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Headaches and Migraines in Children by Charles A. Welborn, MD, MPH, FAAP, FACEP Medical Director, After Hours Pediatrics Urgent Care

the nominees are: Haley Dittmar, 8, from Tarpon Springs. Haley raised money

to benefit Winter the Dolphin at the Clearwater Aquarium by creating handmade shell ornaments. Together with two friends, Haley sold $211 worth of handmade shell ornaments in the "Shelly Shack", which she presented to the Clearwater Aquarium.

Katie Boyd, 6, from Tampa. Katie is dedicated to helping

homeless animals by making regular food donations to the Humane Society and Hillsborough County Animal Services. Driven by her love for animals, Katie does her best to take care of all the animals she can by collecting newspapers and buying food and litter to donate to these organizations.

The most common cause of headaches in children is a fever associated with illnesses such as the common cold, the flu, a dental abscess or sinusitis. The headache, in these cases, is simply part of the illness. Once it has passed, so will the headache.

Closely related to this is the headache from fatigue. Children and adolescents need sleep — lots of sleep. Going to bed late, getting up early and being physically active all day can be exhausting. If not addressed with sufficient rest, a headache commonly starts. In both stress-related and fatigue-related headaches, the solution is to slow down, set priorities and make time for a good night’s sleep.

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Leanna Verriett,10, from Tampa. Leanna does her best to take care of others in her community. She spends time in nursing homes singing to the elderly and giving them handmade gifts & balloons to keep their spirits up. In her effort to “make sure everyone is treated fair", Leanna’s next mission is to visit a children’s foster home & provide them with books, clothes & toys.




Seminole Blvd.

take care of her family and plays a motherly role to her many young siblings. Along with going to school & working, Karissa takes care of a 93-year-old woman by shopping for her, getting her mail and even helping her move. Karissa pays for her own car, gas and insurance in order to perform these acts of service.

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Karissa Harbuck, 18, from Palm Harbor. Karissa helps to

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If there are conflicts with friends or home problems with parents or between parents, then the stress level rises dramatically. Muscles, especially around the shoulder, neck and scalp, tighten up and a tension headache follows.

Other common causes of headaches in children are stress and fatigue. Many children today lead very busy lives: school, multiple after school activities,

Justin Dittmar, 10, from Tarpon Springs. Justin organized “Justin's Fun Run and Ride” to benefit the Children's Cancer Center of Tampa. Justin raised $1,000 at the 3rd annual event, which will go toward helping families in financial crisis due to the bills generated by children's illnesses. The donation will also help pay for travel expenses, utility payments and food for the families.

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homework at night, etc. The demand to excel can be quite taxing, and if children aren’t allowed the time to be “just kids,” stress enters their lives.

Headaches in children are more common than is generally known. Up to 90% of school-aged children have experienced a headache, and up to 5% of children have migraine headaches. In fact, 98% of adults who have migraines report that these headaches began before the age of 9 years. The good news is: the overwhelming majority of headaches in children are benign and need only simple measures to treat.


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