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6th. Avenue 13-23 Zone 14, City of Guatemala. Telephone: (502) 2386-4120 /30 FAX: 96307412/52

History about the foundation. Our company was formed on 1934 with Richard Mc. Cabree Dickens. He started with three more friends that wanted to be part of this enterprise, their names were: Kilham MacBee, Jefferson Ford and Leonard Illbas. There were four, and that tradition of four memebers in the group, with different careers still continue. When the company first formed there was a Scientist, a Physician, an Inventor and a Lawyer. All this careers were important, because the inventor couldn’t do something without the physician and the sicientist, so they can do the math and stablished the fictician product and the inventor could it make it real. Also the lawyer give his knowledge about what he did, because once the product was already invented he know how to get all the permissions legally.

Nowadays our company is the most efficient and distinguish of Guatemala, we are known as “PAHUTIBRY”, because in the company we are four shareholders that are:

Paola Alvarado: Public Relations Hubert Aguilar: Marketing and Publicity Steven de León: Auditor and Expert Accountant Brayan Herrera: Biologist and scientist especialized on the ecology area.

  

We continue with the tradition that our ancestors had, because we believe that “Two mind think better than one”. And that is ow we work. People outside the company know us, because we have been a lot of time in this business and because we are distributors of the most innovated product that is 100% ecologic, this product is known as “Saver Siphon”.

Our mission is to stablish our company in a high level all around the world, not only in Guatemala, that is the reason we apply our believe that just working together as a group, and applying all aour careers we can give the best of ourselves, for that reason the best service to the people or enterprises that requires our service also.

Be recognized in all the world, and receive the award of ecology, because we know that our products are 100% ecologic, and they are useful for the humanity. Also accomplish our goals in the right way, that is doing what we can so the company do not disappear. Remembering our traditions and ancestors.

What is a siphon water: A siphon is a tube that can be used to move water from a certain area to another, it depends on the length and the amount of water people want to move, but siphons are capable of raising water over a barrier, which is what makes them distinctive and interesting, as well as highly useful, and save the company or the house from the greywater.

What is GreyWater: Greywater is waste water generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing. And in the case of an enterprise could be: Washing a product (Depends on the act of the company), the bathroom in the case of offices, and other garden activities. Which can be recycled on, for uses such as landscape irrigation and constructed wetlands. Greywater differs from water from the toilets which is designated blackwater to indicate it contains human waste.


There is no resource more precious than water. It is perhaps the most misunderstood, misallocated, misused and wasted asset we have. As we abuse this dwindling resource, we risk our safe drinking water, natural ecosystems and our ability to produce food.


Where it can be used? For houses and companies with water meters, the SaverSiphon, which will retail for about ($30), has the potential to cut household water bills by about 20% and save people about ÂŁ67 ($101) a year.

• Revolutionary everlasting diaphragm -

Solid diaphragm hinges Air hole Piston Diaphragm Base to move air hole

Q. 35.00 Q. 10.00 Q. 20.00 Q. 20.00 Q. 22.00

Q. 15.00

- Spring to move diaphragm -


The cost to produce the product is: Q.127.00 OUR PROFIT = Q. 272.99

Fundaeco is a foundation that helps people by saving the nature, becuase we are nothing without nature.

Institutional mision: “Because of the water, the forests and life, becuase of our children we are looking how to save nature, and recover the enviroment, also give respect and value to all the villages and cultures that live in harmony with the enviroment, and promote a good life with equity for the new generations that are comming” 

What do we do in the Institution:  We will reach our mission by taking control of the natural areas that we have in this country, this areas are designed for the disenvelopment of enviroment services in the ones we have: the conservation of lands, the community service, and the stengthness of community water. With this we are going to make an ecological conscious in people. The recaudation of money will be used for emergency cases that is reated with the enviroment, such as floads, hurricanes, etc.

A 25% of our incomes are going to be designed to Fundaeco (Foundation for Ecodevelopment and Conservation 19902012), because we considered It is a very optimistic foundation not just because it is helping people through nature, also because they have a great mission and objective by changing the ecological culture of people in the country, and also make them more conscious about the situation of the environment nowadays.

Ethics Related to the Company: ď‚› As

we want to encourage a business investment we must have a strong sense of business ethics. ď‚› Our Company is a foundation of integrity. ď‚› On the other hand as we are a intregity company we must folllow and demostrate high standards of ethical business behavior as well.





All the employess have to understand that: Everyone need fair and equitable treatment Provide accurate informaition about all the donations we made We actively seek opportunities to contribute to the organizations in which we do business and to improve the enviroment that sustains us all

the cost of the product ď‚› the

cost to customer: Cost for individuals is quite economical Q. 399.99 and can be a water filter for free

We have all this month the water saver siphon under a special offer!! We give you the saver siphon free! And we install it free too! All you need to pay is the services from now on!

Don’t waste this opportunity, also we give you the certificate and a pin of the ecology foundation .


Is a system designed to provide safe water to remote areas and self cleaning filtration solutions.