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our values There are four values that, together, form the heart of our company and is a technology company focused on creating innovative and tailor-made solutions for

• Authenticity • Reliability

the tourism sector around the world. We develop,

• Passion

design and implement travel guides as an added

• Flexibility

value approach that results in eye-catching and

These values are the basis of who

customized travel guides that are 100% exclusive to our clients’ brand and personalized for their customers (based on their name, dates of travel and

who we are

guide our behavior:

we are, how we do business and provide our services. We are convinced that it is essential in business to show respect and care.


we are authentic

We believe strongly in our solutions and focus

We respect different cultures and

on developing close partnerships with the top

embrace them.

worldwide online travel suppliers in order to meet their goals; driving revenue, increasing brand loyalty and raising brand awareness.

We are down-to-earth and practice what we preach.

we are reliable Honesty is the most important

We know our strengths and capabilities and we

business driver for us.

approach our business and relationships in a genu-

We keep our promises.

ine manner. Honesty, dedication and enthusiasm

we are passionate

are important business drivers for us. They are fundamental to our approach because we know this is the only way to ensure long-term relationships with all of our clients.

We are entrepreneurs who aim for long term business success. We are enthusiastic about our work, our colleagues and travel.

we are flexible We are dedicated to always finding

our travel guides on your web Drive Revenue Raise brand awareness Increase brand loyalty

the best solution. We do so by anticipating new developments and needs.

our clients

Inspire users to travel


Trigger purchases


Differentiate your service

online brokers

Educate & empower users

tours operators

Keep the focus on your brand

cruise lines

the guiomatic difference Guiomatic uses your branding to create an exclusive travel guide for users. Our design team and product manager will listen to your needs and craft the perfect guide according to your standards.

Over 10000 destinations and growing Translations - up to 6 different languages

Guiomatic makes it easy to customize your guide through our online control panel. All clients will be able to change the greeting on their guides, modify the content, change images and much more.

More than 1 Million events, updated daily Dedicated design team

Personalization is the key to making your users feel appreciated and important. Each guide will have the travelers’ name, destination they are traveling to and the dates they are traveling reflected on the cover.

Content sources = Top travel websites 1 Million guides downloaded annually

Dynamically and constantly updated city and event info is our specialty! This info is also based, throughout each guide, on the traveler type (solo, business, family, young couple, etc).

travel guide overview Always up to date

Our stellar content comes from some of the most prestigious destination information providers so your customers can rely on having realtime and accurate information. With travel guides, your customers will always know about the latest events, last minute announcements, local weather and more... all thanks to you!

Always personalized Every guide is different. Not only does our technology permit each visitor to select the destination and travel dates, but also the type of trip (solo, business, group, romantic...), the layout, the users name on the cover and/or the chapters they’d like included in their travel guide.




Tablet ebook


testimonial " Personalization is the key to making your users feel appreciated and important. Each guide will have the travelers’ name, destination they are traveling to and the dates they are traveling reflected on the cover." Frank Kölsch, Head of Contracting & Pricing MicronNexus GmbH

customizing your exclusive guide

Embed XML links from your backend so you can keep your pricing & promos updated

Customize the look of the cover and of each page of your guide.

Content related ads example

Include advertising for your events, seasonal promotions, etc.

Edit content of Alicante Alicante Get in Get around


See Do Learn Buy Eat Drink Sleep Get out + Add Chapter

City info

Include your own content & images, use ours or combine both!

In the heart of the city there is Postiguet Beach. The sandy beach is popular during the day and fairly busy during the evening when it's illuminated by sodium street lights. These give the beach and breaking waves a surreal effect. With a bit of traveling (by bus or tram), you can reach a spacious 7km long San Juan Beach, which is considered to be one of the finest in Spain. There are several companies near the port which offer boat trips, from 45-minute excursions on a catamaran to all-day trips to the island of Tabarca. Prices vary.

History Economy Population Government Climate Transport Main sights Festivals Sport

One of the elaborate monuments that can be found throughout Alicante during Las Hogueras de San Juan. Las Hogueras de San Juan is the most important festival in the city. The celebration takes place in the 20ths of June. Throughout Alicante, enormous monuments are constructed and burned at the end of the festival.

Famous citizens External links + Add Chapter

Change the order, delete or add new chapters into your travel guides.

Edit, insert or delete the content of your guide. Change or add images‌ and much more.

Drive Revenue Adding your exclusive travel guide to the checkout process is a great way to earn extra revenue and keep your customers mind on your brand throughout the entire travel cycle. Your customers will think of you while they prepare their trip and during their travels! They can print out the PDF version or view it online from their PC, smartphone or tablet. Customers are appreciative of this added value as they get information on their travel destination and the dates they will be traveling at a low price. All of our clients are pleased with this business solution as there are no fees associated with the integration, it adds to their bottom line and they get a new product to add to their portfolio. No set-up fees Increases profits immediately Free integration Charge what you want for each guide Free design of your first exclusive travel guide New product to add to your services

testimonial “The travel guides make me extra money and I do not have to pay a cent unless a customer orders one… so it´s a win-win! We sell our guides for 2 GBP and approximately 12% of our total reservations end up adding a guide to their shopping cart, so we make a nice profit. Additionally, we get great feedback from our customers! They enjoy the great travel information, especially since it´s based on the dates they are traveling.” Steve Dennis, co-founder @

Custom Travel Guide Custom Travel Guide

2 GBP per rental


Enjoy Car Hire has launched this exciting new custom made travel guide for just 2 GBP Using the dates that you have entered our travel guide will tell you what is going on in your holiday destination and advise on great restaurants, attractions and things to see & do.

Increase brand loyalty Offer free 100% white-label travel guides to everybody, to


only your customers or make them available to only a select few... the choice is yours. This solution has proven to be our most popular as companies know that its less expensive to keep a current customer then to find a new one.

Give guides away to current clients via your

pre-arrival email, confirmation email or newsletter , etc.

Strengthen relationships with your customers Encourage shoppers to re-visit your site Change shopping behavior by making users feel appreciated

" The white-labeling of our exclusive travel guides was easy and the Guiomatic team was flexible in allowing us to add and modify chapters within the new Dollar travel guides. " Steve Mosinski Director, E-Commerce at Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

Motivate customers to spend their budget on your site

testimonial “Customer loyalty has definitely increased since Despegar Online implemented the travel guides for customers whom had already made a reservation. We started sending free guides to customers whom had made a booking to one particular destination and we have seen such great results we are now implementing this brand loyalty solution for all of our destinations… over 9000!” Silvana Fucci, Regional Customer Loyalty Manager @ Despegar Online

Raise brand awareness Focused on generating traďŹƒc to your web? Want your customer to be thinking about you every step of the travel cycle? Attract new customers and inspire your audience to travel by adding a custom widget onto your webpage, facebook page, or send them to a custom landing page via Twitter, an email, a newsletter, etc. The widget allows visitors who have come to your site to download your exclusive travel guide instantly.

benefits Inspire visitors to travel by giving them the info they need to make a decision Keep your audience’s attention on your brand before, during and after their trip Obtain invaluable info on all who download a guide through the online control panel Trigger purchases Incorporate all guiomatic destinations or just the ones you serve

the technology your way Regardless of your needs, Guiomatic offers a complete range of ways to integrate our travel guide platform. Whether you are a large company or a smaller one who wants to go global, there is an integration solution for you. Complete integration and launch of the Guiomatic travel guide platform takes between a few hours to a couple weeks depending on the size of the company we are working with, who develops and/or hosts the platform and the amount of design modifications.

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List your created guide data your use relevant data or download it in csv.

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See patterns. Get business intelligence.

Edit your guides!

Edit greeting Change your greeting message to your clients.

API Real-time access to any or all of the travel guide content Guiomatic offers.

XML Feeds Complete datasets which can be limited on your selected parameters.

Widget Deploy a fully hosted widget and be up and running in minutes.

online control panel Available for all clients, our online control panel gives our partners the ability to:

Edit, modify and delete content Insert or change images Modify widget color scheme Get technical support Review download history View usage reports And much more….

testimonials "Guiomatic’s proactive and helpful team provided clear guidance and assistance at all stages. First class implementation support."

Guiomatic 2012 brochure  

Guiomatic Brochure with useful information on our products and solutions. Customer testimonial and information on our control panel are als...

Guiomatic 2012 brochure  

Guiomatic Brochure with useful information on our products and solutions. Customer testimonial and information on our control panel are als...