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5 Ways a Group Fitness Class Will Help You Shed Pounds

Find Your Fit on Us.

by Kim Christine

Looking for a fun, effective way to drop pounds fast? Group fitness classes are where it’s at – and it’s not all about dancing! Classes focus on core strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance and much more.

1. So fun, you’ll forget you’re working out! Research shows that people work out harder when they exercise to music in a group setting with a motivating instructor. So turn up the volume, grab a friend and let calorieburning begin!

2. Real results – can you say 600 calories? Group fitness classes kick-butt

and are backed by real results. From Les Mills® BODYPUMP which burns 415 calories to Cycling burning 600 calories to Les Mills® BODYATTACK at 730+! Classes are designed by experts who ensure moves are safe and effective for fitness newcomers to veterans alike.

3. Never be bored again! Lift weights.

Run cardio. Repeat. If this sounds like you, add some variety to your workout. Group fitness classes are the perfect cross training solution to help you prevent fitness plateaus and injuries. Your workout routine will never be boring again.

4. Socialize and meet new workout buddies. Connect with people just like you who are looking to lose weight and feel better. As you begin taking classes, you’ll make new friends in no time. These

7-DAY PASS FOR YOU AND A FRIEND* relationships become the catalyst to stay motivated and stick to your plan. It creates accountability — so you can keep hitting all of your fitness goals!

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5. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation Have you ever said, “I’m going

to the gym today” — and never went? You probably have the best intentions to go, but may need that extra little push. With group fitness classes, you have automatic accountability. If you want to make it to yoga at 6:30, you know you have to be there at 6:30. Would your treadmill care if you didn’t show up?

And More!

Group fitness classes focus on a variety of areas from cardio to strength to balance. Find the class that is right for you and your schedule — and you’ll begin to see real results. Lifestyle Family Fitness offers more than 40 group fitness classes and is kicking off the New Year with their Fit Club contest, where members receive prizes for taking group fitness classes. Find out more at lff. com/groupfitness.

*Must be at least 18 years old. First time visitors only. Must be used in 7 consecutive days. Terms and conditions apply, see club for details.

Kim Christine is the Vice President of Group Fitness at Lifestyle Family Fitness.

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