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Buying the Right Guitar Guitar lessons are a big step, but now you must consider the next step: purchasing a guitar. Frankly it can be a little overwhelming. Should you buy an electric or acoustic guitar? What brand should you purchase? Should you buy a six or twelve string guitar? In learning to play the guitar, all of these decisions are critical to your success. However, it is important to note that the suggestions below may not represent those of all guitar lesson teachers. The decision to purchase an electric or acoustic guitar depends on several factors. First, as a guitar player, you must consider the type of music you enjoy. For example, if you want to learn to play heavy metal, an acoustic guitar will not fit your goals. Second, your budget must be considered. A good amplifier will also be required for a guitar, so it is important to factor in this cost as well. Third, understand that if you learn to play the acoustic guitar first, the electric guitar will be easier to play if you decide to switch later. In comparison to the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar has thicker gauge strings and a wider neck. As always, when making the decision between an acoustic and electric guitar, consult with your San Marcos guitar lessons teacher first. Deciding on the brand of your guitar is an important but not a critical decision. Whether you decide to play an acoustic or electric, your brand (and its associated quality) ultimately comes down to your budget. Common brands include Fender, Gibson, and PRS for electrics, and Martin and Taylor for acoustics. However, don’t purchase a guitar on brand alone. Even if you are a novice, be sure to play the instruments in order to determine which you like the best. Whether you purchase a six or 12 string guitar depends on the type of music you enjoy. A 12-string guitar is usually played by musicians who play chords and not individual notes. The instrument is fuller sounding than a regular six-string guitar. It is fun to play and hear the harmonies of the strings, but it is a rhythm guitar and not a lead. Also, 12-string guitars may not be conducive to younger or small musicians because they usually have bigger bodies to project the sound. As you can observe, there are several elements to the decision of purchasing a guitar. However, if you want to ensure that you have made the best decision, be sure to consult with your guitar lessons teacher. He or she will be able to guide you and help you reach your musical goals.

Tips to Shop for a Guitar  

Guitar lessons will be a significant step, but now you should take on the forthcoming step: investing in a guitar. To be frank, it can be so...