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Financial Peace University WTIS: Lily Ramirez of Crossover Church in Tampa joins us today to share her inspirational testimonial. Lily and her husband attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at their church which is one of over 90 local churches to offer FPU. Lily, you and your husband Johnny decided you’re going to take the class. What were the reasons you felt you needed the class and what was your experience in class? Lily Ramirez: Last August, we signed up for the class because we knew we needed more direction on our finances. We began with the baby step of a written budget and making every dollar have a direction with the envelope system. Just starting to know all the money that was going in and out, we knew the plan was working. We started to feel little by little in control. We began to get more excited. WTIS: Were you amazed by how quickly that process worked but also how things changed in your household? Was there a big difference? Lily Ramirez: It was dramatic. We have paid off $30,000 in 15 months. Everything is paid off, even the credit cards. We cut them up. We just have the house left to pay off.

WTIS: Wow, you paid off $30,000 in debt in less than two years. That took a lot of discipline. Is discipline one of the things you learn from Financial Peace University? Lily Ramirez: Yes. There’s a lot of cutting back, packing lunches, not going out, or taking a trip until you are debt free. But when you are done, it is so great. WTIS: You shared with me you have refinanced the house. In only 15 more years it will be paid in full. And, you had drastic reduction in interest rate. How does that feel knowing that in just 15 years the house is going to be paid off? Lily Ramirez: It’s exciting. We’re also doubling the payment to pay it off even more quickly. WTIS: One of the things Dave talks about, Lily, is not only how you gain peace of mind when you are debt free but how it changes your family tree for generations to come. You have a nine-year-old and a six-year-old; tell me how important that is for them. Lily Ramirez: It’s extremely important because they’re just watching us. We used to buy it now and pay it later. That’s not the way it

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works now. If we don’t have the money, we don’t buy it. WTIS: What things are you planning to do now that you could never have thought of before? Lily Ramirez: I’m just enjoying myself without having to worry about the bills. Being debt free has put on our hearts to volunteer and to give. We now have finances available to do so. WTIS: That’s a key part of what Dave teaches. He says to people once you’re out of debt, now you’ve got to give more. You got to help those who cannot help themselves. It has to feel great to know you can do that. Lily Ramirez: It is really good. WTIS: I know when you’re all paid off on the house, you’re driving back to the Financial Peace University and you’re going to do the debt-free scream right there in his lobby. But let’s say you had lunch with Dave; what would you say to Dave Ramsey? What would be the one thing you want to get across to him right now? Lily Ramirez: Thank you, Dave. We are so happy our bad situation has had such a great outcome.

WTIS: Crossover Church is about to start another Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class, Lily. Here on air we speak to people who were afraid to take that first step or start Financial Peace University. Speak to them directly and tell them what they should do. Lily Ramirez: This is going to change your life and you will never be the same. Once you start, you’ll just get more and more excited and it’s just awesome. You have to just do it. Start Financial Peace University. It has been an awesome blessing. WTIS: It is another Financial Peace University success story. Go to to find out how you too can take that class and change your family tree for generations to come. Listen to Dave Ramsey each weekday afternoon from two to five on Inspiration AM 1110 WTIS.

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