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Viรงosa Location:

Minas Gerais, Zona da Mata

Year Established: Average temperature:

1871 19.4 ° C


0.809 PNUD/2000

GDP per capita (R$):

7704.50 IBGE/2008

Viçosa is a Brazilian city of the state of Minas Gerais, one of the most prosperous and important cities in the Zona da Mata. It is the headquarters of the Federal University of Viçosa, regarded as one of the most important centers of agronomic studies in Latin America. Viçosa means Lush! However, this name is actually a tribute to Don Antonio Ferreira Viçoso, bishop of Mariana. It is a university town with over 70,000 inhabitants that add up to over 20,000 people of the floating population, consisting of students, technicians in training at UFV, people participating in conferences and scientific-technical, cultural and others events. The city has the privilege of receiving continuously young people and professionals with high intellectual capacity, from various parts of the country and abroad. Thus, because of its tradition of educating city, and also by the long and permanent coexistence with foreigners from all continents, the population has always had a different and singular behavior. The intense movement of people gives Viçosa a lifestyle different from other cities of its size (medium). The city also has private institutions of higher education which reinforces the educational character of the city. It is a city that attracts many people from Brazil and other countries due to the scientific and academic events that take place around the university, totaling approximately 500 annual events. Its population is composed mostly of young people, which gives a dynamic to the city and the large number of festivals that take place during the week.


UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE VIÇOSA – UFV (FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF VIÇOSA) UFV is one of the best universities in Brazil, with excellence in various fields of knowledge, especially in the agricultural sciences, which is the most traditional area, also in the exact, biological and human sciences. There are four pillars that mark the UFV entrance. Each pillar has a word symbolizing the values of the university: Ediscere/Estudar (to Study), Scire/Saber (to Know), Agere/Agir (to Act) and Vincere/Vencer (to Win); mentioning the initials of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (ESAV), which preceded the UFV.

BUILDING ARTHUR BERNARDES (BERNARDテグ) Located at UFV, is the most antique building of the university.

RECANTO DAS CIGARRAS (CORNER OF CICADAS) Leisure space where there’s also researches of flora and fauna. Great place to meet up with nature.

BELVEDERE Reserve for environmental protection with hiking trails in the woods.

HORTO BOTĂ‚NICO (BOTANICAL GARDEN) Located on the campus of UFV, displays species of Brazilian trees. It is used for the reintroduction of species.

BALAUSTRADA - BALAĂšSTRE An historical patrimony of the city, located in downtown.

BIBLIOTECA CENTRAL (CENTRAL LIBRARY) Located on the campus of UFV, is one of the largest and most complete libraries of the country, and an UN depository. It is open 24 hours a day.

CASA ARTHUR BERNARDES (HOUSE ARTHUR BERNARDES) The construction of the palace was begun in 1922 and completed in 1926. Today it is a museum that gathers in its collection pieces and documents related to the historical facts of the life of Arthur Bernardes da Silva, President of Brazil from 1922 to 1926, born in Viรงosa and responsible for the founding of UFV.

IGREJA DA MATRIZ (MOTHER CHURCH) Main and oldest catholic church of the city, located in downtown.

CALÇADÃO ARTHUR BERNARDES (BOARDWALK ARTHUR BERNARDES) A commercial place, meeting point for young.

EVENTS There are always something to do, and the city doesn’t have only parties. There are shows, concerts, theater performances, dance and many cultural attractions.

PARTIES! As city that welcomes people from all parts of the country and the world, it has the most different kinds of parties and entertainment places.

OPEN BAR PARTIES Almost every party in Viรงosa is open bar, where you buy your invitation and drink at will. The result is lots of fun!

CERVEJADA DA LAMA This party is organized by the next graduates of each semester. Very traditional among students, at Cervejada da Lama people have fun rolling in the mud, drinking and enjoying the last moments with fellow students.

MARCHA NICO LOPES It is a student cultural event, which takes place annually at UFV, when shows and cultural activities are organized, student concerts and contests, discussions and workshops, culminating in the march that every year brings a different issue on focus.


G CDPI Tays Teixeira 55 (31) 9423-2204 Skype: tays.teixeira1 Mariana Saraiva 55 (31) 8847-2024 Skype:

Mara Alice Almeida Carmo 55 (31) 8727-0080 Skype: marinha.alice Wander Fernandes 55 (31) 9347-4799 Skype: ribeiro.wander

Mariana C창ndido 55 (31) 9261-3753 55 (31) 8571-7154 Skype:maricandido92 Douglas Ribeiro de Moura 55 (31) 9153-6538 Skype: douglasribeirodemoura

Pamela Martins 55 (32) 8867-7636 55 (31) 9264-4562 Skype: pamelamartins45 Tamires Mascarenhas de Vilhena 55 (31) 8676-2054

55 (31) 9362-3445 Skype: tamiresmv

EB 2013

MARIANA NEVES – PRESIDENT AIESEC VIÇOSA 55 (31) 9238-4054 Skype: mariananeves31 LUIZA BRAULIO – VP OGX 55 (31) 9703-5981 Skype: luiza.braulio SUELLEN SANTANA – VP TM 55 (31) 9262-2859 Skype: suellen.santana8 GUILHERME ANDRADE – VP COMM+PR 55 (31) 8344-5085 Skype: gui_thadeu SAMUEL WILKE – VP ICX 55 (32) 8429-4566 Skype: samuel.wilke

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