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What’s New in Fitness: Why Kettlebells are All the Rage

• Workout aerobically and anaerobically at the same time

Kettlebell Exercises

A few examples of kettlebell exercises are basic movements such as the swing (most popular), snatch and clean and jerk.

by Lifestyle Family Fitness

It seems like kettlebells are everywhere — in the gym, on fitness websites, even at Target. Kettlebells are becoming more and more prevalent in every day workouts and are used by fitness enthusiasts, collegiate athletes and pro sports teams. Although it’s a seemingly new fitness trend, kettlebells have been around for ages (since the 1700’s!). The cannonball-shaped weights made out of cast iron may look small, but really pack a punch and will get your heart rate pumping and muscles burning in no time!

Many of these movements mimic real world activities such as lifting heavy groceries, shoveling or picking up a baby. minute mile or cross-country skiing uphill (that’s 20.2 calories per minute) in a 20-minute kettlebell snatch workout. The full-body movements and intervaltraining format gives huge calorie-burning benefits in minimal time and also increases joint function, endurance, balance, strength and flexibility — it’s an all-in-one exercise plan.

How to Perform a Kettlebell Swing (think hiking a football):

1. Stand in wide stance with feet wider than shoulders 2. While keeping your shoulders pulled back, lower yourself as if you are going to sit into a chair 3. Swing kettlebell through legs and push up to standing position

4. Extend arms out and raise kettlebell to chest height 5. Repeat form for multiple repetitions For families on the go, this may be the answer to getting in your exercise for the week! Always find a fitness expert to show you proper form when using new equipment for the first time, it will give you new ideas and prevent injuries. Check out kettlebell exercises, resistance training and more at Lifestyle Family Fitness’ free member Strength Clinics.

Why kettlebells kick butt (for real) Benefits of Kettlebells During a kettlebell workout, you achieve both cardio and strength training, which raises your metabolism, burns calories and tones muscles all at the same time. According to a research report by the American Council on Exercise, you can burn as many calories as running a six-

• Full-body conditioning • Huge calorie burn in little time • Increase strength without lots of weight • Big results with less time in the gym • Increase resistance to injury • Improve mobility and range of motion • Enhance workout performance and everyday tasks

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