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Should I Get a Dog? The short answer is, of course, yes! If you never had the fortune to grow up with dogs, or to know a friend who had a dog, you do not know the amazingly fun times you are missing! While there are many considerations to go over as to whether a dog is right for you and your current situation (Do you have the space? Do you have the time?), dogs are scientifically proven to be good for the person who owns them and their family. So, if you have a house with a nice backyard and have a spare hour a day, get looking for a new sidekick! Here are some good reasons on why owning a dog isn’t just a costly endeavor but might be just the right thing for your family.

1 Dogs Are Good Listeners.

A dog will snuggle right up to you and hang on every word you say.

3 Dogs Make You Feel Safe.

When some strange person knocks on the door and your dog raises his hackles and growls, it makes you feel much safer.


It doesn’t matter if you left hours ago or five minutes ago, a dog’s reaction is always the same. They act like they haven’t seen you in forever.

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This alone should be a good motivator

5 Dogs Teach You Responsibility.

9 Dogs Are Good Little Cleaners.

You can not own a dog without being responsible. If you do you will have a messy yard or house.

You never have to worry about cleaning up any food that is dropped on the floor. It is almost gone before it hits the floor.

6 Dogs Love A Good Adventure.

10 Dogs Have Huge Hearts.

4 Dogs Will Make You Get Exercise.

The great thing about a dog is that they think everything is an adventure as long as they are with you.

If you cannot handle a dog do not have children. Dogs are a lot of work. Sometimes they are naughty and tear things up. They have to be exercised, fed, watered, disciplined, and loved. If you cannot do these things for a dog you should know that a child is ten times the work.

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To Love A Pet.

They have to learn to be gentle, they learn that dogs hurt too, that dogs need care. It is a great way to model the way we should take care of God’s creation. Then when they get old enough they can take of one of their own dogs.

7 Prepare You For Children.

2 They Are Always Glad To See

8 Dogs Teach Your Children How

For some reason God knew we needed an animal like a dog. The emotion they exhibit is not reflected by any other animal or person except maybe a toddler. No matter whether you yell at them, forget about them, or neglect them they somehow find it in their heart to not just forgive but love.

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