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the Holidays Are Here by Debra Evans It is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly. The truth for so many is that it seems like each day rushes into the next with alarming and increasing speed. I know that a 24 hour day is the same today as when we were all a bit younger and a bit more optimistic, but for many the truth has become that you’re slowly slipping into a cadence of apathy that will eventually rob you of the ability to dream beyond your reality.

“Find out what you’re truly thankful for and let that be your guiding light.”

The “Holidays” as advertised are a season of joyful and continuous reunions with friends, family, and a keen sense of the wonder of life. The contrasting reality is that we only have 24 hours in a day and the added schedule of the holidays, seasonal relationships, and the highest of expectations of the year, can easily create an adverse affect on your family, your nerves, your outlook on life, and your level of enjoyment on what should be the most wonderful time of the year.

into-bed-kind-of-knocked-out-to-the-world type of sleep. Well, before you give up on your happy holiday, and set your mind for the highest level of tolerance your remaining patience will allow, here are a few suggestions to help you experience your Hallmark the Holidays are truly all about. The truth Card moment. is the Holidays have always been about the I know that Super-Mom or Super-wife (or time and heart you share with those you call Grandma) is the norm, but make sure to take friend(s) and family and what you are able to a breath and spend a little time each day do- do to help others who are truly hurting during nothing. Have a cup of coffee, or a simple ing the holiday season. walk around the block. Let your mind rest so you can see your reality in light of what This year, instead of focusing on your own fulfillment, volunteer at your church or an outreach in the community. Bring your friends and family with you to serve someone who may have trouble seeing any value in the holidays, and build a lasting memory about the true meaning of this season. Find out what you’re truly thankful for and let that be your guiding light.

In the end we feel fatigue; we can’t sleep aside from the non-restful, exhausted fall-

Here is the truth about your upcoming Holiday Season: It will be what you make it, so

make it count for more than just another wasted moment of credit card debt and exhausting hours trying to satisfy the needs of the unquenchable thirst some have for the material things. Let this year be the beginning of what you have always dreamed of…A happy and most wondrous Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Debra Evans has helped a world-wide audience experience God’s gifts of mercy, healing, grace, and truth, through frequent appearances on radio, television, social media’s, and in churches worldwide. She and her husband, Rick, have established Living In Faith (

Join us on Tuesdays, as our guest, for a free dinner at 5:45 p.m. and/or 7:00 p.m. for a highly motivational, inspiring event on how you can become the woman you were always meant to be.

For many, life has not been

the fairytale we had all imagined. We all work hard, and seldom take time to do something for ourselves. We would like to invite you and your friends to be our guest each Tuesday Night for an extraordinary event called Real Women Doing Real Life. Come meet nationally known speaker Debra Evans, who will be teaching during the summer. • It is time for us to hear something relevant to our life. • It is time for us to do something that can help us live the life we have always dreamed about. • It all starts with a simple acknowledgement that we might need a little help.

RSVP for your “free” dinner to Lannie Kremin (727) 397-4707 ext. 124

For those with children, we have a fully staffed Children’s Ministry. We also have a special men’s Bible Study. You can rest knowing your whole family is being cared for. You deserve the break. Make your plans to be part of this summer’s event.

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