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Sports in adolescence is important because it helps the development of the human body, and prevents diseases and harmful habits such as drinking alcohol, snuff, drugs, hanging out with bad company, etc. I realize that currently, many students are not used to exercising as a daily activity in their lives, but some people do it and spend many hours a day doing exercise because they believe it is very important. Many people decide not to carry out any physical activity because they don´t want to put their social activities aside, because the sport involves perseverance and sacrifice, therefore, they often go out with friends is more complicated. Some people, through sport learn to manage their time well, to be responsible despite living in constant stress because they have to play in both contexts, it is sometimes exhausting, because the life of an athlete is very active. Having to study, doing homework, going to school, going to train, learning to divide the time properly and make full use of the day to complete all these tasks creates an applied and organized teenager. Often practicing sports causes frustration in adolescents, to the point where they feel that they don´t have enough time to complete their obligations and know that despite they don´t have time, they need to comply in both places. But not all cases are like this, there are those who decide to dedicate and focus more time to the sports field and overlook school, this causes their average grade decreases, because they take the time of homework to use in social life. The exercise at this stage of life can have multiple results on a teenager, sometimes can be positive and others negative, because each individual reacts differently, and does an extra activity to the already established, therefore, it has different consequences in each .

By; Hehieli Herrera

INTER The goal we have is to find out why teenagers do sport and what is your opinion on the subject and learn how it affects the sport both in social, academic, and personal. To meet these objectives, I interview Ana Casillas, who is a psychologist and coach basketball teams. He has worked in this position for 10 years and has a great track record in National Olympics.

1. What values ​instilled sport? All those involving respect in society, teamwork and helping me healthy living. 2. Does sport affect an athlete's self-esteem? Direct and indirect ways, this is because stress levels (psychological) to be in constant competition with self and contrast are handled by having a place; physically to improve their performance in sport (physically) and runs into all kinds of emotions (emotional) both move from joy to sadness, from euphoria to despair. 3. What do you think are the challenges that students face to combine sport with the study? Lack of time due to skills or training and low performance caused by physical fatigue that occurs, are the main challenges.

VIEW 4. What are the biggest challenges you have faced? Which a group of people can achieve and settle respected as a team, in order to move towards a common goal. 5. What are the benefits that entails performing sport? A better overall fitness, the experience of meeting with different people, discipline and commitment is obtained and especially not least work on essential equipment in a society. 6. Can teens have presented physical and emotional problems during such sporting activities? Physical problems if, talking about injuries that are inevitable when talking about sport. Also emotional and often go from euphoria to despair, joy or sadness in such a short time as a final, national, or simply win or lose, create confusion or emotional instability. 7. Did the sport influences the social life of the student? Rather, in the sense that it is easier to live in society and sport related skills improvement, gives security and learn to respect their environment. This helps your relationship with your family, cultural, student and social media. 8. Did the sport influences the academic life of the student? in school performance, as the exercise involves work, causing fatigue. Most students have these problems because of the burden of school work and sports, as they have to meet at both sites, with homework and trainings, sometimes lowers their grades. 9. Do you consider that there are disadvantages in the sport? What kind of disadvantages? The disadvantages that may exist in my view, would be the lack of support or family interest, as it is very important for athletes all around you especially your family circle, this is one of the main reasons athletes drop out. 10. In what competitions you participated? At the moment in the National Olympics 5 consecutive years, state, municipal, interprepas and regionals.

By; Hehieli Herrera

Body Bui l der

Juan CarlosChip a young man of 19 years, which practiced as "Bodybuilder" theleads about 2 years of training, and involved in this culture, he study the career of laws on UABC.

 What motivated you to be a body builder? -Always I like to beat myself both academically and physically, as felt accomplish with my academic side, I wanted to devote myself to my body a little more. How many hours of exercise you do each day? - Many times people think that the more hours you are in the gym more utility you will have, I have been applying a method where I try to train little time but leveraging it to the fullest, how much labor hour and a half training the muscles depending on the routine, another half hour abdominal and cardio. What is the exercise that you do? - Depending on the muscle you want to work, but the basic you cannot miss are the free leg squats or bench press for chest or deadweight for shoveling. What is your routine? -I do not miss the gym from Monday to Sunday, one day I make leg and other day no, and I alternate with chest and shovel and another day with arm and shoulder. Do you use some kind of supplement or some other product? – Yes What are they? - Food supplements, protein, nitric oxide, amino acids, CLA type of fat burner How often consume these products? -One scoop at the morning, and another two after the gym, and the CLA pill 2 times each meal. How many competitions you gone? -2 How long need to prepare? -Ideally 5 to 4 months with strict diet

When and where is your next competition? -May 15 in Tijuana, is the juvenile state selective, and 16 to 18 May in Mexico City, Mexico is the national youth Mister.

By:Guillermo Medina


nder current law, the

legal age for marriage in Iraq is 18, or 15 with a guardian's approval. However, with the proposed measure, known as the Jaafari Personal Status Law, there is no stipulated minimum age for marriage but there are rules regarding divorce for girls as young as eight. The age of the girls is measured according to the lunar Islamic calendar, which is 10 to 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar each year. If this difference is taken into account, the law talks about men divorcing children as young as eight years and eight months. Critics of the bill believe its authors slipped the age into the divorce section as a backhanded way to allow marriages of girls that young. Government statistics show that nearly 25 percent of marriages in Iraq, in 2011, involved someone under the age of 18, up from 21 percent in 2001 and 15 percent in 1997.


The measure is thought to be a priority for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who is expected to seek a third term of office in the upcoming elections By; Ying Ying Zhen



raq would be the first country to allow engagement with girls. A new law being in Iraq considered girls as young as eight getting married and wives having to submit or sex at their husband every request. the controversial proposal provoked outraged for activists in Iraq and all around the world, who see it as a huge step backward for women’s



Iraqi human rights activist Hana Adwar said: that law represents a crime against humanity and childhood. Married underage girls are subjected to physical and psychological suffering. A file image of a young Iraqi girl. A proposed law would radically lower the legal age of marriage

By; Ying Ying Zhen

By; Ying Ying Zhen

Planning Ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra Hendawi said the practice of underage marriage is particularly prevalent in rural areas and some provinces where illiteracy is high. The bill also makes the father the only parent with the right to accept or refuse the marriage proposal.


lso, under the proposed

law measure, a husband can have sex with her wife even without her consent. The bill prevents women from leaving the house without their husband permission, would restrict women’s right to parental custody after divorce and makes it easier for men to take multiple wives.


ew York-based Human Rights

Watch also strongly criticized the law this week. Joe Stork, the organisation's Middle East director, said: 'Passage of the Jaafari law would be a disastrous and discriminatory step backward for Iraq's women and girls. This personal status law would only entrench Iraq's divisions while the government claims to support equal rights for all.

WhatsApp have 500 million users around the world The application is used every day for send more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos. WhatsApp have 500 million active users around the world, according to the responsible of the company, this was notified in a blog, in this blog they inform that the newest users where from Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia. The application for smart phones permit the sending of messages, photos and videos, and it used every day for sending 700 million photos and 100 million videos, It also exploit de messaging in mode of text, the users can creates groups and send between each other ilimited photos, videos and audio. This application has been created on January of 2009, and his second version on June of 2009 they achieved around 250,000 users. The Regulators of United States approved two week ago the acquisition of WhatApp by Facebook but they advised to the social network that he has to meet with the strict practices of privacy of the application. On February, Facebook had announced the operation of 19,000 million dollars. By; Guillermo Medina

We interviwed Dr


Claudia Yañez 30 years old,

UABC, graduated veterinary career, she shares her experience since 5 years ago with pets. 2.Ho h av w l o n g e w o r yo u b k e t h i s i ng o e n n I h ? a expe ve 5 ye r ien ars ce.

1.W h a p r o f t ’s y o u r e I’m f s s i o n ? r stu d o m Sinal ie o at UA d veteri a; I na BC C o lleg r y e.

Ho w mu ch tim e do yo u h a ve w it h yo u r o wn bu sines s? 3 years .

u o y

do e ht r he rig W 3. r k e w o w ? o d io o. g n o rup nar n al i i r d G te d Hi e e v cat ia lo lon Co

4. N o r m al l y w h at d o yo u d o in yo u r j o b ? I make a d iagnos tic exam to th e pet and take notes , check their daily was tes and cus to m er ser vice.

7. Ho w many ho u rs do yo u work? 8 hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

6.Ho w many employees do yo u have working w it h yo u? 2 -3 people. 8. H o w m a do y o u h ny an im a al s vete r ina ve o n y r y? our   5 do gs 6 rab , 4 cats, b 9 fish, it and ov hams ter, etc. er 10 0

9. Do yo u like yo ur career? Yes, of course when I was a Little y very love all the pet for this reason decided this profession.

10. W hat’s t he nam e of t he veter inar ian yo u worke d w ith and w here is his bu siness? Junior's Mascota,at cachaniila mall

By; Ying Ying Zhen

T h i s f i l m i s ab ou t a cowb oy d ol l n amed “ W ood y ” t h at l i v e wi t h a k i d n amed “ A n d y ” , t h e t oy s come t o l i f e wh en A n d y i s n ot wi t h t h em, t h e p r i n ci p al cl i max st ar t s wh en an ot h er t oy n amed “ B u z z ”

By; Guillermo Medina

comes t o t h e h ou se, h e i s j eal ou s, b ecau se B u z z su p p l an t s h i m as t op t oy i n a b oy ' s r oom, T h os b ot h t oy s l ost , t h ey mu st f i n d a way t o come b ack t o A n d y b ef or e h e mov es ou t , b u t t h ey wi l l h av e t o p ass t h ou gh t a d i f f i cu l t t oy k i l l er n amed “ Si d ” . T h i s f i l m i s so i mp or t an t f or my gen er at i on b ecau se t h i s t h e most si gn i f i can t mov i e t h at i mp act u s, t h i s t r i l ogy of mov i es st ar t s wh en we b or n , an d f i n i sh wh en we b ecome an ad u l t s, t h i s seq u en ces of mov i es t each u s t h e i mp or t an t of f r i en d sh i p an d t h e i mp or t an t of t r eat good t h i n gs, b ecau se y ou can ’ t k n ow i f t h ey ar e al i v e. I f we an al y z e t h i s f i l m i n a p h i l osop h i cal si d e, we can k n ow t h at i t exi st a con f l i ct b et ween ego, su p er - ego an d i d , t h e con f l i ct t h at W ood y st ar t s wh en B u z z come t o h i s l i f e. A n ot h er con f l i ct was t h e j eal ou sy t h at W ood y h as wi t h B u z z b y t r y i n g of su p p l an t h i m, an d t ak e h i s l ead er sh i p . A s l ast an d t h e most i mp or t an t con f l i ct was wi t h B u z z b ecau se h e d oesn ’ t accep t h i s l i f e, an d h i msel f , h e d on ’ t accep t t h at i t i s on l y a t oy t h at a k i d h ad , h e t h i n k s

t h at h e l i v es i n an ot h er

wor l d . T h i s f i l m n ot mak e a mar k i n gen er at i on s of k i d t h at al so mak e a mar k i n mov i es b ecau se of t h i s mov i e, i t st ar t s 3D mov i es.

TOP 10 FRUIT BEERS Almost all the beers are made for make drunk people, but it also exist for enjoy the drink, likes this top 10 of fruit beers. 1. Raspberry Redemption Style: Belgian-Style Dubbel ABV: 8.5 percent Price: $11.99 for 750 ml 2. Lindemans Pomme Style: Lambic/Fruit ABV: 8.5 percent Price: $5.89 for 12 oz 3. Tangerine Wheat Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 5 percent Price: $3.69 for 12 oz 4. Not Quite Pale Ale Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 5.1 percent Price: $7.99 for a six-pack 5. Peach Porch Lounger Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale ABV: 9.4 percent Price: $8.49 for 22 oz 6. Three Philosophers Style: Quadruple ABV: 9.8 percent Price: $9.95 for 750 ml 7. Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 5.2 percent Price: $5.99 for 18.7 oz

7. Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 5.2 percent Price: $5.99 for 18.7 oz 8. Smashed Blueberry Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 9 percent Price: $8.99 for 22 oz 9. Éphémère Blackcurrant Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 5.5 percent Price: $7.99 for 750 ml 10. Wells Banana Bread Style: English Bitter/Fruit Beer ABV: 5.2 percent Price: $4.99 for 500 ml

By; Guillermo Medina


100% Pure Argan Oil

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Week 6

Week 10

Week 16

Argan Oil is a 100% organic, chemical-free gift from nature. Its cosmetic and nutritional benefits have been the best-kept secret of Moroccan women for centuries—a secret that was whispered to me on a modeling shoot ten years ago. By; Ying Ying Zhen

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I am a basketball player since 10 years. During my early years in the sport , I always excelled . My dream was always to reach a National Olympiad and it succeeded with effort and dedication every day. Discipline was something that always characterized me . But a year that things were not in my favor came. That year was 2010. I do not know why my coach always made ​my life impossible , trying to kill my dream. That is why I had to throw more desire, to get back into the national team. Each concentration I left all of me on the court .

Inevitably came the worst day of my life , where I was informed that I no longer belong to the selection. Since then my dreams collapsed, I could never go back to being the girl before. That girl that shining on the court . Nor with the comments of other people ​of the injustice they had done to me could re-grow back. Several external coaches tried to talk because they want to know why the coach had to let me off the team, but that reason could never meet . It was an experience that hurt me and so far I still hurt .

By; Hehieli Herrera

10 bes t hotels If you want to visit Las Vegas and have a great time, accommodate and entertain the fullest with your of these luxury hotels. 1.- MGM Grand Hotel: has waterfalls that cover 6.6 acres, a convention center, the MGM Grand Arena, CBS Television City and the largest casino in Clark County.

2.-Caesars Palace: It has five towers. The main theme of the hotel is the Roman Empire. This place is also known for hosting twice the Las Vegas Grand Prix Formula 1 and Champ Car missing.

3.-Venetian Resort: It is the largest hotel rated by the AAA Five Diamond in America. Has 4,049 suites and casino.

5.-Excalibur: Its theme is based on the legendary King Arthur. It has a free tram that connects Excalibur with its sister MGM Resorts, the Luxor and Mandalay Bay.

4.-Circus Circus: If you travel with family, is a great option to go with kids: it's a great, entertaining, and very cheap hotel.

in Las Vegas

By; Hehieli Herrera

here is a list of the top 10 hotels where you can family or friends, and a little information about each 6.-Wynn: It is a 5 Diamond / 4 Star and AAA 5 Diamond / 5 star casino resort with 215 acres. Has 2,716 rooms, villas, casino, a convention center and retail space.

8.- New York - New York: Known for its famous Statue of Liberty is 45 meters tall and different live shows such as Cirque du Soleil Zumanity.

7.-Stratosphere: is the tallest building in Las Vegas. There are two viewpoints about 280 feet above the ground. Has mechanical games such as: Big Shot, X-Scream and Insanity, the Ride.

9.- Luxor: Famous for its iconic pyramid shape. LAX Nightclub VIP areas available, every night the show Criss Angel Believe Cirque du Soleil shown. 10.- Treasure Island: It is connected by tram to The Mirage as well as Fashion Show Mall. The hotel has received the AAA Four Diamond rating each year since 1999.


TOP 2.




1. LA MER, The tonic. $75.00 2. Clinice BB cream $35.00 3. LE BLANC Makeup Base SPF 30 $55.00






5. LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 $57.50 6.

Eyeliner $27.00

9. 'Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara $27.50

9. 5.

Drama' Volume

8. Smooth Eye Color Quad $60.00 9. JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH $45.00




By; Ying Ying Zhen

The secret of the beauty

The secret of beauty

I s f ashi on i mportant? E v er y d a y , we see a l o t o f p eo p l e, ev er y o n e wi t h d i f f er en t p er so n a l i t y . W e see t h em o n t h e st r eet , a t wo r k , a t sch o o l , o r o n t el ev i si o n , p eo p l e p a ss t h r o u g h o u r l i f e. W e f o r t u n a t el y o r u n f o r t u n a t el y a t t h e p o i n t o f v i ew, we j u d g e t h em , f o r m i n g o p i n i o n s a b o u t p eo p l e b a sed o n t h ei r st y l e o f d r ess, co m m o n l y we ch a r a ct er i z e t h em b y t h e si m p l e t h i n g o f a t - sh i r t o r a su i t , o n e wa y t o r eco g n i z e t h e d i f f er en t so ci a l g r o u p s t o wh i ch t h ey b el o n g , a n d i n t h a t wa y i s wh o we t r ea t t h em . F o r ex a m p l e, a m a n wi t h o i l y l o n g h a i r a n d b r o k en j ea n s i s l i k el y t o ca t ch y o u r a t t en t i o n . T h i s m a y b e a p o si t i v e o r n eg a t i v e t h i n g , d ep en d i n g o n y o u r p er sp ect i v e. A n o u t f i t sa y s a l o t a b o u t wh o t h ey a r e a n d h o w o t h er s t r ea t t h em . F o r ex a m p l e, a p er so n i n a su i t i s m o r e l i k el y t o b e t r ea t i n g p o si t i v el y a t a j o b i n t er v i ew t h a n a p er so n i n a v - n eck sh i r t a n d wr i n k l ed p a n t s. W h i l e t h i s i s a l l a b o u t p er cep t i o n , i t t i es i n wi t h so ci et y ' s v i ew o f t h e i m p o r t a n ce o f f a sh i o n . F a sh i o n i s o f t en u sed i n t wo t o m a k e so m eo n e f i t i n o r st a n d o u t . F o r ex a m p l e, a p er so n wh o d r esses i n a g o t h i c st y l e m a y b e st a n d i n g o u t o n so ci et y , b eca u se h e wi l l n o t d r ess p r o p er l y a s so ci et y sa i d so , b u t t h i s p er so n m a y b e u si n g t h i s k i n d o f o u t f i t t o en t er o r b ei n g i n a sp eci f i c g r o u p , co m m o n l y t h a t ’ s t h e wa y a s we k n o w t h e d i f f er en t k i n d o f g r o u p s, g r o u p s ch a r a ct er i z e b y a cer t a i n co st u m e o r sp eci f i c d r ess, t o en t er t o a g r o u p y o u m u st d r ess a n d a ct a s t h em . F a sh i o n ca n b e su p er f i ci a l a n d m a t er i a l i st i c, b u t wh a t we ca n sa y a b o u t a su p er f i ci a l wo r l d , wh er e i t i s m o r e i m p o r t a n t 1 0 0 d o l l a r s t h a n a t r ee, m o st l y t h i s i s a wa y t h a t so ci et y sees t h e wo r l d , f a sh i o n i n cl u d e cl o t h es, sh o es a n d a ccesso r i es, t h i s i s h o w we cl a ssi f y p eo p l e, b y t h e wa y t h ey l i v e, m o r e ex p en si v e t h i n g s t h ey h a v e, m o st l y t h ey a r e t r ea t b et t er , b ei n g m a t er i a l i st i c, t h i s h a s b een d o n e f o r y ea r s cr ea t i n g a cu l t u r e o f l i v i n g a n d i n t er a ct i n g b et ween ea ch o t h er . A s I sa i d , t h e wa y y o u d r ess i s t h e wa y p eo p l e t r ea t s y o u , y o u m u st d r ess wi t h a su i t , t o b e t r ea t i n a g o o d wa y h a v i n g sp eci a l t r ea t m en t , b u t i n o t h er si d e i f y o u d r ess a s a h o m el ess, y o u m a y b e t r ea t i n n eg a t i v e wa y , b ei n g d i scr i m i n a t ed a n d h u m i l i a t ed . T h er e a r e p eo p l e wh o d o n o t ca r e h o w t h ey d r ess, a n d h a v e n o p r o b l em wi t h wh a t p eo p l e t h i n k , b u t a r e i n t h e wr o n g p a r t b eca u se o f t h e wa y t h ey a r e m o v i n g a wa y f r o m cer t a i n t y p es o f p eo p l e wh o m a y b e b en ef i ci a r i es f o r t h em . I a m t r y i n g t o sa y t h a t m o st t h e wa y y o u g i v e i m p o r t a n t t o y o u o u t f i t , i s t h e wa y y o u wi l l g a v e ch a n ces t o b e t r ea t ed i n g o o d wa y a n d h a v e mo r e op p o r t u n i t i es i n l i f e.

By; Guillermo Medina

“I CHANGE” I saw them again, I saw those pictures that tell me who the girl was, with big cheeks, dreaming awake and living asleep Who preferred not to sleep and spend more time painting that one girl who creates her world and realizes that didn´t resemble reality she began to cry. Later learned not to be disappointed, to love as it is, live what you dream and do what you think. I change, because now I dream, think and live without thinking about what it would have been.

By; Hehieli Herrera

“CONTROVERSY” They say some people cause controversy, but controversy is more than follow his judgment. Be lovers of the unexpected and true to what we already have, we invite stares, smiles to find it is nice to be opposite of the ugly. Because doing the right thing in a world where I don´t know but; change lives, starting with our own and a little of those around us. Loving what to do, this is how the real controversy is achieved.

By; Hehieli Herrera

HUMOR When I was in fourth grade, the Spanish teacher asked us that we have to bring a Mexican dish. The dish that I choose was “quesadillas”, not knowing that the quesadilla is not a main dish of Mexico, when I presented to the class the dish, they laughed of me because I tell them “taco of cheese” instead of quesadilla. In another occasion it occurs something similar. I have a custom with my family, that every Sundays we dinner all together. In one of those dinners we went to “sakura” and we asked sushi and we put at the center of the table for everyone to share. Every sushi comes with wasabi and jengibre, as wasabi is like guacamole, I confused it and I put it on sushi. When I give my first bite, I bright red and I cry, my family began to laugh. At least I caused joy in my family. By; Ying Ying Zhen

First restaurant in Mexicali All the cities always have historical places, one example of these are the restaurants because all around the world they exist and Mexicali is not the exception, it is well known as a city of Chinese food. Mexicali has always been the house for Chinese population, for these reason the first restaurant in this city was of Chinese food named “El dragón”. The dragon’s restaurant is part of Mexicali since 1918. This restaurant was practically founded with Mexicali city. This restaurant is located in the city center, next to the border with the USA. “El dragón” is a historical part of Mexicali as “plaza cachanilla” or some monument like Justo Sierra. One of the main attractions of the region is Chinese food. Therefore tourist goes to the historical city restaurant because it is a great attraction for them. Their food is the most attached to the traditional Chinese food, this restaurant has so much experience and it’s a place that you must go.

By Ying Ying Zhen

By; Mayra Castillo


CETYS Universidad Escuela Preparatoria