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2008 Regular Communications

First & Third Mondays at 7:30 PM h t t p : / / w w w. u n i o n l o d g e 1 9 . c o m

60 Cedar Avenue • North Brunswick, NJ • 732-435-0019

Larry C. Hriczak Worshipful Master

Dear Brothers, I want to thank everyone who helped make the first half of 2008, such a success: A new web site that has drawn craft wide praise, an excellent Master Mason and Entered Apprentice Degree, a memorable Gold Token Night, our first ever Memorial Day Parade, great support of the Wheel Chair Olympics and ARC Walk-A-Thon, with donations of over $2,000.00 raised, our annual fellowship dinner at Sir John’s and another outstanding Lodge picnic - THANK YOU BROTHERS. As we look forward to the next half of this Masonic year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the value of one Brother. That one Brother is you. Each one of you are import to the life of Union Lodge, your Blue Lodge, and to the promotion of the craft within the walls of our Lodge. You have a part to play in making Union Lodge a true Brotherhood where the essentials of Masonry are learned, practiced and passed on. For Union Lodge to be all that it can be, the Lodge needs you to be consistently present at its communications and functions sharing your Masonic knowledge and spreading your fellowship. Your presence encourages others to be faithful to the work of the Lodge. What a joy it is to be among Brother Masons working to achieve its high calling. Simply being present at regular communications, the conferring of degrees, annual events and special events, speaks loudly about your love of the ideals and principles upon which Masonry rests, about your respect and affection for your Brothers in the Lodge and about your commitment to the obligations that we all took at the Altar. On the other hand, your absence at such times serves to diminish and weaken the Lodge. President William Howard Taft, a “Mason at Sight”, in speaking of Masonry spoke of the importance of the social side of man in the cultivation of the Masonic principles which we share as Masons. He expressed it this way, “Masonry aims at the promotion of morality and higher living by the cultivation of the social side of man, the rousing in him of the instincts of charity and the love of his kind. It rests surely on the foundation of the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God.” Brothers, we have some exciting opportunities ahead of us in the second half of this Masonic year. Come listen and engage with Right Worshipful Brian Napier of Philo Lodge when he presents us with his view of “Masonic Ritual, Masonic Obligations, The Master and What Masonry Means” at our October 6, 2008 Communication. Reserve your place now for our October 11, 2008 trip to the magnificent temple that houses the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania followed by lunch and fellowship at the famous Maggiano’s “Little Italy” in Philadelphia. It is up to each one of us to make Union Lodge all that it can be by taking an active part in the life and work of your Lodge. Travel well and I hope to see you in the Lodge. Fraternally,

Sep. & Oct. 2008

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Roy Kowalski Past Master

Brethren, On July 19th, our lodge achieved our goal of a day of fellowship for lodge members. The event was very successful for those attending. Those who attended had good fellowship and good food. The week leading up to the event also provided us with the opportunity to work together as a team so we could accomplish the goal for the event. Many members put a lot of time and effort into insuring that the day would be a success. These included Worshipful Master Larry Hriczak, Brother John Dougherty, Brother Alex Kolbasowski, Brother Ray Helge, Brother Ed Dougherty and myself. Our Secretary, WB Chuck Johnson, also did a nice job sending out emails to inform all about the event. In addition, Scott Arnold posted the information on the website. Despite the effort put forth by many, the attendance could have been better. That is why I asked permission to write the guest message this Trestleboard. I thought it might be helpful to share some principles that I have read about in connection with my job with the 7-11 Stores on improving teamwork. We have proven that when we work together as a team, Union Lodge does great work and achieves outstanding results. The Memorial Day Parade, Arc Walk and Gold Token night are just a few examples of our recent outstanding results. Organizations that can consistently work together to accomplish their goals simply can’t be stopped and everyone wins. The model for building such a team starts with TRUST among its members.1 Team members need to know and share their strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of the organization. There must be trust that team members will not hold a weakness against another team member, but will instead help that member overcome that weakness. None of us are without weakness. Team members should use their strengths to help the team be stronger. We need to trust that we are, and will be, there for each other. Sometimes teams may even need to have CONFLICT. Yes, that is conflict that is not personal in nature. Because conflict can often lead to open discussion where ideas can be openly and freely brought to the table so that an organization can achieve its common goals in the most productive manner for the overall good of that organization.1 Members need to be COMMITTED to the goals of the organization. It is hard to get members to buy into and commit to decisions if they have not been allowed to express their views on that decision.1 Members need to be ACCOUNTABLE; we need to hold ourselves and other members accountable to do what they say they are going to do. This is where clear plans and goals that focus on the good of the organization can come into play and be helpful.1 Finally, there needs to be a focus on RESULTS. The best results occur when team members align their individual goals with the goals of the organization. When that fails to happen then the team suffers and the organization can become dysfunctional.1

Sep. & Oct. 2008

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Every great company and organization needs to continue looking inward at themselves to determine their weaknesses. We all know the Blue Lodge is the foundation for all other branches of Masonry. Therefore, a strong consistent focus must be maintained on what each lodge member can contribute to keeping that Blue Lodge healthy and functioning at a high level. A single member cannot accomplish the best results alone. In my experience, Union Lodge has been one of the pillars in the 12th Masonic District for many years. The leaders of the Union Lodge, young and old, past, present and future have excelled, and will continue to excel when coming together and working as a team. I renew my commitment to do my best to help Union Lodge continue in its success. As stated by Danny Thomas, that famous Mason and Shriner, “Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” For me, those “others” include the Brothers of Union Lodge No. 19. Thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you in this Guest Message. Fraternally Yours, WB Roy Kowalski. 1

Lencioni P. “The Five dysfunctions of Team” Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Imprint. 2002.

Note: Worshipful Brother Roy Kowalski was Worshipful Master of Union Lodge No. 19 for the 2000 Masonic Year, is a current Lodge Trustee, Member of the Blood Bank Committee, Chairman of the Arc Walk, Chairman of the Educator of the Year Committee and a member of the Planning Committee.

Notices & Announcements Awaiting Fellowcraft Degree Bro. John Theo Bro. Lynwood Spencer Bro. William S. Tanchak Bro. Frank Moschella

Awaiting Dual Membership Bro. Steve Wisniewski Monroe, NJ

Sep. & Oct. 2008

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Philo Lodge’s Famous Rib Fest Open Reception for Junior Grand Warden William L. Morris, Jr. Trip to the Grand Lodge of PA with dinner to follow at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Cost is $40 per Brother - please RSVP with Worshipful Brother Larry Hriczak. Grand Lodge’s Annual Feast of St. John MCF Fellowship Center, Burlington NJ See for more information

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Sep. & Oct. 2008

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Union Lodge 2008 Officers

Office Worshipful Master






Larry C. Hriczak 2 Birchwood Court Jamesburg, NJ 08831

Levi E. Wilson III

Senior Warden

131 Smith St. Newark, NJ 07106

Junior Warden

49 Princeton Arms East Cranbury, NJ 08512


Gordie Barrett 609-477-0441

Maxim G. Marcille, Jr., P.M. Treasurer

11 Garvey Dr. Monroe, NJ 08831



Charles R. Johnson, Jr., P.M. Secretary

110 Henderson Road Kendall Park, NJ 08824

Chaplain Ian Filson Sr. Deacon Mario Bolaños, Sr. Jr. Deacon Jeffrey D. Anderson Sr. M. of C. Alexander Kolbasowski Jr. M. of C. Allen Gerner Sr. Steward John A. Dougherty Jr. Steward Ray Lugo, Sr. Marshal Frank Curcio Organist Jeff Hartel Historian George Petrantonakis, P.G.C. Tyler Gary W. Filson, P.M. Proxy to GL Mario Bolaños, Sr.

Sep. & Oct. 2008


732-422-1149 732-521-4254 732-545-3357 732-207-3468 732-416-9030 732-977-9810 732-797-0772 732-679-5922 732-422-1659 732-568-1160 732-752-4310 732-521-4254 732-545-3357

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Union Lodge Committees Sickness & Distress

Finances & Audit

Charles R. Johnson, Jr. P.M. Maxim G. Marcille, Jr. P.M. Gary W. Filson, P.M.

George Petrantonakis, P.G.C. Gary W. Filson, P.M. John A. Millas, P.M.

Public Relations

Ritual Instructors

Thomas Kouridakis Levi E. Wilson

Charles R. Johnson, Jr. P.M. George Petrantonakis PGC

Candidate Instructors

Blood Bank

D.B. Leslie “Whitey” Turbeville Gordie Barrett Jeff Anderson

Roy Kowalski, P.M. Leroy H. Schneider, P.M. Alexander Kolbasowski



Roy Kowalski, P.M Larry C. Hriczak

Maxim G. Marcille, Jr., P.M. Leroy H. Schneider, P.M. Charles R. Johnson, Jr., P.M. Roy Kowalski, P.M. D.B. Thomas Kouridakis

Living Past Masters Chester A. Brewer Albert H. Sapiro Paul C. Couphos, P.G.P. John Mavrakis, P.S.G.S. John D. Faulkner Frank M. Garguilo James H. Hendrickson, P.G.C. Frank M. Garguilo James H. Hendrickson, P.G.C. George Petrantonakis, P.G.C. James H. Hendrickson, P.G.C. Stanley Gerondelis Socrates Gerondelis Stanley Gerondelis Paul C.Couphos, P.G.P. Robert V. O’Grady, P.G.C. George Petrantonakis, P.G.C. Robert V. O’Grady, P.G.C Steven J. Sgourakis, P.G.C. Steven J. Sgourakis, P.G.C.

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Sep. & Oct. 2008

Steven J. Sgourakis, P.G.C. John J. Mavrakis, P.S.G.S. George Petrantonakis, P.G.C, Roy Kowalski Maxim G. Marcille Jr. Charles R. Johnson Jr. Charles R. Johnson Jr. Maxim G. Marcille Jr. John A. Millas Leroy H. Schneider Gary W. Filson

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New Jersey Grand Lodge 12th Masonic District Information Grand Master of Masons of the State of New Jersey M.W. John M. Colligas

NJ Masonic Outreach

Grand Lodge Website

For advice, coucil or assistance 1-800-792-8690

District Deputy Grand Master R.W. Burnham Hobbs, Jr. 20 Domino Road Somerset, NJ 08873 732-560-9234

District Ritual Instructor

District Blood Bank Chair

R.W. Walter M. Wendel

W.B. Lawrence Madigan

108 Valpek Avenue Raritan, New Jersey 08869 (908) 812 - 8322

193 Madie Ave. Spotswood, NJ 08884 Cell: 908-612-2733

12th Masonic District Website

Distinguished Brethren Leslie Turbeville Lewis H. Pearce Thomas Kouridakis Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! -Psalm 133:1

Sep. & Oct. 2008

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2008 September & October Trestleboard  

2008 September & October Trestleboard for Union Lodge No. 19 F&AM

2008 September & October Trestleboard  

2008 September & October Trestleboard for Union Lodge No. 19 F&AM