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Best Adventure trip to South India There are numerous points in South India to experience variety of adventurous sports that you may not find anywhere else around India. There are many adventurous destinations to visit during monsoon during South India Tour such as Bheemeshwari, Coorg, Kerala and much more! Here is the list of leading destinations to experience the most amazing places to explore your adventurous side. To discover something special let’s get ready with your adventure squad.

Discover Bheemeshwari for fishing! During monsoon, Bheemeshwari is considered to be the most famous adventurous destinations of South India Holiday Packages. It is majorly known for its fishing camps and thrilling wildlife sanctuary. It is a house of innumerable adventure activities, which include river rafting, rope walking, trekking, and kayaking. You can also experience the largest fish game called Mahseer fishing here do a night stay at jungle lodge which is a place for adventure camp at Karnataka. Adventure activities to do in Bheemeshwari:

Mahseer fishing Night stay at jungle lodge Rope walking



River Rafting

Experience amazing backwaters at the Aalapuzha (Alleppey)! Alleppey is popularly known for its floating houseboats and backwaters and it’s one of the most amazing adventurous Destinations to be at during Monsoon in South India. Kerala Backwaters are breathtakingly amazing, specifically at the dawn and offers unique opportunity to experience staying in houseboats while surfing on water.

Some adventure activities you can perform here is:

Staying in floating houseboats Surfing on smooth waters

Explore Ruins of HAMPI, KARNATAKA Hampi is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from its fascinating ruined architecture which adds a lot to its best historical beauties takes you completely to the era you ever wanted to live. It’s a perfect getaway for the people who have the love for adventure rides. The place is surrounded by beautiful temples, palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, treasury buildings Located near Hospet town in Karnataka, this place it is Rock climbers can be happy as it’s a center for same, where you may experience from 1 to 30 days. Matanga Parvath is a giant rocky outcrop standing at the end of Hampi’s main market area. You can get to the top within 30 mins of time. Some of the adventure activities you can do here is:

River Rafting Sports fishing

Motorboat rides


Jump on the ruins

Enjoy Rappelling Waterfalls at Coorg Coorg or Kodagu is an ultimate destination for all the nature lovers who enjoy thrilling adventure in life. The place is popularly known as Scotland of South located not so far from Bangalore. To experience the dash of wildlife, birdwatching and get a glimpse of exotica you have to be at the Orchid Park. Just get lost in the amazing view of grey clouds that subtly blend with hills greenery. Water rappelling is the most adventurous activity that one can try here and attracts a lot of tourists. Apart from this one can also go for a trekking to Thadiyandamol (6 km), Coorg’s highest peak. where you will surely feel to be on ‘Top of the World’.

List of adventures at Coorg is:

Waterfall rappelling

Elephant rides

Ultralight flying

Siddara Betta, Karnataka’s Exotic Caves Siddara Betta has centuries of history and is house to pilgrims the place is very popular among most of the holy who visit here to relax and re-discover themselves. It is also famed for its trekking route. This is considered as the best weekend destinations among people and has many activities to explore. A nice ambiance to trek near Siddara betta and it’s a perfect destination to discover many new things attracts a lot of nature lovers. You should definitely include this place in your South India Tour Packages Itinerary to get the most out of your adventurous holiday. Adventure activities to explore here:

Trekking on Siddara Betta

Detecting rare species of bird yellow-throated Bulbul

Head to these places and experience some exotic adventures which you will cherish for lifetime. Offering to your thrilling adventurous rides these places will want you to stay longer than your planned Tour to South India. Source - south india personal tours

Best adventure trip to south india  
Best adventure trip to south india