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f you’ve spent any amount of time on the North American servers, you may well have come across the [LGBT] guild tag during your adventures. In this special GuildMag magazine, we’re excited to feature Our Sanctuary - an inclusive Guild Wars 2 guild with an LGBTQIA+ focus. As a guild that’s existed since the game’s launch, [LGBT] aims to foster a community of players that respect one another and welcome those from diverse backgrounds, creating an online space to alleviate the pressures of the real world. To this end, their guild guidelines state that “[members] should all try to have an open mind and accept


the various quirks of others“, and though the guild is not exclusively for those who fall under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, their members “span different age groups, gender identities, religions, and sexual preferences.” Anyone wishing to join Our Sanctuary should therefore embrace these differences and the individuality of each of the guild’s 455+ members, but if you’re able to do that then this might just be the home you’ve been looking for. We were given the opportunity to speak to three of the guild’s leadership team: Alexander Primeaux, Kristen Volkind and Sotha Sidhe. These three players make up Our

GUILDMAG #21 | COMMUNITY - Guild Spotlight

Sanctuary’s Head Council, whose collective responsibilities include ensuring the guild maintains an active presence of officers; recognising individuals that actively contribute to the community; and balancing the delegation of duties. This approach has resulted in a guild with stable and collaborative leadership, supportive officers and a sustained community of active, like-minded, players who all share a common goal of creating their own personal haven. The current Head Council is not the first of its kind, however; all three leaders have held their rank for roughly two years, having all previously joined the guild at various points in 2014 and since risen

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GuildMag Issue 21: The Annual 2017  

GuildMag Issue 21: The Annual 2017