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Pete: How did you come up with this idea? Did you have a background experience in this before? How did this all come to be, Kevin? Kevin Maher: That’s a big no. I had absolutely no background experience in this at all but, as I said, my daughter, wonderful Mackenzie, was born three months preterm and as a result, she suffered a serious brain injury that resulted in cerebral palsy. The cerebral palsy greatly affected her growth and fine motor skills so during those early developmental years when most kids are creeping and crawling and cruising on furniture and they’re wiring up their vestibular system, my poor little baby laid there on the ground and she couldn’t use her arms and legs. They just weren’t wired up By Pete O’Shea, WTIS 1110 AM with her brain. This month’s column is an amazing story from an interview I did with Kevin Maher. It is miraculous, inspiring and pow- So at about age four she still couldn’t even sit up. She would erful. The interview is long, so it will be broken into sev- just fall over and she had no real balance. If she had sense eral parts over the next couple months. But if you can’t wait of balance, the signals weren’t getting to her arms and legs and you would like to hear the interview in its entirety, visit on what to do with that sense of balance. So her doctors and visit my past shows. recommended that she get lots of this vestibular stimulation. Pete: Kevin Maher, please tell us, what’s a GyroStim. Kevin Maher: Well, a GyroStim is a device that I made for my daughter who has cerebral palsy. This device is a computer controlled and automated chair, that I can strap my daughter into, which we can rotate forwards and backwards and clockwise and counter clockwise. It’s called a multiaccess rotating chair and because of all the computer controls and software and everything that I’ve built into it, we can control the intensity of these rotations. As doctors know, these types of rotations have very, very good consequences and effects on a person’s sensory integration of their vestibular system and some other cognitive functions as well.

38 • August 2013 • Pinellas

That was the first time I heard that term. What is that? They wanted us to put our daughter in an office chair and spin her around a whole bunch -- clockwise, counter clockwise and tumble her around on the floor like a somersault fashion -- so logroll her. In fact, what our doctors were trying to have us do was to stimulate three different semicircular canals that make up our vestibular system in our inner ear. Of course, we tried doing this and it was very, very difficult. Even with my little 30-pound baby, we thought it really took time spinning her around but it made sense this is what she needed. We needed to really wake up her vestibular system and so I had a great need for a solution and that’s where the story gets very interesting and that’s where God answered the prayer. That is for sure. Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

Pete: Again, so this really was a faith journey, an experience for you. Talk to me about that part of it. Again you asked for a prayer and he answered it. Talk to me about that. Kevin Maher: Well, yeah. This is where it gets really personal and my faith with God. We, of course go to church and we say our prayers and we do all the things that you are supposed to do. We even did some things that were kind of unusual. Then this one day a good friend of ours said that there’s a place New Mexico called Santuario de Chimayo and it’s a healing church. Supposedly people go there and they get healed. My wife Rhonda wanted to go there and it was about a five-hour drive for us one way. We live Colorado Springs and it’s down in New Mexico and she just wanted to go there. You know frankly, I was really tired of this. My belief in looking for some form of a divine intervention or help for our daughter really wasn’t there and I said to my wife, the only way that we’re going to really get our daughter well is just do hard work and therapy every single day. We’ve got to do it and no, I don’t want to go to this church. I’m not going to do it. But her birthday was coming up on August 3rd and she kept working me and she said, “It’s all I want for my birthday. Can we please go?” I said to her, “Okay. We’ll go but I’m just a bus driver. That’s it. I am not going in that church. You can’t make me. I’m done with all this stuff.” So we go down and we go into Chimayo and there’s a good story behind that. I would suggest however that your listeners Google Santuario de Chimayo and read the history on it. It’s fascinating. Anyway, so we go into this little church, and the experience totally changed my life. Next month, we will continue Pete’s interview with Kevin and we will see how God does an amazing work in Kevin’s life.

Gulf Coast Family - August 2013 - Pinellas  

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