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Looking through Life’s Windowpanes by Debra Evans

Although this abandonment and rejection may have caused you to lose your expectation of love, happiness, and a fulfilled future, you should not think that you are the only one. This is the condition of all who are brokenhearted: “I looked for sympathy, but there was none; for comforters, but I found none” (Psalm 69:20). Simply put, the aching heart If you were blessed to grow up in a home turns itself off. full of acceptance and love, your heart was probably carefully spun with tools of My life taught me a truth that I hope you tenderness and consistency, and the ves- will let sink into the deepest part of your sel of your life has been shaped sturdy heart: Your life is not a clay pot that, once and strong—strong enough that it should fired in the kiln, can never be made right. be able to hold all that life will bring you. The Master Potter, who breathes life into For those of us who have not been as for- clay, makes it beautiful again. tunate, our jars have been forever altered by the tools of abandonment and rejec- You were not in control of the life or the tion that frustrated hands carved into the choices you made in your earliest years, core of our being. The finished product and God knows that. Rather, you innois damaged goods—lives streaked by cently and unknowingly accepted a lie insecurity and fear, malformed and mis- cultivated by those closest to you and shaped without a secure base to stand on. mirrored that image. But you are older

now, and by God’s grace, you don’t have Psalm 34:18 says that God is “close to to keep mirroring that first glimpse of the the brokenhearted and saves those who world as you knew it. are crushed in spirit.” You may not subscribe to the Bible as a source of truth, If your experiences resembled mine, as I do, but if your story begins with a you probably grew up believing that you broken heart, like mine did, and you can couldn’t trust anyone, including God—if find a foothold in “Faith”, then it is nice you’re like I was, you also grew to ac- to know that our past does not have to cept a standard far below your hopes and be our future. My story is living proof… dreams. These beginnings do not have to be your ending. Don’t let your origin in dysfunction, turmoil, and chaos be your emotional death sentence. There is no need to spend your life punishing yourself in the belief that your parents’ hatred for each other was somehow your fault, or that something was wrong with you. Debra Evans has helped a world-wide audience experience God’s gifts of mercy, healing, This is just one example of a falsehood that can affect all of your life choices un- grace, and truth, through frequent appearances on radio, television, social media’s, and in til you begin your quest for wholeness. churches worldwide. She and her husband, Rick, have established Living In Faith (

Join us on Tuesdays, as our guest, for a free dinner at 5:45 p.m. and/or 7:00 p.m. for a highly motivational, inspiring event on how you can become the woman you were always meant to be.

For many, life has not been

the fairytale we had all imagined. We all work hard, and seldom take time to do something for ourselves. We would like to invite you and your friends to be our guest each Tuesday Night for an extraordinary event called Real Women Doing Real Life. Come meet nationally known speaker Debra Evans, who will be teaching during the summer. • It is time for us to hear something relevant to our life. • It is time for us to do something that can help us live the life we have always dreamed about. • It all starts with a simple acknowledgement that we might need a little help.

RSVP for your “free” dinner to Lannie Kremin (727) 397-4707 ext. 124

For those with children, we have a fully staffed Children’s Ministry. We also have a special men’s Bible Study. You can rest knowing your whole family is being cared for. You deserve the break. Make your plans to be part of this summer’s event.

To advertise, call 727-612-0783

Dinner: 5:45 PM

Bible Study: 7:00 PM

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