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The Gun Control Question by Guillermo Uribe Guns have always been a topic that has brought much debate. Should United States ban them altogether? In Mexico it is extremely difficult to buy and bear arms. That means that very few people carry them, and if they do, are restricted to handguns of a very low caliber. The point of the law being so restrictive is so that no Mexican citizens have weapons more powerful than public defense forces personnel and the military. In the U.S. the case is the opposite; the American Constitution says not to violate the people's right to own firearms. The problem stems from the fact that not everyone wants to make good use of this right and if the laws on deadly weapons remain lax, violent cases will continue in the United States and so will the violence in Mexico. It is most important that the United States take the lead that Mexico took years. U.S. laws are different from Mexican and arms and gun control is no exception. In America an individual can get thousands of ammunition of any caliber desired without any control or justification. In Mexico it is the opposite, because a civilian cannot purchase high-caliber ammunition or assault rifles. This causes cartel members to assault military cargo and ammunition that was legally being transported from the U.S. In an article by "CBS" 26% of firearms sold to Mexico end up in the hands of criminals and organized crime cartels. This is a major problem because the ease of purchasing large quantities of ammunition and firearms allows cartels continue to fight in the war on organized crime. The out of date laws of the United States not only cause violence in Mexico but also in its territory. There have been too many cases of crimes involving firearms in the United States the latest in Aurora, Colorado where an individual killed twelve people in the premiere of a film with an assault rifle, M-16, for use by the army. Many argue that if prohibiting firearms are violating the U.S. Constitution. The right to bear arms was historically devoted to protect the newly formed country from the vengeance of the English if they decided to return to reconquer America. Times change and there is no need for all citizens to be armed to the degree seen in the United States, because they have one of the most advanced military in the world.


The Gun Control Question(Continued) The prohibition of firearms in the United States will not only decrease the violence in their country but help the efforts to end the war against the cartels in Mexico. Denying the marketing of firearms in the United States is not going to weaken the country but it will unite it because we live in a relatively peaceful era. There is no need to have lethal protection like in the past, times change. If fewer people have the ability to obtain them, fewer people will use them for evil, and as a result the United States will help end the violence in their country and effectively help Mexico reduce the magnitude of the cartels.


What is so bad about teenage pregnancy? By Miriam Rodriguez Teenage pregnancy means pregnancy in a female younger than 20 years old. In this essay we are going to talk about the dropout in school because of the pregnancy on teenagers. Secondly we will talk about all the risk of pregnancy at a young age could bring. And at last how to prevent pregnancy. It is important for you to know that every case is different. Teen moms are more commonly known to not complete high school and end up having to be helped by other people. Almost in every case they become an extra responsibility for her parents. Making them in charge of all the economic support and in some cases the child care. In the worst of the cases the teen is left behind by her family and the baby´s father too. Many pregnancy teens have a lot of risk on their health because of nutritional deficiencies , these are produced by their poor eating habits common in adolescence, like eating junk food our skipping meals. Another risk are all the diseases that teen mom can have, even HIV. Even if the girl is not sick at the time of giving birth teens between 10 and 14 are more likely to have complications than woman’s of about twenty years of age


For mothers between 15 and 19, risks are associated more with socioeconomic factors than with the biological effects of age. Pregnant teens are less likely to receive prenatal care. One-third of pregnant teens receive insufficient prenatal care. Young mothers who are given high-quality maternity care have significantly healthier babies than those that do not. Many of the health-issues associated with teenage mothers, many of whom do not have health insurance, appear to result from lack of access to high-quality medical care.

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. Teenager that have strong feeling for their parents are less probabilities of become sexually active. There are a lot of contraceptive that the teens can rich in every drug store and hospital. Many people don’t believe in those things but teens moms can have the options of adoption.


The Government by Zael Rios Why we accept the government? It´s simple, because it is easier to have fear to one person to all the people, once, if doesn’t exist laws all the people will do whatever them want; what if your neighbor want to have a baby with your wife? He would not be sanctioned because he has the liberty to do whatever he want and he doesn’t have moral

values that we learned before (as well some people think that the humans naturally are good persons and kindly) thanks to the education that we receive for free by the government when we are kid. Some people think that the humans have to be submitted and have a string, aggressive, determinate, tough and unscrupulous leader, because humans are weak and we need someone who accepts all our mistakes. The government doesn’t have the guilty from all the vandalism, terrorism or bad economy of a country, the people have that guilty because most of the people doesn’t do anything to make a change and have a good country, most of the people only follow the protocol that the government gave to us, when we have the decision to do something extra. Many people think that man cannot bear their responsibilities and that is why they let the government decide for him, whether a democratic or dictatorship. The dictatorship is a fact individualistic and selfish; dictator seeks his well first of all and does not care what he has to do to get there. But in a democracy the people are who chooses the president

and there are many people who only complain about what is happening in the country but doesn’t do nothing about, it is how the idiosyncrasies of Mexicans always have to blame someone else for something that they may have fixed or prevented from before, but because of laziness or pessimism do not, so they say that a silly people deserve a silly government. That's why we as a people must become aware of our actions and start changing for us, this is not a process overnight it has their time, it has responsibility and delivery; but many, like the book says, prefer to leave their responsibilities to others because they are afraid to have freedom of choice as people.


By the year 2006, I was going late to Jr. High School “Calmecac”, and my brother “Jorge” was at the steering wheel, and we were at a traffic light, but there were too many cars, so Jorge went to the forbidden line and when the traffic light turn to green, he accelerated as fast as he could. About 10 to 15 yards later, just crossing the street there was a puddle of water, and because my brother was in a high speed in short time, when we passed the puddle of water we drifted and we lost control of the car. Moreover, in the next line there was coming a big truck and our car was turning in a way that the truck was going to crushed in my window. The truck used his brakes, but even though it pushed as around 10 ft, conveniently my window was opened, so there were no glasses coming in. I was in shock when we went down the car, I just remember that the truck driver told my brother that just one day before he put brakes to his truck, so if he didn´t done that, without the brakes that day, he would flipped over our car and my brother and I wouldn´t be able to count this story.


Independence Day by Julio Gallardo By the year 1500 till 1810, Mexicans suffered the power from Spain. They were tortured and exploited to work in really bad conditions and they were tired of living that way. So leaders from Mexico, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Ignacio Allende, Miguel Hidalgo, and others, met in a hidden place to plan a war against Spanish people to finally be free. They planned it to made it in December 1810, but they were discovered before, so Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez sent Jose Miguel Dominguez, her husband, to warned Hidalgo. When he finally get to Hidalgo, on September 16th, Miguel Hidalgo at 5:00 Am, rang the bell from the church in Dolores, that event was called “El Grito de Dolores”. There, Hidalgo started to motivate people screaming phrases like “Viva la religión católica”, “Viva Fernando VII”, “Viva Mexico”, and others. When the war started, Spanish people had better weapons, like guns and stuff, and Mexicans were fighting with stones, sticks and throwing objects from the floor. Years went by and Mexicans started to lose leaders, first Hidalgo, than Morelos. Spaniards took off Miguel Hidalgo´s head and hang it outside “Alondrida de Granaditas”, they did that to cause terror in Mexicans, and stopped the fight; but Mexicans didn´t give up, they continue fighting, then a true leader appear form Mexico “Vicente Guerrero”, he decided to finish the war and made a deal with the Spanish leader “Iturbide”, and they sign peace in a document called “Abrazo de Acatempan”, so Mexicans won the war. In my point of view I think Mexicans are really great fighters, they never give up until they died or something like that, we had had too many wars against powerful countries but we never back down and that is something that characterized Mexico.


A small truck loaded with fireworks for a religious event exploded in central Mexico on Friday, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens, with one witness saying he saw "bodies flying" as people ran for cover. The explosion took place when one firework apparently landed on the truck in the village of Jesus Tepatepec, part of the municipality of Nativitas, 80 miles east of Mexico City. The victims were standing near the truck on a street where people were making preparations for the celebration of a patron saint when the explosion took place shortly after noon. A witness said a group of 200 people were on a field where pyrotechnics were being lit when "everything began to explode.� A civil protection official said rescuers were looking for bodies in a canal. The army was helping with the emergency response. Mexicans often set off fireworks during celebrations, but accidents have happened in the past due to the mishandling of the pyrotechnics or a lack of safety measures. 11

There was supposed to be a celebration day, where runners form different countries wnt to Boston to a Marathon. Around 23 thousand competitors were at it, plus all the people that went to watch them. It was about 2:50 pm of April 15th, when suddenly near the finish line, a bomb exploded and seconds later another one too. Everybody was confused, scared, in panic and they started running everywhere to protect themselves. There are at least 3 dead bodies and more than 130 wounded, one of the dead bodies was just a little kid of eight years old. From the 130 wounded, 15 people are now in critical condition. The injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to amputations. There are rumors that said United States try this to his own country to have a reason to atack North Korea, but this haven´t been confirmed.


The Da Vinci code by Miriam Rodriguez This book is a mystery detective novel written by Dan brown in 2003. Is about the murder of Jacques tries to discover who killed him with the help of Langdon, who is a professor in Harvard. Both of them discover the meaning of the codes that Jacques wrote before dying. Following the clues, they found out that Jesus was marry to marry and that the kings of France were direct bloodline from Jesus. Its main character is Robert Langdon and the second characters are Sophia and Jacquie. The conflict is that Langdon is trying to figure out the codes that Jacquie leave them to reveal a secret. He and Sophia were chased by the police while trying to solve the problem, in the end they discover the real secret, but do not want to tell anyone. The writer is trying to tell the public that the Holy Grail is a woman, marry Magdalene. He writes that the church has hid the truth about marry and Jesus bloodline for 2000 years, because of the power woman might gain. This book provokes a lot of critics because of the denial of Christianity beliefs. “Rank nonsense� is how Laura miller, a written of New York times, de scribes it. It is a really good book that definitely I will recommend, but always knowing that the information has no proof and might be false.


A Good Read or Not? By Saul Haro If you like communication and the way to do it right, I sincerely recommend “La Seduccion de las palabras” by Alex Grijelmo. Its pages have the perfect way to communicate what you really want to say, it helps you to convince people and achieve what you wish. It is about the different kind of words and the forms you can make or speak a phrase to seduce a person, of course I’m talking about convince people with the right words, because words are strength. Moreover, when you read it, you are going to know, the difference of love, for example it is not the same to tell your wife I love you, than tell her, I love you dearly. Furthermore, it is mainly a book for people who have interest in love, people who want to improve their expressions, nevertheless anyone can read it, and the reason of this is for its simple vocabulary.


El Infierno by Saul Haro If you like awesome and realistic movies, I honestly recommend you watch “El Infierno� because of its amazing scenes. It is about the Mexican celebrations of independence bicentenarian holidays, but also has scenes about narco trafico; it really captures the truth of Mexican society, because in this movie appeared guns, drugs, death, etc. Anyone could think that it has too much violence, but sincerely it helps you know the real way we are building our country, furthermore, it gets you some common sense, even it is just on the north of Mexico, where it is the fight and the crime. El Infierno is a real critic about our actions regarding the daily life of people who live in Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, etc. Nevertheless, it is just recommended for teens and adults, I mean it is not for general public mainly because of its vocabulary.


Burnout, Yay or Nay? by Saul Haro If you like video games and especially the ones that are about races, you need to play Burnout Crash’em I honestly recommend it because it is easy to play and get fun. Anyone can play it, however, it is most useful if you are a boy teen, truth it is not like the others, in this game you drive a car or a bus, but also you can walk and look for the car you like. In addition, you are going to feel the way you are driving because if you are close to hit stuff, your control vibrates so much, and it is going to be harder to drive. In fact, there is an option to change the difficult level to drive as better as you can without hit anything; of course it is just for masters. This game is going to be released by June 21st; nevertheless, you can buy it by now on internet. It is just recommended for the ones who really want it, but don’t worry, you just need to hold a little bit for this big entertainment, worth it!


First Pets by Saul Haro Who remembers their first pet, it was like a member of our family. When we were kids, we just used to worry about playing with our dog, our cat, or even a turtle or hamster. Our parents were responsible for feeding that pet because we only wanted to show our love for them by playing. Who remembers the days after school that you were impatient to see that pet with its cute eyes full of happiness for your arrival. Also it was the cutest when our pet wore a piece of cloth or hat, do you remember that feeling? Nevertheless, no body lives forever, it was so sad to arrive home and know that your pet, the one that is part of your family, passed away. Who remembers having the face full of tears with the heart almost broken. Yes, it was terrible, and it gets worst if you try to imagine a day, a week, a month and years without our cute, little loved pet. But always it’s better to remember the moments of happiness and the amazing experiences that we had with the pet because of those reasons you will never forget it.


I still remember my very first year It feels like yesterday that I was here Need more waking up tactics And sleeping at mathematics

My first Year by Mitl Llamas

I will miss each of my friends I wish our adventures never end Like if it was yesterday We were in our last semester Maybe I will miss my teachers But the only put me ten in recess I still learn a lot from biology class And each verb in past I’ve learnt so much It makes me want to rhyme Cheers to our last year There is no more fears 18

We are tired of the same old situation Or maybe some have no creation No progress no addiction no caption Like we all lose our own passion

The Same Situation by Mitl Llamas

Literally there is no art in the atmosphere Like if there was nothing here Everybody is breathing and not living Taking risk of like if it was a simple thing I dream we all become something But mostly i think we are loving That kills us each time But is it hard to find Maybe one day the world can be a better place That we could all express our selves Screaming our or biggest fears And finally start to live 19

Solar Engineering by Gustavo Ruiz





1. When did you start to play football? In 2006. 2. Why did you choose this sport? Because is pretty to know that people help you while you play and it is a team work. 3. In what team are you right now? Why? Zorros, because they gave me a scholarship and I like to be there. 4. What is your position? Defense Tackle. 5. What is your favorite team? Dallas Cow Boys. 6. Do you like any other sport? Basketball and soccer. 7. How do you feel when your team won? It is something undescriptable, too much happiness to know your team, your family win a game as a team. 8. How many championships have you win and what are they names? 3, OEFA 2010, 2012 and Tazon Pet. 9. Who is your role model in football? D Marcus Ware. 10. How do you prepare to play a game? 2 hours before I listen to music to get motivated and focus on my part in the game. 22

Honor Roll Superstar by Guillermo Uribe I am here with honor roll student Rodrigo Valdez who will tell us about his experiences at Cetys and his goals in life. 

What is the secret to being an honor roll student? Answer: The secret to being an honor roll student is balancing your time and not procrastinating. If you can’t keep track of your work and handle your workload, you will never be an honor roll student.

How do you balance studying and doing sports? Answer: Balancing my time allows me to do both with ease, although it can be hard at times.

Why is football such an important sport for you? Answer: Football has been a part of my life since I was a small kid.

What would you say is your favorite class? Answer: Probably physics, it’s the class that will help me more in the field that I wish to study.

What keeps you motivated? Answer: The future, I always look forward to the future and what lies ahead. If I work hard today, it will pay off tomorrow.

What do you plan to study in college? Answer: Engineering, because it’s what drives our technology driven world.

Have you won any championships in football?

Answer: Yes, the oefa 2012, the oefa 2012 and the tazon pet express 2012. 

How did it feel when you won said championship? Answer: It felt awesome knowing my hard work paid off, and knowing I achieved this with my friends.

Will you continue to play football in college? Answer: Most likely not, I plan to focus on my school work. It will be tougher to balance academics and sports; I won’t risk my grades.

Any advice for people trying to succeed at Cetys? Answer: Do not procrastinate, learn to balance your time and have a healthy social life. If you ignore any of these tips you will probably struggle in school more than you should. 23

Prestige by Miriam Rodriguez Hello good afternoon, my name is Miriam Rodriguez and I will be interviewing a prestige athlete from cetys high school. Miriam: what’s your name and your birthday? Martin: my name is martin Bect I´m 17 years old and I was born on April 30th of 1995 Miriam: What sport do you practice? Martin: Track and field, half depth Miriam: How many years have you practice it? Martin: I have been training for 2 years. Miriam: Where have you practice it? Martin: I train in Ciudad Deportiva here in Mexicali. Miriam: In which important competitions have you been? Martin: On county, state, and regional Olympics. Miriam: What are your secrets for being successful? Martin: I have to be responsible for being on time for all of my training. I have discipline and I´m perseverant, always trying to bring the best of me. Miriam: In which 3 words would you describe yourself? Martin: Perseverant, discipline, without limits. Miriam: What are some of your best experience in being an athlete? Martin: One day all my team went to centinela for a special training. I decide to give all that I have and clime all the mountain. Thanks of my determination my coach pick me up for a hard trial, and I win first place. Miriam: For our part we are finish, we thank a lot for you time, wishing you the best on your training. 24

Who is Mario Medina? By Zael Rios 1. When was the first time that you practice judo? When I was 9 years old.

2. What inspired you to practice judo? My father. 3. When was your first fight? I think it were when I was 11 years old. 4. How was your first fight?

It was very difficult, because I fight with a friend that is 2 years older than me. 5. To where was your first sport trip? It was to Tijuana for the regionals. 6. How do you feel when you win the local tournament?

I felt it very good, because I pass to the regional. 7. Dou you receive all the support from your parents? Definitively. 8. Which defeat has been the most painful of your life? I time I was over confident and I was defeated when I should

have won. 9. Which victory has been the most grateful of your life? When I pass to the final on the national competition 10. How do you feel when you won the national? It was the most gratifying feeling of my life, I don’t have words to explain that feel.


Rondalla by Mitl Llamas 1. Why did you decide to enrollee to the Rondalla? - Because I like the music they play and there are almost all my friends. 2. What is your position in the Rondalla? - I play the requinto and sing first voice. 3. What do you do in a normal day on the practices? - If we have presentation, we rehearsal the set list or if we don’t, we work in new songs and practicing the other ones. 4. Do you need a very hard discipline? Why? - Yes, because the discipline is reflected in the way you play and you develop on the stage. 5. When you were young, did you though you will be on the Rondalla? - No. 6. What does the Rondalla mean to you? - It is like a hobby for me. 7. How is the relation with the other members? - There need to be familiarity with the other members, for having a good develop. 8. How much time do you want to continue being on the Rondalla? Why? - As soon as I finish my career, because my scholarship/. 9. How do you feel when you have a performance in front of a lot of people‌ before and after? - First I feel nervous bye when we are playing I feel confident and relax. 10. Can you tell us an experience? -The last time that I played we got a lot of fun and was a experience that I will never forget. 26



Barrage of Jokes by Guillermo Uribe Joke #1: A blonde went to electronic store and she asked, "How much is this TV?" The salesman said, "Sorry, we don’t sell to blondes." The next day she came back as a brunette. She asked the salesman how much the TV was. He said, "Sorry, we don’t sell to blondes." The next day she came back as a red head and asked the salesman how much the TV was. He said, "Sorry we don’t sell to blondes." She replied, “I came in here as a brunette and a red head. How do you know I am a blonde?" "Because that is not a TV, it''s a microwave." Joke #2:

Yo mama's so ugly; she made a blind kid cry. Joke#3: Q: Who has the right of way when four cars approach a four-way stop at the same time? A: The pick-up truck with the gun rack and the bumper sticker saying, "Guns don't kill people. I do." Q: When driving through fog, what should you use? A: Your steering wheel. Q: What is the difference between a flashing red traffic light and a flashing yellow traffic light? A: The color. Q: How do you deal with heavy traffic? A: Heavy psychedelics.


Best Movies by Gustavo Ruiz



Top 5 Cities to Visit by Guillermo Uribe If you are planning a vacation and you want it to be a memorable experience, you should consider the following cities to visit. They are the cultural hubs and of much importance to each countries’ lifestyle and history. If you visit any of the following cities you are bound to have fun.

5. Berlin, Germany- Berlin, former resting place of the Berlin wall is a site you must visit if you’re setting foot in Germany. The capital of Germany is a beautiful economical hub with many cultural attractions such as the Museum Island. 4. Moscow, Russia- Moscow, home to the former Soviet Union, and tsars, is a city with amazing buildings and a rich cultural with a lot of history behind it. 3. New York City, United States- A landmark in the United States, New York City is home to the statue of liberty and its dynamic buildings that improve the architecture in the world. There is much to see, and much to do in the awesome city. 2. Paris, France- A place with a huge historical background and beautiful scenery. If you’re an art enthusiast, Paris is the way to go. 1. Tokyo, Japan- The capital of the island nation of Japan’s economic power in the world and a must see destination. There are many museums and theaters that will enrich your cultural taste and amaze you. Tokyo is a city you can’t imagine.

If you visit these cities you will enrich your knowledge of other

cultures abd you will surely have the time of your life.


How to score a Penalty by Zael Rios

In this article we are going to show you how to score a penalty in a soccer game. It´s very easy if you try to follow the next steps. • You have to arrange in a good place the soccer ball. • You have to know to where you are going to kick the ball. • Take 2 meters of distance from the ball. • Be concentrated and start jogging to the ball. • Kick the ball to the side you had already decided with a lot of power. • Pray that the goalkeeper doesn’t guess the side you kicked the ball. In conclusion you have to be concentrated and be sure of yourself at the time that you are going to throw the penalty. If you follow the steps that we gave to you, you surely score the penalty. 33

Succeeding at Cetys by Gustavo Ruiz The big question that every student in CETYS at least once in his life does to itself is the next one, Is there any recipe that can be followed to be successful and have good grades in this school? Unfortunately there isn’t a formula that will do that, you need to be a hard worker and put a lot of afford in everything you do here. But there are 5 easy steps that can be follow to do better. And those are the next ones. 1) Try to never miss a class, if you do for any reason, always ask someone for his notebook, so you can catch up to any new lesson that was learnt that day. 2) Always study when you get home at least everything you didn’t understood, at least 30 minutes, you will see that it’s worth it when exams are close. 3) Never miss homework or a final work, remember to always keep that in mind, I suggest you always take notes about any pendent that you have, that way you will never miss nothing, and you will have better grades. 4) Always pay attention and take notes in class to everything your teacher explains, I guaranteed to you that this will provide very important information when it comes to exams. 5) Never do a final work one day before it needs to be sent or handed in, take your time that way you won’t feel stress out, and the work will come out better. If you follow this steps and you never forget about them, your grades will always be good, and you will be very proud of yourself, and always remember weekends are for having fun, but sometimes school is first.


How to be happy by Zael Rios In this article we are going to show you how to try to be happy. It´s very easy, it have simple points and all of us can do it. So try it. • Take some time to be alone and think about what you want of your life. • Lose the fear of public opinion anybody can say to you what to think. • Decide soon and be sure of what you decide. • Enjoy the result no matter what. In conclusion you have to sure of yourself at the time that you are going to do something. If you follow the steps that we gave to you, you surely will feel better with yourself and you can get closer to the happiness.


• • • • •

• • • •

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi by Mitl Llamas Known for: Prominent figure of Indian independence movement, propounding the philosophy of Satyagraha and Ahimsa advocating non-violence and pacifism. Birth Name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Known as: Mahatma Gandhi. Birth date: 2 October 1869. Birth place: Porbandar, Kathiawar Agency, British Indian Empire. Parents: Putlibai Gandhi (mother) and Karamchand Gandhi (father). Children: Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. Spouse: Kasturba Gandhi. Religion: Hinduism. Alma mater: Alfred High School, Rajkot, Samaldas College, Bhavnagar, Inner Temple, London.


Mother Teresa by Mitl Llamas •

• • • • • • •

• •

Known for: Was a true follower of humanity. Many people considered Mother as the “reincarnated form of Lord Jesus”. She devoted her entire life in serving the needy and abandoned people of the society. Birth name: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Birth date: 26 August 1910. Birth place: Skopie, the capital of Macedonia. Parents: Nikolle and Dranatile Bojaxhiu. Religion: Roman Catholic. Nationality: Indian. Awards: Nobel Peace Prize (1991), Ramon Magsaysay (1962), Padmashr Award (1962). Died date: 5 September 1997. Died place: Calcutta, India. 37

Electromagnetic Pollution Introduction by Gustavo Ruiz It is important to know how cell phones alter our brain, since this device is not a luxury but a necessity in a world where communication a every day thing. In Mexico every 87 of 100 Mexicans have at least one mobile phone, the topic of electromagnetic pollution is a topic that is unknown to most people, and is a problem that has been increasing in recent years. In this research we will present as the radiation emitted by cell phone affect your stress levels. Stress Stress (stress English, 'voltage') is a physiological reaction in the body that come into play various defense mechanisms to tackle a situation perceived as threatening or increased demand. Stress is a natural and necessary for survival, despite which today is confused with pathology. This confusion is that this defense mechanism can finish under certain circumstances prevalent in certain lifestyles, triggering serious health problems. When this natural response is given in excess voltage overload occurs which affects the human body and causes the appearance of diseases and pathological abnormalities that prevent normal development and functioning of the human body. Examples include forgetfulness (incipient memory problems), alterations in mood, nervousness and lack of concentration in women can cause significant hormonal changes such as swollen breasts, lower abdominal pain and other symptoms.


Biological effects of mobile The radiation from a mobile phone more than 3 million times the natural radiation (Natural Sun), and during use transmitter-receiver antenna is located literally glued to the brain. The microwave emission, very close to our skull, accelerates our brainwaves to

limit stress, and can have many other biological effects, as discussed below.

The short-term neurophysiologic effects show a clear correlation with the increased use of mobile or greater proximity to the antennas.

Some of these effects are: increased stress, altered brain waves and other biorhythms, memory loss, mind blank, persistent headache, insomnia and sleep disturbances, noise and ringing in the ears, dizziness and vertigo, palpitations and alterations heart rate, increase blood pressure, tissue heating near the ear and the eye's cornea, with increased risk for cataracts; erythematic in areas of skin exposed directly to radiation.


Researcher Dependent biological effects of exposure time to microwave power increase linearly with the emission source (mobile or antenna), and decrease exponentially (d2) as the distance increases between the mobile and relay antenna and the exposed person. May appear with very low radiation doses, from 0.1 μW/cm2 radiation power. Neil biophysical studies of Sherry (New Zeeland) found biological effects with altered EEG from only 0.01 μW/cm2. Data confirmed by the research of Dr. V. Klitzing (Lübeck, Germany) that as a specialist in Medical Physics thresholds prevention lies between 1 and 10 nanoWatios/cm2 (0.001-0.01 μW/cm2). Conclusion: Now that we know all the repercussions that cell phone causes us, we need to be more aware when using our electronic devices, it is impossible to stop using, and which have become indispensable in our daily lives, but if try to reduce time of use.



Do you like to do physical exercise?

Do you do physical exercise?

Do you like sports?





How many time do you spent doing physical exercise per day?

yes no

Do you practice sports?


yes no

30-60 minutes

How many times on a week do you do physical exercise?

Nothing 1-2 times More than 3 times


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