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Upon arrival, your personal party host greets you at the main entrance, helps you bring in any items from the car, and then escorts you to your personal party room. There you find the tables, already set with the colorfully decorated paper goods that you had previously selected. The best part is that the party hostess helps make the event stress-free! They

are there to serve you. Anything you, you know, having an extra cake cutter on hand (just in case you forget). The day of the party, your invited guests can enjoy unlimited play in the museum. Children share in the sense of discovery and the joy of learning by exploring all the mu-

Great Explorations


reat Explorations Children’s Museum is a great place to celebrate your child’s next birthday party! Prior to the day of the event, you select from a variety of special party activities and fun birthday themes. You also select your favorite color of paper goods. If you would like to share a party location or idea, visit and use our “Submit Party Idea” form. Thanks and have a great party! You can also email us at

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Ages 2,Affordable 3 and Pre-K Tuition, 727-544-9465 Affordable Tuition, 727-544-9465 Year-round Certified VPK Provider Safe(7-5:30), Environment, Call for Tour, Info. 5495 Park Blvd., Safe Environment, 5495 ParkAges Blvd., 2, 3 andAffordable Pre-K 727-544-9465 LargeTuition, Classrooms, Pinellas Park (7-5:30), Year-round Large Classrooms, Pinellas Park Call for Tour, Info. Safe Environment, 5495 Park Blvd., Lunch Provided Affordable Tuition, 727-544-9465 Provided Mascot Bunny’s LargeLunch Classrooms, Mascot Bunny’s 5495Pinellas Park Blvd.,ParkSafe Environment, FREE Registration with this ad. A $100 value. Exp. 9/01/11 name is Milo Large FREE Registration ad.Classrooms, A $100 value. Exp. 9/01/11 name is Milo Pinellas Parkwith this Lunch Provided Mascot Bunny’s Lunch Provided Mascot Bunny’s Mascot Bunny’s Exp. 9/01/11 12/31/11 name is Milo FREE Registration with this ad. A $100 value. Exp. name is Milo FREE Registration with this ad. A $100 value. Exp. 9/01/11 name is Milo

42 • November 2011 • Pinellas

Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

Gulf Coast Family - November 2011 - Pinellas  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...

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