambas and our medical expert, Dr. Tracie Leonhardt. I know what you are thinking. Wow that is awesome! But wait, there’s more. How about some of the best national talk shows on the planet, again, just for you. Every weekday you can hear, Faith Seminar with Ken Hagin, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, Concepts of Faith with Charles Capps, Messianic Perspectives with Gary Hendrick, Born to Win with Ronald L. Dart and Through the Bible with J. Vernon McGee. And now for the big finish, back to back, every weekday afternoon, The Mike Huckabee Show from 12 – 2 PM followed by The Dave Ramsey Show from 2 –5 PM. WTIS is all about Faith, Families and Freedom. Mark your calendars now – join us for our Anniversary Open House on Friday April 5th from 3 - 6 PM at our radio station as we celebrate 37 years in our Christian format. There will be giveaways, prizes and refreshments. Stop by and become part of the family. See for yourself the beauty of the last bastion of local community radio, WTIS AM 1110.

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