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An Interview with Governor Mike Huckabee on WTIS, AM 1110 WTIS: Governor Mike Huckabee joins us to discuss his new book, Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family and the things that matter the most. Governor Huckabee, thanks so much for joining us this morning. Mike Huckabee: Well Pete, it's a pleasure to be with you. Thank you for having me. WTIS: What made you decide to write this book and speak directly to your two infant grandchildren? Mike Huckabee: I think it started when I held my grandson for the first time and I looked down there and realized, “There's a lot of things I hope to tell you someday.” Then it occurred to me by the time he's old enough to really care or listen, I may be either too old to tell him or I may not be here. So, I started it out just a project to write letters to say, “Let me tell you about some things that I hope you'll know,” not only about his past because I want him to be able to connect with who he is by all that he's come from, but I also wanted to tell him, “Here are some things that I think are really important.” It's as if I got my arm around him and maybe he's many years older talking about things like God and who is God. Just sit down and think about it, if your kids said to you, “How come we have to work?” “Why do we have to go to school?” “How come we'd sometimes hurt? Why is there pain?” Those are the things that I cover in the book and I think people will find it entertaining and probably if they're a parent or a grandparent, when they read this book, they're going to say, “Oh gee, it's just like it was raising my kids and it sounds like what I've been through,” and that's what I hope people will feel. WTIS: You talk to him about a variety of subjects such as loving thy neighbor. Tell us what you told them about that. Mike Huckabee: One of the things I wanted them to understand was that the basic lesson of life and if they master this, they'll be fine, is to treat everyone just like they want to be treated. I related how my mother raised me, telling me that just because we didn't have the things other people had, that that didn't mean we weren't as good, but it never meant that we were better than somebody. Never look down at somebody and never think

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you have to look up to somebody because they're better than you. It's a very important lesson and sometimes I think kids live in this world where everybody gets a trophy and everybody is a winner. Everybody deserves respect but we also have to recognize that the gifts and abilities that God has given us, those are the things that we accept and we try to maximize, but it doesn't make us better than somebody. It just makes us different and that's fine. WTIS: What did you share with them about knowing God? Mike Huckabee: What I tried to convey to them was that if they don't know who God is and they don't learn to have a relationship with him, then life really will have very little meaning because if there is no God, then it doesn't matter how we live. If there's no accountability and nothing beyond this life and when we die we're just dirt, then what difference does it make how we live? But if there is a God and that's my whole point - I've walked them logically through the whatif's, if there's a God, is He a God we can know? If we can know Him, how can we know Him? And if we can know Him, what do we need to know about Him? What does that mean for our lives if one day we're going to be held accountable for the life we live? If you don't think there is a God, you don't think that we're going to meet him and we're accountable to him, then it really doesn't matter how you live but something inside of you ticks and says, “It's not right to hurt somebody. It's not right to kill somebody. It's not right to lie. You feel bad about it when you do it.” Why is that? It's because God is there. WTIS: The great part about this book, Governor, is that Chandler and Scarlet will be able to keep going back when referring to it all throughout their lives, all the lessons that you left with them. What advice did you impart with them about marriage? Mike Huckabee: What I wanted to really convey to them is that marriage is not a wedding. A wedding lasts 20 minutes, but marriage has to last a lifetime. I wanted to help them to understand that the real essence and message of marriage is that it is not about that sentimental feeling that you have when you get all giddy

and rushed up inside about another person. It is a promise, it's a commitment. Some days, it's wonderfully pleasant and fun and some days, it's just hard work that you don't even want to have to deal with. One of the things that I hope they understand is that love is something you'll learn to do and you get better at it the more you do it, but it's not something you feel. The feelings come and go but your obligation to commit, to put the other person first, that's a real marriage. I think some very powerful stories in there about love I've seen in action and I want them to grow up understanding that while the world will tell them that love is just passion and it's even just sensuality, that's not love, that's selfishness. That's how you love yourself. But when you love another person, you put their needs first and you subjugate your own needs. WTIS: Governor Huckabee, you also told Chandler and Scarlet about some people that came in your life. Tell me a little bit about Miss. Mary. Mike Huckabee: She's one of my favorite stories in the book. My son took a book over to Miss Mary this week and I have some beautiful pictures of her standing in front of her pie shop which is a little concrete block building over in DeValls Bluff, Arkansas. It's a little shack of a building right behind where she lives and she's an African-American lady living just there in DeValls Bluff. She's been baking pies for over 50 years. She's got a little handmade, primitive-looking sign that just says “Pie Shop.” That's all it says. But anyone who knows that area knows that if you want the most amazing pies you've ever had in your life, you go to Miss Mary's and you better get there early because they start selling out quick. Her chocolate and coconut pies have meringue taller than Dolly Parton's hair in 1965. She still knows the art of making the old-fashioned southern pride pies. But she's just a lovely person. I want my grandkids to understand Miss Mary might just be some lady making pies, but this is her gift. She does it with such ex-

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cellence and that her work is important and valuable, and those of us who enjoy it marvel at her ability to do this to perfection. She may not be a neurosurgeon, she may not be a nuclear scientist but I value what she does and I value her and she deserves the respect that everyone should have for doing their work and doing it well. What I wanted to point out was, “Look for the people around you. They may not be rich, they may not be famous but if they're happy in their work, then that's worth a million dollars because you'll look at a lot of people who make a lot of money, they're very famous but they're miserable people.” WTIS: So trueMike Huckabee: Every time I see Miss Mary, I go back in the kitchen, I give her a big hug, always love to see her. She lives her life with such joy and I think, “Wow, if everybody could find something that they love to do and that they do it well, even if it's making pies in a little concrete block building behind her house, kitchen where they've been doing this for over 50 years, that's really the greatest gift of life.” WTIS: It sure is. On behalf of parents and grandparents all over the world, Governor Mike Huckabee, we thank you so much for coming on and sharing with us today and thank you for the book, Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family and the things that matter the most. God bless you for everything you're doing everyone. You're making a real impact on our community, Governor Huckabee, thank you so much for that. Mike Huckabee: It's a real honor to talk to you. Thanks.

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