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How to Save Money When Traveling

Introduction Whether for business or pleasure, traveling abroad represents one of those little pleasures of life we all love and impatiently wait for. However, if you're not careful, your much awaited trip can quickly turn into a money pit that will leave such a sour taste in your mouth that no exotic beverage could possibly chase it away. In this presentation, we will see how you can – with just a few tips – make your stay much more affordable and build wonderful memories for the years to come.

Avoid Big Cities You will find that, more often than not, it's the huge cities where tourists abound that will ruin you. If you have to plan a trip abroad, choosing to stay in a town next-door will be the key to having a low-cost trip. You can still visit the must-see sights during the day but, anytime you have to take out your wallet, avoid the areas where other Westerners seem to swarm like bees in a beehive.

Choice of a Hotel "Quality doesn't come cheap". Whoever said that didn't know much about hotel rooms. If price is usually a good indicator of value, you can still find great deals if you know where to look. Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck: •Check if your hotel chain doesn't offer loyalty programs where you could earn points that would lead to discounts •Ignore the hotel amenities like breakfast, mini bar, etc. •Inquire about any discount (depending on your age or other such factors, you could very well qualify for a discounted rate)

Eat like a Local In everyday life, food represents one of the main items of expenditure... and even more so when traveling abroad. Dining at fancy restaurants can quickly deplete your budget and leave you without a dollar to your name. That's why you will want to avoid those tourist traps where the dishes are expensive and not that great anyway. If you insist on trying out local specialities, get out of town and eat in a restaurant at the outskirts of the city. Or, better yet, prepare your own food by visiting groceries stores.

The Right Time One of the best ways to save big on your holiday is to travel during the low season. Compared to busy months like July or August, leaving in February or April can mean a price cut of up to 75%! And that's just for the plane fare. Low season traveling will also ensure that you benefit from reduced hotel cost as there will be a higher rate of vacancy... and who likes crowded, jam-packed areas anyway?

Transportation Obviously, the cost and means of transportation on site will greatly depend on the country and city you visit but, as a rule of thumb, you should be able to save a nice chunk of money by making the best use of the following tips: • • • •

Inquire about the existence of multi-trip passes (especially if you visit Europe) If you're ready to travel at night or very early, do so to benefit from lower rates Avoid taxis and the likes where the price will be left to the driver's discretion In short, always favor public transportation whenever possible.

Conclusion All in all, the best way to save money on a trip will be to just "live like the locals": eat where they eat, get around like they do... Not only will it spare your wallet but it will also give your trip a whole new dimension, allowing you to experience the true depth of your locale, from the inside, away from the usual tourist attractions!

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How To Save Money When Travelling  

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How To Save Money When Travelling  

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