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Guillermo G贸mez Nieto

Guillermo G贸mez Nieto C/ Baja, 20, 1 46003 Valencia, Spain

Work experience Dates Occupation Company or organization

February 2015 - now Architect Freelance

Dates Occupation Company or organization

February - April 2014 Assistant Head of studies ETSAV Polytechnic University of Valencia

May 2014 - January 2015 Architectural assistant Juan Marco arquitectos

Education and training Dates Title of qualification Awarded

September 2007 - May 2014 Architecture Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Courses Dates Type of event Name of organisation Dates Type of event Name of organisation

June 2013 Sustainable energy consumption. Certification of existing buildings. CE3 and CE3X CFP, Polytechnic University of Valencia

June 2013 Cad applications: advanced structural design and construction (Architrave) CFP, Polytechnic University of Valencia

March 2013 Sixth international conference on architecture: Materia y forma Polytechnic University of Valencia

October 2009 Workshop Cabanyal: Urban planning Polytechnic University of Valencia

Competitions and prizes Dates Type of event Name of organisation Dates Type of event Name of organisation

December 2014 Final Degree Project awards. Mention (third prize) Eduardo Torroja foundation

July 2013 International student Architecture competition Living the future Eduardo Torroja foundation

July 2012 International student Architecture competition Acess for all Schindler

January 2012 Student Architecture competition Contest XXII Iberian Construction Solutions Pladur

Publications Dates Title Publication

March 2015 Final Degree Project selection 2013-14 Projects department ETSAV (UPV)

Personal skills Mother tongue Other languages Computer skills and competences

Driving licence

Spanish English. Intermediate level Advanced knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Architrave, 3ds max, Microsoft Office Intermediate knowledge of CE3, CE3X Basic level of Rinhoceros, Grasshopper, SketchUp B

Somewhere in La Mancha Industrialization & sustainability A shelter designed to enjoy the surroundings, located in a mount of La Mancha, among the oaks. Due to the remote location of the project, an industrialized construction process is going to be used. The wooden structural panels make the assembly easier while reducing environmental impact.

Construction planned for the autumn of 2015

Childhood spaces An open system of components

It is not a specific building, but a constructive and functional system; from a limited number of building components, you can get an almost unlimited number of possible combinations to achieve an optimal adaptation to each space and location.

Final Degree Project Mark: 10 with distinction

Childhood spaces An open system of components The system is made of a set of modular components consistent with each other. It is manufactured, ready to be transported and easily assembled on the destination place. It is an open, flexible, removable and reconfigurable system. Variations of the system allow generation of endless outdoor school organizations with a minimum impact on the natural environment.


Systematic city Assembling an everchanging city The aim of the project is the generation of a constructive and functional system which, through its variants, produces spaces with different uses. A construction system is proposed as a combination of a primary structure of reinforced concrete and a set of metal substructures that harbor habitable spaces. The user can choose and change the configuration of the spaces.


Competition: Living the future Sinking planet, floating city

There may be a time when the water will have risen due to the global warming and the population will have increased. Then, we will have to find sustainable solutions to house all the population in a decreasing land. The suggested solution saves the land as a source of natural resources, and inhabits the seas. The city is built in factories with high quality and with a careful control of the production process.


Schindler competition: Acess for all Revitalizing Bern city center

On one hand, this project solves the current inaccessibility to walk aalong the river bank. On the other hand, an old area occupied by railroad tracks is renewed by or projecting there a new residential building and a park. Bike lanes are planned that connect with surrounding areas of the city.


Museum of nature and landscape In symbiosis with the environment

The project is located near the village of Baquedano (Navarra, Spain), on the slope of the valley. The orientation of the volumes respond to the lines of maximum gradient. These volumes generate a series of trays with vegetation covering, which provide landscape continuity and allow nice views of the valley. Access is proposed as a new path along the way.


House along the stream Opening the space to the garden

A house in the fields of Valencia, near a gutter. The south facade is characterized by an enclosure that can be open or closed, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior. On the north side of the house a large wall protects it. On this wall, a series of skylights that filter light to the interior arises.


Rendering AutoCAD Revit 3d studio Max Rhinoceros Photoshop

Hand drawing


Guillermo G贸mez Nieto

Guillermo Gómez Nieto - Portfolio + CV  

Portfolio including: sample works and curriculum vitae

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