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Moms Make a Difference! by Tom Owen This month we have a chance to shower our Moms with some much deserved appreciation. You know, breakfast in bed; homemade Mother’s Day cards from the kids; flowers from your husband; lunch at your favorite restaurant; and absolutely no house cleaning! Moms deserve all this special treatment because they teach their kids so much.

Dana Chau wrote a tribute to her Mother for all the important things she taught her about life. My mother taught me about religion when I spilled grape juice on the carpet. She preached to me, “You better pray that stain will come out!” My mother taught me how to be decisive when she said, “Because I said so, that’s why.” My mother taught me foresight when she said, “Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you’re in an accident.” My mother taught me irony when she said, “Just keep laughing and I’ll give you something to cry about.” My mother taught me about stamina when she said, “You’ll sit there ’til all that spinach is finished.” My mother taught me about the weather when she observed, “It looks as if a tornado swept through your room.” My mother taught me about behavior modification when she said, “Stop acting like your father!” My Tom Owen is the Senior Pastor of Bay Ridge mother taught me the circle of life when Baptist Church. Tom and his wife Lisette have she said, “I brought you into this world, three great kids. Find out more about his and I can take you out.” ministry at

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and that this and

showed that 80% of today’s teens say their parents are the biggest influence in their But even with all that honor, even with all lives. Their parents! that praise, even with having your own day right on the calendar, as a Mother do Eight out of ten teens say Mom and you ever feel like a failure? Do you ever Dad have more influence over them feel like no matter how hard you work and than their coaches, their teachers, their how much you pour into your kid’s lives it friends, their Youth Pastor, or even TV. doesn’t make a difference? Even when you Parents are the main influence in their don’t feel like “the world’s #1 Mom”, you children’s lives. Moms, you make a are making a difference in your children’s difference! lives. Maybe even the biggest difference that there could be made! So when you feel like you just aren’t George Barna did some extensive research on today’s generation of teenagers. He published his findings in a book called Third Millennium Teens. What caught my attention in his study were what and who influences today’s youth. His findings

getting through to your kids - you are. Sure, they might not come out and thank you for teaching them about creativity and character and kindness, but they’re taking it all in. You are making a difference in your children as you prepare them for life. Hang in there Moms!

Community Feather Sound Christian Christian Preschool School 13880 Feather Sound Drive, Clearwater

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But seriously, Moms are so amazing do so much for their children. Things only a Mother can do. And Moms, is your time to receive appreciation honor and a well deserved rest.

of five oaks

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