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But For God… by Debra Evans Today I want to speak about shame. Shame shames us for who we are—and even for what we are not. Shame convinces us that we are unworthy of anything good and limits our ability to overcome the feelings of despair that accompany it. In my life, shame’s lies masqueraded as “truths” that went undisputed for the longest time. These shames drove my childhood from its beginning(s), and here are just a few that I grew up hearing: • That my mother was dirty and unclean because of her exotic dancing (my extended family said so) • That good mothers did not behave that way (my friends said so) • That her livelihood was immoral in the sight of God (the Catholic church said so)

I’m sure you could name some for your- fantasy the enemy uses to define your life by self . . . those things which you As you’d expect, I thought as a little child had no control over. that if my mother was dirty and bad, Time, and the saturation that made me dirty and bad too. What I of God’s Word into our couldn’t understand then was that what lives, allows us the opmy mother did for a living didn’t make portunity to absorb the truths we need to me anything but simply . . . her daugh- mature beyond those childhood decepter. Still, shame corroded my self-image, tions. as it is so inclined to do; and the enemy found a foothold and whispered names Child of God, your Redeemer is not to me that God never would. Satan called ashamed of you. And you are not defined me Dirty, Liar, Useless, Unwanted, Mis- by anything—or anyone—who has been take… until I wore shame like a dirty in your life, or the lies you were taught rag and began to look at my entire life growing up. Jesus declared, quite simthrough that broken glass. ply, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know Don’t let the enemy trick you to believe the truth, and the truth will set you free” that you have no beginning and that you (John 8:31-32). are just a continuation of your circumstances. Don’t buy into the deceptive

My young heart was broken in a million pieces as I endured the mistakes of my mother’s life. But for God, her mistakes—the shame she lived in because of her life choices and circumstances— would have been my mistakes. But for God, I would never have discovered my true name, or my true identity, as His beloved daughter. Debra Evans has helped a world-wide audience experience God’s gifts of mercy, healing, grace, and truth, through frequent appearances on radio, television, social media’s, and in churches worldwide. She and her husband, Rick, have established Living In Faith (

Join us on Tuesdays, as our guest, for a free dinner at 5:45 p.m. and/or 7:00 p.m. for a highly motivational, inspiring event on how you can become the woman you were always meant to be.

For many, life has not been

the fairytale we had all imagined. We all work hard, and seldom take time to do something for ourselves. We would like to invite you and your friends to be our guest each Tuesday Night for an extraordinary event called Real Women Doing Real Life. Come meet nationally known speaker Debra Evans, who will be teaching during the summer. • It is time for us to hear something relevant to our life. • It is time for us to do something that can help us live the life we have always dreamed about. • It all starts with a simple acknowledgement that we might need a little help.

RSVP for your “free” dinner to Lannie Kremin (727) 397-4707 ext. 124

For those with children, we have a fully staffed Children’s Ministry. We also have a special men’s Bible Study. You can rest knowing your whole family is being cared for. You deserve the break. Make your plans to be part of this summer’s event.

To advertise, call 727-612-0783

Dinner: 5:45 PM

Bible Study: 7:00 PM

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