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Summer Family Fitness Plan by Lifestyle Family Fitness

basis. For example, if you have a burger on Tuesday, choose lower calorie foods with your meals the next two days like a salad or veggies. Takeaway: Notice how many calories you’re taking in and trade that frappacino for an apple.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising — and that means beach weather. The ocean, glorious cookouts, kids playing in the sand…and bikinis. Yes, bathing suit season. No need to run and hide or go on the Special K diet. Hit the gym, eat a balanced diet (McDonald’s snack wraps don’t count) and watch your bathing suit woes disappear. Achieve bathing suit victory (and get the family involved) with this easy-to-follow summer fitness plan. • Start moving. Activity gets the blood flowing, your heart rate up and helps burn calories. Takeaway: Walking, cleaning the house, biking or taking fitness classes like BodyPump or cycling — just choose an activity you enjoy and you’ll stick to it! • Set your own realistic goals and don’t compare yourself to others (“3 days to a flat tummy” magazine articles are usually just fluff with a side of airbrushing).


Set a goal to lose five pounds before your beach outing and have a fitness expert help you build your workout plan.

Now you have a plan and purpose to rock that little yellow polka dot bikini (or whatever your style is) with confidence. Hello beach bod.

• Get the family involved! Enroll your kids in a summer fitness program — Lifestyle Family Fitness offers a free 2-month gym membership for teens ages 12-17. Teens can sign up at any club from May 15 to August 15. Takeaway: Kids stay active, healthy and have fun!

• Bring on the cardio! For faster results, try an intense 30-minute interval workout which tones muscles and keeps you burning calories hours later. Takeaway: Whether you run on the treadmill or jump rope, ensure you get your heart rate to a level that burns fat. • Cut down on portion sizes and eat a balanced diet. Look at your diet on a weekly

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