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about the conference AIESEC in Brazil delivers many conferences during the year, but there isn't one like Growth Meetings. As we need to be faster, reach more people and echo our leadership, we need to talk directly to the ones who will be able to do this effectively, now and in the future. This conference aims to train and give a wide perspective to those who lead the local projects, our Project Managers, so we can boost the experiences we work so hard to deliver, because they're the impact we chase. we want to talk too to the new leadership of our organization, the ones who want to take AIESEC to a next level and be part of the Executive Boards around Brazil. We want to be part of this, to help you to build the future of our local entities. So it's time to break through limits and go beyond! Come with us, because I don't know about you, but we just can't wait!

Menssage from mc Hi members of AIESEC in Brazil, Nowadays we are dealing with a network of almost 7 mil members per year and we are looking for delivering each time more experiences to really bring the change to our reality. With that, we want you to come with the questioning of what else AIESEC in Brazil can and need to do, and what's the role of each one of us in delivering our ambition. The MC is really anxious to be able to meet the members that are closer to our operations and we are waiting a lot to see how we're going to work more, together, and, who knows, for another year. See you in GM! MC Echoes

Menssage from oc That are some crucial times during our AIESEC career. In these times, we have to take some really important decisions, that will affect ourselves and the people around us. That's the daily life of a Project Manager and it's the moment all the EB applicants will live from now. We want to be part of this and that's why we are working so hard to deliver Growth Meetings, a Conference that aims to take the best of its delegates potential and turn into evolution to our entities and to AIESEC in Brazil. We, the OC Jedi, are really honoured to be part of this amazing moment, and you can count on us to make it the time of your lives! may the force be with you, oc jedi

about the hotel

hotel solar dos girassóis is the perfect place for the conference. It has more than 70 bedroom, a delighful restaurant for 250 guests two swimming pools and a great infrastructure, making it the ideal environme to foster new ideas. hotel solar dos girassóis - rodovia fernão dias, saída km57, mun. do corumbá nº 460 - terra preta, mariporã. fones +55(11) 4818-8777 | +55(11) 4818-8866

transportation oc service the oc jedi will provide transportation to the hotel from two spots tietê bus station and guarulhos international airport departure: 13/09 - at 07 am return: 15/09 - at 07:30 pm Meeting point bob’s restaurant - 1st floor (Tietê) viena bar - wing a, terminal 1 (guarulhos) if you need take a taxi email for - (62) 8221-2522 (tim) the return bus will leave from the conference to Tietê and guarulhos

transportation 1st step If i lose the oc transportation?

transportation 2nd step From Rodoviária Tietê, go to the Hotel by choosing between these options:

Route: Take a bus of "Viação Bragança" and stop at "Terra Preta" (Hotel district) bus stop, 1st then take a taxi to the hotel. Bus Fee: beetween R$10 and R$ 20. Taxi from Terra Preta to Hotel: option Taxi driver's cellphone: (11) 99562-7878 / (11) 99104-6445 (MARA) Taxi Fee: R$ 15,00 Route: Take the line 375 to Rodovia Fernão Dias or Line 042 to Mairiporã. Then, get down at the 2nd Pietro Pierri Avenue (In front of the Ipanema Supermercados), in Terra Preta District. option Fee R$ 7,45 ou R$ 4,55 afterwards, take a taxi to the hotel. Taxi fee: R$15,00

3rd Route: Take a Taxi from Tietê to the Hotel. Taxi Fare: R$ 100,00. option

Check list Bed Sheet Pillow Blanket Towels Soap Toothbrush and toothpaste Deodorant Shampoo / Conditionator Mug Umbrella Medication Locker Comfortable Clothes Pen and Paper for notes *If you prefer, the Hotel will provide bed sheets, a pillow, towel and a blanket for R$ 15,00.

pay atention! • Keep all your things organized in your bedroom so you won’t lose anything, the site of the conference, OC Jedi and MC echoes will be not responsible for any loss of delegates’ belongings. • The room will be clean periodically, so keep your stuff in your luggage, when leaving the room. When you leave the bedroom, make sure your things are safe: lock them! • Take care of your personal objects and avoid taking highly priced objects to the conference. • Many products will be sold on the conference, so remember to have money in cash to by them. • If you like to eat snacks during the day, take some with you, too. • No wireless internet will be provided • Some cellphones don't have signal in the whole site of the conference.

Party time Noite rock in rio

So you, delegate, thought you had to choose between the two biggest events happening in Brazil? Well, lucky you who chose GM, because here you won't miss the best of Rock In Rio! In this awesome party we are going to take our black jackets and spike bracelets out of the closet, and show our tattoos proudly around, because it's Rock and Roll night, baby! We will play the best of rock music from all the ages, and pay tribute to the kings and queens who drove the youth to go beyond and break their limits through the years. Buuut, if you are one of those who rather change the world dancing a good pop, or going to the floor with a great funk, don't worry! Just like Rock In Rio, we are really eclectic! There will be fun for all the tastes. Get on your dance shoes, get ready to shake your body!

global village: breaking limits The Global Village is the most traditional party we have and its objective is to stimulate the team work as each delegation has to organize its drinking game, at the same time we want the delegates to interact between themselves, visiting each others stand. But, on this time, we have a special edition - The Global Village: Break Through Limits. Beyond the usual drinking games organizes by each delegation, the delegates will face some challenging surprises that promise to make our night even more remarkable!

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Moletom Preto - GM 2013.2 R$75

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