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TO GROOM OR NOT TO GROOM? THERE IS NO QUESTION! Whether you groom your pet yourself or make use of professional services, grooming is an important part of caring for your pet. Grooming is not just for the sake of appearance; it is required for good health. “Conventional wisdom” might tell you that pets hate being groomed – but it isn’t true. (Just imagine how you would object to combing your hair – if you combed it only a couple times a year!) With a little maintenance at home and some help from a professional, your pets will love to be groomed! First of all, be aware of your pet’s skin. By exploring it, you or your groomer can find irritations, sores, cuts, lumps, or signs of fleas. It is best to catch

these problems before they turn into catastrophes.

Then, consider the question: How frequently should my pet be groomed? For some needs (such as combing or trimming), there is no definitive answer. A poodle obviously requires more than a lab! Still, some grooming is necessary – regardless of the breed: baths, ear cleanings, etc. These should be done at least once a month, as should the trimming of your pets’ nails. Trimming is best done by a professional – due to the blood line running through the nail. Cutting the nails too short can be a very painful and bloody experience!

by Tammy Vasquez, owner Bark Life email me at:

Did you know that regular grooming contributes to the emotional bond you share with your pet? Just like keeping your pet well fed (with 5-star rated foods: and properly exercised, good grooming also adds greatly to your pet’s overall happiness. Maintenance grooming results in a healthier pet and keeps health problems in check. Remember, you are caring for a member of your family; don’t let good grooming get away from you. Make time for it! If you are not sure what your pets needs are, consult a reputable groomer for advice. A well-groomed pet is pleasant to be around! I come from a family that has been in the grooming business for over 40 years, and I personally have been a groomer for 24 years. We have seen it all –from rescued pets, getting their first haircuts so they can find their for-

ever home, to well-loved pets that we groom weekly. The important thing is your pet’s best welfare. They depend on us to care for all their needs. They love us unconditionally . . . Shouldn’t we do the same for them?

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