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The first photo is from the day of my birthday, I was celebrating my party with all my family in my house. Exactly the moment was when I was switching of the candles.

In the second image I want to show you I was preparing Christmas in my home, I was putting all the decorations in the house, and the images is showing the moment when I was decorating my Christmas tree and putting the lights on it.

The third photo is about when I was celebrating my first communion. That moment is just when the celebration has finished and I took photos with my parents.

The forth photo is about the celebration after the photos, it was in a restaurant of a friends. The moment of the photo was when I was opening my presents.

The fifth photo is about the first day of the school year and I was going to get the car to go to the school for my first day. I think it was on 2010, But I don’t remember it very well.

And finally the last photo of all is about venecia, the photo was taken from the cruise in the one I was during august sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.

my life in six pictures  

It's about my life expressed in six picturesl. ENJOY :)