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Workout Burn Out? 3 Ways to Keep Pushing On One day you’re running like the wind with an “I’m - so - fit - no - one - is - stopping - me” attitude and two days later — exercising seems like the worst idea on the planet. Welcome to burn out. Yes, it’s common. No, it’s not the end of the world. And yes, you can push through it. Workout burn out can happen to you at any age, and any point in your fitness journey, especially when you’ve been on a “ramped up” workout schedule for days straight. It’s inevitable. The same concept applies if you eat a turkey sandwich every day for a month – you’re eventually going to get tired of it. So, when you’ve reached burn out status, try these three ways to get your workout mojo back.

many benefits to sleep, it repairs the body and refreshes the mind. Take the time to read that book you’ve been wanting to dive into for months or take a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood. Remember, rest is just as important as staying active!

1. Take 3 to 4 days off

Fitness is a good thing, but sometimes you need a break. It may be difficult, but think of your hiatus as a relaxing vacation. Use your normally scheduled workout time to try something new that you’ve always wanted to do and have fun! During this time, send your worries packing. If you eat a cookie or two, don’t sweat it.

3. If you must workout, keep it light

If you’re a true gym rat and just can’t resist getting your fit on, relieve your stress by taking a yoga class to refresh your mind, walking on the beach or going for a light swim. Afterwards, try to keep your schedule light and enjoy some “me” time. Swing by your favorite spot and grab a snack or sit and reflect at the park.

After your workout vacation, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to pick up your gym routine right where you left off. If you’re still struggling to get back in the groove – switch up your routine and try a class like cycling or kickboxing for a month. It will present a new challenge and give you a reason to keep pushing on to meet your fitness goals. Check out your gym’s fitness class schedule and try something new this week. You can do it!

2. Slow down

Going, going, going takes its toll. Slow down and catch up on sleep. There are so

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