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International trade fair for guitars & basses 5-8 November 2015. Trade Fairs & Congress Center Malaga - Spain

Professionals & Luthiers

40,000 square metres at the service of the greater community of musicians in the world belonging to a single family, the guitar and its derivatives. More than 6,000 luthiers in the world.

Spain is the birthplace of the guitar, and it was not only the beginning if not that is also possessed of unique instruments, like the harp, mandolin, guitar, baroque guitar, etc. And to this day it remains a power in the art of lutherie.

More than 200 types of guitars. 2.841 universities, conservatories and study centres. More than 3,000 associations of guita-rists.

Guitar Fair sample from the first edition that its purpose is to create a platform of trade and knowledge in the world of guitars and basses, as well as its technology.

Acoustic Electroacoustic

GF as a commercial platform where craftsmen, builders, distributors and representatives work hand in hand with instrumentalists and specialty shops.

Clinics & Master-classes

Presentations, lectures, conferences, etc. The best way to unite efforts and experiences and expose them to the community of the guitar pro move forward together.


More than 2 million concert performCountless number of guitarists in the world.


wo spaces in which the exposed builders of high-level, without belittling anyone and with the healthy intention of walking together on behalf of the client/musician looking for an instrument. A unique event where, in just 4 days, a professional can come to see, choose, try and buy from more than 600 instruments of high range.

In this edition by 2015, the organization bet for the search of global agreements with countries with a great tradition as the countries of Latin american, asian, or Eastern European, with luthiers of various types of instruments and that in turn represent the sounds of other cultures becoming GF at a meeting point where to expand links with other traditions and cultures.

“A meeting point between craftsmen and musicians where the qua-lity is present. An activity necessary from Spain and with international character of great success.�

Vicente Carrillo Master Craftsman National Award

A UNIQUE EVENT IN THE WORLD Participate in Fair Guitar supposed to be accessible to the greater movement of musicians in the world, not only in the way trade if you are not in effective marketing and new business opportunities. Business insurance-related instruments, providers, education, financing of studies and/or instruments for high-grade, youth, culture, artistic connections between continents, etc. are some of the lines of success.

84% SALES SUCCESS Making contact with our exhibitors after the first edition reveals that GF is surprising since its inception, attracting a high level of quality of our visitors/customers and, above all, by the large number of sales and orders placed during the celebration and subsequent days, this being last data more surprising.





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design guitars

GF 2014 Acoustic Space




Trade Fairs & Congress Center

Today, this building multipurpose, modern and functional and is conside-red as one of the best venues of events of Europe. A space chosen professional to serve our customers. Presented spaces consist of two buildings totaling 16.000m2, two auditoriums, two conference rooms, an exhibition hall, fifteen multi-purpose rooms, three areas of restoration and parking for 1,200 vehicles, etc.

OUR CUSTOMERS MEDIA Specialized magazines


This city is the perfect frame for the convening of an international character. High-quality infrastructure, which provide visitors with facilities for travel and stay, with alternative activities, and quality gastronomy, in addition to the unconditional support of its institutions and its business fabric make this city the ideal place to bring together the highest concentration of guitarists and bassists professionals.


JL Marmol Project Manager Our objective was clear: to organize a space where the builders and distributors may display quality of their work, expand their contacts and launch with projection of their names and instruments. Is the time to add to the trade work of the teachers/educators, programmers, managers, etc. in a congress where you can discuss and improve aspects of our work.


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The investment in communication has been instrumental in raising awareness of this first edition. A part of the common elements such as signage, marquees, flyers, tarps and screens on dual carriageways, GF been present in journals of national and international emissions advertising and interviews on radio Onda Cero RADIO, Cadena Ser, Canal Sur TV, etc.) and a constant work in our 9 social networks for two years.


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The search and selection of professionals who may be interested in learning new instruments has given its fruits, as these are the 87% of the visitors, and of which 36% have made purchases of instruments and/or accessories, and a 41% declared that they had placed orders and/or have arranged appointments in the workshops of our exhibitors.


CONCERTS & ACTIVITIES 17 concerts, closed-door, 11 recitals-free, 14 clinics, 3 lectures, 2 talks, and other activities have formed a programment that will be extended in the following editions.

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The programming of these activities has given a high-quality artistic GF and has in turn attracted other type of audience that, even not being interested in the purchase of instruments or other items, they are lovers of the guitar and the bass and faithful followers of the great masters in different musical styles.


GUITAR FAIR International trade fair for guitars & basses

Passion for the instruments

Guitar Fair Sevilla - Spain Tel: +34 - 666 653 745 Guitar Fair @

FYCMA, Palacio de ferias y congresos 29006 Mรกlaga Spain Tel: 952 045 500

Profile for Guitar Fair

Guitar Fair 2015. English dossier  

Introductory document

Guitar Fair 2015. English dossier  

Introductory document