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From the Editor

'tis the season Love is in the air. I can just feel it. Mailboxes are filled with bridal shower invitations and “Save the Dates,” and schedules are filling up left and right. That’s when you know it is that time of year—wedding season. There is no greater and exciting occasion than a wedding. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed about the day when I wear a beautiful white dress and have my dad walk me down the isle to marry the man of my dreams. My brother and his fiancée recently got married in May, and I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. My now sister-in-law is also an event coordinator, so it has been an honor working with her and helping her plan and prepare for their big day. Talking about planning, after getting engaged, the stress of even thinking about beginning the planning process of a wedding can be overwhelming sometimes. This issue of White Affair

offers you the latest on helpful tips when meeting with your coordinator for the first time. Also, be sure to check out our cover story about the latest bridal store in the Cedar Valley, Simply I Do. The store is beyond cute and is a great place for future brides and the whole crew to relax and enjoy themselves. They even have cute jars filled with different candies for a “sweet” break. Another thing to check out in this months issue is our “Gowns Around the World” section. This issue takes you to the lovely land of India. It is always an adventure going around the world and seeing other countries fashion when it comes to the perfect wed

The cute jars of candy at Simply I Do

ding dress. The details of each dress on the model are absolutely breathtaking. Next issue, we will be doing a special section called “Love Story.” Be sure to send us you and your better half ’s fairytale story and see if you will be in our next issue! I am excited to read all of your stories and already have my box of tissues ready. Thank you for all of your support with White Affair. Words cannot describe how blessed we are for readers like you!

Happy wedding season!


Megan Guldenpfennig Megan Guldenpfennig Editor in Chief

In love with the back of my bridesmaids dress

Posing with the Simply I Do sign

Aqua blue is one of the top colors for wedding flower colors this season!

15th Century


The first record of a wedding gown was worn by Princess Phillippa in 1406. Like Princess Phillippa, the royal and wealthy wore ornate wedding gowns made of rich fabrics where the more fabric there was, the better. Some dresses were made of fur, velvet and silk. They were also made with vibrant colors and precious stones were woven into the dresses.

as time goes 17th Century 1601-1700

19th Century


Victorian Era

In the early 19th century, bridal fashion saw full skirts and petticoats. Wedding gowns consisted of puffy sleeves. Wedding dress fashion saw

patterns on the hem line, sleeves went from puff to fitted, then back to bell-shaped. Hoop petticoats disappeared and bustles took their place. In the mid-19th century, Queen Victoria wore a simple white satin wedding dress with a lace veil. To this day, her dress has become a large influence on the wedding dress industry, and has set the white wedding dress tradition.

In the early 17th century, hoops were worn under the dresses to look like a ball gown. Their collars were stiff lace that stood up, also called a whisk collar. As the century progressed, hoops were eliminated and collars softened. Dresses also became more of a straight line with a high waistline. Patterns decorated some dresses along with ruffles on the sleeves. In the latter of the century, woman’s necklines dropped considerably and sleeves came up slightly to expose the woman’s wrists and lower arms. Dresses were also adorned with ribbons, ropes, jewels, and beads.

s on

an overview of dresses throughout the centuries

20th Century Edwardian Period

With the death of Queen Victoria, a new era began where wedding dresses switched to Edwardian Style with tight corsets to create hourglass shapes. In 1920, fashionista Coco Chanel introduced the first white knee length wedding dress, and hem lines started to become shorter, but only for a few years. With WWI and WWII, bridal fashion was much


simpler in style. Clothing manufacture was affected and dress style changed from fitted to shapeless and were typically made of cotton. The late 20th century dresses changed to exaggeration in fashion. Shoulders were padded, puffed and ruffled. Layers were common along with oversized bows, wide brim hats, long trains, and lots of lace.

In 1970, Bianca Jaggar surprised the world with her gender bending pantsuit as her wedding dress.

In 1981 Princess Diana wore a stunning gown that set the trend for wearing a big wedding dress with puffed sleeves, a fitted bodice and full skirt.

21st Century 2001-Present Bridal fashion is constantly changing. Today, there is an “everything-goes” mentality where bits and pieces are pulled from all of the centuries to suit the brides’ personal taste and needs. Brides are free to make their wedding gown a unique expression of who they are.

time to meet your


So, you just got engaged? Congratulations! Make sure you take at least a couple of weeks for you and your fiancé to celebrate appropriately and enjoy being newly engaged before you start planning! Once you are ready to start making plans for your big day, start by finding the perfect location. Call different venues, keep a list of prices and menu options, and eventually choose the one that is perfect for you and your fiancé. Keep in mind that when it comes to your venue you need to be willing to compromise. Your perfect date may not be available, but any good venue will do anything they can to find another date for your special day. Planning a wedding can be very stressful sometimes, but that is what your coordinator is for! Always remember that they are there to help-they are your side kick the minute you sit down. When meeting with your coodinator for the first itme, your mind will be racing with several questions. Here is a list of tips that are the most important to remember when you are meeting your event coordinator.

“1. Don’t stress! Easier said than done, we know, but don’t feel like you need to know all of the details for your first meeting!” 2. Bring a list of general ideas of what you are looking for, like your budget, a rough date, number of guests, color swatches or sample pictures, and a list of questions you may have! 3. Break the ice with your coordinator; you are going to be working with each other until the day of your wedding, so it’s important that you are all on the same page and communicate well. 4. Be open-minded! It’s not unusual to get swept up in the excitement of planning and go over budget. Fortunately, the coordinators are full of great tips and ideas as long as you are willing to hear them out!

5. Remember, the coordinator is here for you! If you choose to go the coordinator route, it is important to remember that most coordinators are in the business because they are just as excited about your event as you are! They are also just as understanding. Planning a wedding can be a tedious and time-consuming project and they don’t expect you to do it alone! Katie said she is always communicating with her brides via phone, email, and in person, just to assure the bride that her event will go off without a hitch! Every bride is different and has different wants and needs. Remember, it is YOUR day so embrace every moment and do what is going to make you happy.

i do


Every girl dreams of the day after she gets engaged to gather up all of her friends and venture out to go shop-

ping for the perfect wedding dress. The moment I opened the door to Simply I Do, I couldn’t help but smile at how cute and fun the place looked, from the Tiffany blue color on the walls, to the adorable candy jars displayed by the couch. Simply I Do is a family owned business and has been a part of the Cedar Valley area for four years. It is the perfect place for brides to come and have a stressfree time and just have fun! There, the staff strives to give brides the best possible customer service and they truly care about each brides’ wedding. At Simply I Do, I had the pleasure of interviewing the manager, Andrea Cook. Andrea was great to work with and I even was able to have a fun little photo shoot of one of her co-workers, Hayley White. Check it out!

WHITE AFFAIR: Tell me a little about Simply I Do. ANDREA: We are mainly a bridal store, but we do offer bridesmaid gowns, mothers dresses, flower girl dresses, and tuxedo rentals. We also have accessories to go with everything too! We also offer prom dresses and have some pageant/formal dresses for events like military balls or recitals. WHITE AFFAIR: The wedding industry is so fun! What’s your story about managing a bridal store? ANDREA: My parents and I kind of fell into it. My parents owned the building with another guy and his fiancé originally opened the bridal store. She went to school for fashion merchandising so she wanted to open the bridal store. Their engagement didn’t work out so she left, and then it kind of just fell into us. We were like, we either keep it or we don’t and we just decided to keep it!

WHITE AFFAIR: What happened then? ANDREA: We hired a manager when we took it over, and that didn’t work out so well. I was in school at the time, but my parents asked me to start managing it. I’ve been managing the store for four years here I am today! I love my job. WHTIE AFFAIR: I bet! What is your favorite thing about managing a bridal store? ANDREA: I like the markets—we go to market in Chicago twice a year to pick out the dresses that we bring to the store. That’s the most fun because you really have to pick out what you think people are going to like and you get to see the fashions before everyone else. We actually just went in April to pick out the Fall 2014 dresses and we also go in September to pick out the Spring dresses.

WHITE AFFAIR: How do you know what to pick out especially with the fashion of bridal gowns constantly changing? ANDREA: In Iowa we are a very traditional state- so when we do pick out things, we have ot make sure it fits the area, because sometimes dresses can get a little crazy. WHITE AFFAIR: What do you sell the most of? ANDREA: We sell bridal gowns the most and a lot of times, brides will also buy their bridesmaids dresses here too. We’re starting to do more tuxedo orders than we have in the past. WHTIE AFFAIR: Do you do any kind of shows in the area? ANDREA: We do all wedding shows. We do two shows at Pipac Events Center in the spring and fall. We also do the 5 Sullivan Brothers show in downtown Waterloo in

January. The 5 Sullivan Brothers show is the biggest show we do. We also go to other wedding events. WHITE AFFAIR: What is unique about simply I do? ANDREA: Our location is unique, and there is a lot of history with the building. I think the lines we carry and the fact that we really do focus on customer service. We also try and get involved in community and represent the store. We are a part of chamber, we try to attend community events different volunteer events. WHITE AFFAIR: Least favorite thing? ANDREA: The most frustrating thing is having to explain to brides how long of a process getting a dress takes. There is not as much knowledge in how long wedding items take to order as there needs to be, so that becomes the most

frustrating thing because you really want to be able to offer people everything but if they don’t allow the time they need, then that becomes frustrating because then they become limited. All of our dresses are ordered and manufactured in china, and then shipped to us so it takes 6-8 months to order them. A lot of people don’t understand that and come in and want something within a few months. Usually people start shopping a year in advance, but there are a few who don’t plan ahead, which can be frustrating because we aren’t able to give them the full experience that we would like to. We do a lot of out of town stuff here. We probably do more out of town brides than local rides. Part of it is people want to shop and make a girls trip out of it. We do offer alterations. We also have independent seamstresses available here.

WHITE AFFAIR: Let’s say I just got engaged and walked into your store. How would you go about helping me find the perfect dress? ANDREA: We require appointments to try on bridal gowns which makes it so we really can plan to give you a great experience because a lot of time with walk-ins, we may not be able to fully help you. We pair a bridal consultant specifically for appointments. And we train all of our employees. We are very particular about who we hire. They definitely have to have a passion for the bridal industry and not just someone who wants a paycheck. WHITE AFFAIR: What’s “in” style these days? ANDREA: We’re starting to see more color in bridal dresses, but for the most part, people do ivory. Lace is still very in, and brides like dresses with straps and deep backs.

"Everything needs to

fit together"

WHITE AFFAIR: What is the biggest challenge in the wedding dress industry? ANDREA: Probably to really pick out the right dresses, and in the right price points. Because a lot of times with Pinterest, a lot of the dresses on there aren’t actually available reasonably for brides. And a lot of brides in Iowa have around $1,000-$1,500 budget where as a lot of those dresses are $10,000 or more. That’s probably the hardest thing is really to match peoples vision that they do find on wedding sites.


Contiued from P. 12 A lot of detail on the back tends to be important to people too. A lot of things people don’t really think about is the dress needs to go with the theme of the wedding. If you’re having a barn wedding, a ball gown probably isn’t your best choice.

simply i do

WHITE AFFAIR: On your website it says: One of the most exciting and elegant Bridal Stores in Iowa. ANDREA: We really try to make the experience fun here and the designers we carry, if you like a dress, we will probably have it here, because we have a big variety of sizes in the store. but I think what would make it so exciting is just how fun we really try to make it for the brides so it’s not such a serious time, we try to make it a little more exciting and stress free because you really can do everything here.


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Brides Around In March I had the pleasure of traveling to India and working with the beautiful Nina. India is a wonderful place and it was so insightful seeing the bridal industry there. The dresses there are gorgeous and have so much detail and I love how much the women accessorize. Check out the two different dresses Nina is modeling!

Model: Nina Mohsen

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