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I guess there is nothing that excites the human heart more than the idea of LOVE. With living comes loving. It is a vital sign of life, a sweet taste of life. As CS Lewis puts it: “There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket - safe, dark, motionless, airless - it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell.” C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

That is why as the love season strikes again, Guilder wouldn’t miss the chance to explore it with you. Regardless of your status right now, whether you’re taken, single and ready to mingle, waiting for the right time and the right person, or simply happy and comfortable in your own skin, this issue is crafted for you. As in love, we all have our unique expressions of it, and Guilder tries to unveil all its sides and dynamics. We hope that as you read on, you will find yourselves celebrating the gift of love, and delighting in all the ways it can be manifested. Happy hearts’ month, CBA!



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A ValenTIME special: Slowly, but Surely and Sweetly

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Does true love really wait? Instant Attraction Letting Go Love for God It’s More Fun in the Friendzone Open Letter: BAC on loving the CBA Family Project Single-ar Unconventional Places to Date Top 10 things you can do ONLY in UP CBA barkadas Romantic Films: Not Your Ordinary Love Story Love Record Literary Infographic of Poll


SLOWLY, BUT SURELY AND SWEETLY BY ALYSSA MARIE UY He stares at her intently while conditioning his mind to swiftly pretend as if he’s not looking by the time she notices. Meanwhile, she strives to examine his features and physique through the corner of her eye, afraid that he might catch her. She likes him in the same way that he does. He loves how she smiles and how she talks to her friends. She loves how he laughs and how he handles things with ease. They barely communicate, but those sparks continue to bring them together. So, what happens next?

My Dearest CBAers, I bet most, if not all of you, have encountered this typical situation even once in your life. I hope I get all nods on this. Asked if why so many love story books sell, that’s because love is a universal and mutual feeling. Everyone can love – even the blind, deaf or mute can. I’ll try to be very light on this so that you may better understand on where love might take you to and on gauging how far you can go with it. Love doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not just all about bringing two people attracted to each other and have them talk over coffee. It takes time to learn more about the person, to know his strengths and weaknesses and to establish a bond that only the two of you can have. Through time, the foundations of a relationship are slowly but surely built. Thus, condensing it into five stages, here is what young love brushes through.


Getting to Know

Infatuation, admiration or whatever you may call it is a feeling people experience when they admire certain physical attributes of a person. May it be the way she dresses or the way he smiles at everyone, somehow you have found something unique in that person that just blew you away. You need not necessarily be friends or at the least, acquaintances. Of course, you have always kept an eye on him/her so you know pretty much about him/her. But, that’s not a guarantee that he has also noticed you! This takes you to a rollercoaster ride with a whole lot of guessing and finding out. The journey may be the most challenging part yet it is also very fulfilling one. It’s like struggling to get out of a labyrinth filled with so many complicated twists and turns and finally having an answer. Who knows? Maybe he/she likes you too!

This is it! Your long time dream has finally come true! He just texted you and starts an awkward conversation. You are definitely in the getting to know stage. Okay, we do not assume but who would his waste time texting you if all he wants is friendship (although there may be specific exceptions)? You exchange information, share interests and talk about anything under the sun as what most acquaintances usually do. Aiming to please, you become perfectly careful on everything you say. Most people put their best foot forward to leave a good impression at this time. Within a considerable amount of time, you start to become closer and treat each other as friends. Then, you become close friends. He asks you out eventually. You spend time together in group dates or barkada outings. With this, you slowly recognize the real him and his attitude. In the longest time, maybe he now has the courage to tell you that he likes you.

Courtship Success! He has admitted his feelings for you. So what does this fairytale now bring? He starts to do favors for you and he lets you know you are special. He fetches you from class every day, carries your bag and asks you what you want for lunch. Although he doesn’t say it outright, he is definitely courting. Courtship has also changed through the years. It has become easier for it is now virtual with texting, calling or chatting. Even if you see each other at times, it is very different from the traditional ways of courtship. Guys used to visit the girl’s house and asked the parents for their blessing. Sometimes, they stayed up late at night just to serenade the girl and patiently wrote page-long love letters to the women they love. Guys seem to have permanently adapted into the modern times and prefer to court virtually. They show the love through the net or over hashtags and tweets. However, most girls still appreciate the sweetness a love letter or his visit to her house brings. Their presence is also a major turn-on for them. Since these things are much difficult, girls perceive them as acts of great effort and girls love them!

Mutual Understanding When are you telling him that you like him too? The fourth is a phase only applicable to the current generation, which makes it very interesting. The term was not invented during the time of our parents and that is why they find us teenagers very complicated. Its definition is also puzzling. We, young people, have a connotation that is between being special friends and being in a relationship. Mutual understanding is when you mutually know and show your special feelings for each other. Yung tipong kayo na hindi rin kayo. This may take place if you still want to comprehend him/her better. Through this, you can decide by then if you wish to continue or stop (hopefully not) the special connection. The stage is also for the doubtful, people who are not yet ready to get into any commitment. With this, foundations are even more secured and the relationship is strengthened. Although fights are inevitable, it gives a better chance of happy endings.

Relationship Will you ever want your relationship to stay in a 50-50 place forever? I’m sure you would also yearn for security and assurance. But, this time you’re taking yourself into something serious. I know everyone wishes for a close-to-perfect relationship, a relationship that will last. That is why you need to be certain with your decision. Being in a relationship should not mean you can already do everything in your own way since you already got hold of him/her. It should be a phase for strengthening your ties and letting it survive through all the trials and circumstances. You also need to learn to give time and space for your partner. Of course, no relationship is perfect but you need to strive to have a right one. On your way to the fifth phase, just take it slow. Don’t hurry and make sure that everything is at the intersection of both of your interests. With this, you learn to accept his/her strengths and weaknesses and learn to compromise. You will need buckets of understanding, patience, love, care and respect for everything to work out. This will not be easy but in the end, it will be worth it.

Love begins but never ends, knows no limits nor boundaries. It is long term in a sense that love matures and grows through time. There are some realizations that can only be granted by the solitude of time. Love doesn’t come in a split of a second and thus becomes a step by step process. We need not hurry because it takes much to discover more things about the person or to decide if the special connection deserves a try. You must do it slowly but surely and sweetly. Then, nothing becomes more fulfilling so that in the end, all you can say is it was worth the wait.


INSTANT ATTRACTION When you come across a random stranger, have you ever felt your cheeks burn red, your ears turn pink and your heart race so fast that it can win a marathon? If your answer is yes, then may have just experienced love at first sight. But what is the good in falling in love at first sight? Contrary to what most people say, this goto theme of romantic movies and love songs does not involve the grand conspiracy of the universe to make two people meant for each other meet. Instead, it is more of an ‘it’s in your head’ thing. It has a lot to do with our state of mind. Studies show that when a person feels dissatisfied with the way things are going in life, he or she has this tendency to be more open to the romantic notion that someone can just go in and save the day. Often, we hastily identify a person we just met as this hero that can brighten up our lives. But the question is: Can this instant connection guarantee a happier and more fulfilling life?


There really isn’t any harm with falling in love at first sight, but sometimes, it can lead to worse situations, particularly if it is unreciprocated. Your brain reacts to this total stranger and suddenly you cannot stop thinking about him or her, like a drug you have found yourself addicted to. With this, your mind’s sound reasoning is trumped by this ‘addiction.’ We tend to idealize the person and ignore his or her flaws. We tend to deny the differences and the incompatibility between us which can only lead to a worse feeling of dejection. “I would say that is more lust at first sight – it is physical attraction, which is fine, but real love takes longer time to develop.” says Linda Blair, a psychologist. When you think you have met that special person, take a step back and deliberate. Don’t let Cupid’s arrow hit you just yet. Get to know the person first and after some time, discern if it is really the love that you have been waiting for all this time.

“If you love someone, you have to set him free.” This overused line has been there for quite a long time but it still remains timeless. But is it that easy? Is it that simple? How would you know when it’s time to let go? And how would you do it? How would you let go? Do you just get lost and disappear like a bubble? Do you just push people away from you? Of course not. Letting go requires a great deal of courage, selflessness and understanding. It needs a strong mind and heart to get through all the loneliness one would be facing before and upon letting go. Think of someone you love, suffering in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. Of course, you have to show him that you’re strong to give them the courage to fight. You do everything just to save his life because you love him and because you are afraid to let go. But when everything that you are doing seems to cause your loved one more suffering, would you let go? Or would you go on and fight no matter what? Everything has a limit. Everything has to end. Nothing’s permanent, but change. When you see that your loved one is struggling for life just to be there for you and not leave you because you still need him, let go. If you really love him, you stop being selfish, you will want him to be free of suffering. Though it may be hard, you have to show him that he can go away peacefully, that your life will go on even when he is gone. I know that you will be devastated because it is really hard to lose someone you love, but think of what you have done for the sake of your loved one. It will pay back all your pains and surely, your loved one will be up there, watching you and happy for what you have done. That’s what true love is: selflessness. Now think of a friend who’s been there for you all the time, whether you need him or not, who’s been there for you in your happiness and sorrows. But now, he has to leave, has to go on and live a new life – what will you do? Would you oppose him to go or would you support his decision? Yes, it will be hard to give up all the things your friend has given and can give you. It will be hard to find someone again who will be there for you all the time, just like your leaving friend. It will be hard to start all over again in search of new company. But again, stop being selfish, you would not want to make your friend regret his decision. You would not want him to worry for you when he is away. It is not only you who would suffer after all from his loss – he will, too. The bond is two-way. You’ve touched each other’s life. Now, you have to be strong and show him that you two have built a strong friendship that will last forever, a friendship that no distance can break. That’s what true friendship is: selflessness. It will be surely hard to move on after letting go. Just think of the memories you’ve had together, be it happy or sad, be it with a loved one or with a friend. These memories will be the only thing left when everything’s gone. In this world full of uncertainties, everything’s got to change, to change for the better. And in this world full of change, everything’s got to end – to end and give way for new and brighter things. Letting go may be the hardest thing to do but it will be the greatest. When after letting go and you feel down, just think that there’s always a rainbow after the rain and in the end of that rainbow is a pot of gold, a pot of happiness you’ve made together and shall forever be shared between you and your loved ones – no matter what happens.


“God is love.” How can a CBA student love someone who is “Most Compassionate,” or who claims to be “Love” Himself? If He does claim to be who He is, then it is enough for Him to love Himself. He does not need us. But then, maybe He does, because He has to pour out the love somewhere. Before we go on, I ask the reader this question: Is it still necessary for a business student to spend time, or even to give mere attention to such spiritual discourse, considering the gravity of the academic requirements and organizational commitments he has? I think it is. One time when I sat in a Psychology class, the professor said: “Spending time meditating on spiritual things is an integral part of a healthy person. So whether you believe in a Higher Being or not, or are still seeking, I encourage you to read on. In one casual conversation with my blockmates, I asked them: “What is your view of God?” One of them answered that he sees God as a father figure; one, as someone who is beyond reach and comprehension. Another said that God is there because he knows He’s there. What I’m trying to point out here is that people have their own views of a Higher Being, business administration students not exempted. Therefore, having different perceptions of God causes each of us to express love towards Him in different ways. In different ways we may express our love for the God of the universe, but there is one way we can express it the best. We love the source of all love by knowing Him personally. Whatever religious belief or conviction the reader may have, it all boils down to knowing what is true. Read His love letter for you – whether it be the Bible, the Qur’an, or the Torah. Even if you don’t believe that there is indeed a Supreme Being, it would not hurt for you to try to explore what the “religious” believe and claim to be the truth. Just like any human relationship cannot be sustained without proper knowledge of the other, the same is true with the spiritual realm. We all ought to love not only in spirit, but in truth. However, the love of man falters. Best of friends become the worst of enemies when betrayal arises. A husband and a wife file for an annulment because of an extramarital affair, or perhaps because of irreconcilable differences. But, as in the beginning of this epistle, I personally believe that God is the most compassionate because He Himself is love. God pours out an unending and an unconditional love for all, believe it or not. We are able to love Him and others as well because He first loved us.


It’s more fun in the FRIENDZONE AC




They say that friendship is the best foundation for a loving relationship, and I wholeheartedly agree. But what happens if you find you can’t lay bricks above that foundation? As a soon-to-graduate fifth-year student in her early twenties, I can definitely say that I’ve experienced my fair share of Friendzone banishment, and done a little banishing, myself. That isn’t to say that I’m an expert, of course, but given that there is a 99% chance that I am older than you who are reading this, I implore you to listen to the advice of your elders. In this case, me. (Eww!) As a college student, if you think the Friendzone is bad, try contemplating the alternatives. If you took the chance, you could be in a relationship with your friend. Then you could take all the same classes, eat all meals together, and compare homework. Awesome, right? Kids, it might be comforting to know that you will always have a shadow wherever in UP you set foot, but nothing beats the freedom of being a single, carefree iskolar ng bayan. You’re in UP, for crying out loud! You’re in the melting pot of all sorts of Filipino cultures, seasoned with the spices of foreign, religious, and political minorities. There are so many people to meet and 500 hectares of land to go jogging through. Yes, okay, you can still do those things with your lover, but who says those moments can’t be shared with friends? When you look back at your FB photo albums and see the smiling faces of your barkada with you in some remote part of the Diliman campus, you’ll see it was worth it. Much better than the feeling you’ll get scrolling through one hundred solo pictures of either you or your lover eating isaw. And much less embarrassing than some of those







horrid close-ups of the two of you together that you took by your own outstretched arm. On the other hand, what if you took the leap and were rejected? Can you bear it if that person who used to remind you what homework was due, whom you used to rant about that prof to, whom you turned to for a smile, suddenly treated you like just another classmate? Could you go through a fivehour accounting exam without giving your miserable situation the slightest thought in between those short prob questions? When your prof won’t give partial points, you can’t afford to be partially engaged in dissecting your love life dilemmas! The time you have in UP is too short to waste on the complications of love. Isn’t BA 99.1 complicated enough? Isn’t BA 126 more than enough to think about? Besides, who says that if you won’t admit or commit, you won’t be able to enjoy the company of that friend you happen to love? You’ll still have their conversation, and you won’t lose the opportunity to sit beside them in class. No one is going to stop you two from laughing over that prof who looks like an… ehem. You’ll still make each other smile, you’ll still have their support if you flunk an exam. Over time, you might discover that you are not right for each other, or you may grow more and more sure that you’re meant to last forever. In either case, the wiser decision would be to wait until you’re ready to let go, or ready to commit for life. Why not put off the serious stuff for after you graduate or pass the board exams? In the meantime, build strong friendships, study your lessons, commit your heart to God, and enjoy the Friendzone! Enjoy the time that you have together and keep everything in your heart. Those are the moments that you will learn from and that will make you cast a random smile when you look out your classroom window.

Dear Candidates, The elections are on February 28. I don’t know if it’s because I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day, but being in council is a lot like falling in love. It’s never an easy decision to file for candidacy. I ran for a BAC position twice. My first election was when I was a freshman. I lost. It was absolutely devastating. Imagine baring your heart and soul in order to win the affections of the girl/boy you love. Now, imagine finding out that, by popular consensus, that person doesn’t love you back. It hurts. A lot. When you get rejected, you have two options: move on and find someone else or fight for your love. I chose the latter. One year later, I swallowed my pride and mustered up the courage to run again - this time for a Councilor position. I ran under the tagline: “All you need is LUV”. I tried to communicate that, at the end of the day, what matters most is WHY you do it and not WHAT you do. Thankfully, this time, I won, so I guess most CBAers agreed. What saddens me is that, historically, there are people (USC, BAC, other colleges, etc.), who run for a lot of the wrong reasons. When all you need is “LUV”, factors like ‘winnability’ or ‘value-added to resume’ or even ‘workload next year’ shouldn’t matter.

time. You will sacrifice a few nights out with your barkada. Even if you have a solid GPOA or have 600 loyal supporters that will guarantee a win, please do not run unless you genuinely love CBA and the CBA student body. CBA deserves nothing less than your 100% to the BAC. CBA deserves nothing less than true love. So, congratulations to everyone who stepped up. I can only hope your reasons are pure, but, if not, love is always something that can be nurtured if you give it a chance to grow. And, for the rest, just remember to love CBA. Just like love, love for CBA can be expressed in many ways: being active in BA orgs, joining a service org like CAP or Guilder, joining and winning competitions for CBA, or even just upholding the academic excellence that CBA is famous for. It’s up to you to choose which way to express that love for the college will bring you the most fulfillment. Find your own path, and decide which way to serve CBA best. For me, that way isn’t with the BAC next year. A year ago, it was. For you, it might be. Who knows? There are still a few positions to be filled in the special election. Think about it. :)

After all, if you truly love something, you will make sacrifices in the pursuit of those passions. You will sacrifice on your study



When you see two people in love, you feel that there is something special between them, so much so that you feel that there is something special about them. The couple down the road, or across a page, or on the screen elicits a response – an inaudible scoff, a judging, raised brow, a pursed set of lips, a sigh with an aww, or a cold, clenched fist – with ease. Singles, on the other hand, remain as the steadfast vantage point and the common primitive state from which the couple status is derived. Thus, we have the ironic case of being a couple as singular and being single as plural. Add the annual hearts, chocolates, and cheesy ads of Valentine’s to the picture, and we have some disgruntled, spilled-over singles wanting to be singular, too. Now, we have Singles’ Awareness Day (SAD).

lunch, turn up the contrast between your being single and your other friends being couples. When couples are passing messages, doodle on your notes. When couples are holding hands, walk with your hands in your pockets. When couples are sharing over one MoguMogu, take a swig out of your own jug. When couples are there, just relax and be yourself there. After classes, invite your friends to UP Fair to celebrate. Throughout the night, just breathe in the music-ridden air, then breathe out the lyrics which paint experiences so uniquely universal that will make you realize that you are alone with your friends; and that your friends are alone with you; and these are enough reasons for you not to feel lonely.

But what are the ways, if any, a single can Finally, wrap up the day, by stepping out do to successfully raise awareness of single- of the trike or the car one good block away ness? from home, and walk the last few steps under the moonlight, holding your bag, toes, and Employed and enrolled singles, do not fear. thoughts closer to you. You can celebrate SAD even if it happens to be an ordinary, underfunded, ten-to-seven Once you get to the gate, hold your hands Thursday. Just follow this simple, focused tight, warm them with your breath, smile, and escalation plan that will surely make you dear. take a picture of yourself against the cool, orange rays from the nearest light post. Then, Start off the day by committing yourself to think of a note or a quote that can go with it greet everyone Happy Valentine’s Day. Nothing to challenge the love memes rampant in the grabs more attention, makes Valentine’s less net. exclusive, and identifies your being single by outgreeting and outsmiling couples. And as Facebook loads the photo, just take your features slowly. But when the page load’s During school hours, whether listening to done though, I hope you spot the one true like accounting, transferring classrooms, or eating that will make your SAD happy -- yours.



It’s Valentine’s Day, but you and your partner are out of ideas on how or where to spend it. You want to keep yourself away from those fancy restaurants, crowded parks or even fully-booked hotels because you’re looking for some adventure or just wanting to experience something new during Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the places you might want to consider:


Why not give love to those who’ve never felt and experienced it before? Yes, Valentine’s may be about romantic love but you and your partner have 364 other days for it. Set this day aside to give love and to give back.


We found out that some people actually do this to visit their resting in-laws. Show the sincerity of your love to your partner by swearing by your in-law’s grave. It’s creepy but it’s sweet.


Let’s face the fact that even though it’s Valentine’s Day, there will always be villainous professors (who do not have love lives) who love to shower their students with papers and exams. Study with your partner. Make him/her your study buddy for a day and just celebrate once your grades are out.

UP Lagoon

Almost all UP students know what happens here. Enough said.

Confessional Box

This may be a bad idea to stinking cheaters and liars but those who truly want to strengthen their relationship can actually try this. One takes the position of the “priest” while the other confesses every little thing. In this way, you become more transparent to each other. Just be sure that both parties are in the right emotional state. Otherwise, this may be your last Valentine’s Day together.

Even though there are lots of other places you can go to this Valentine’s, keep in mind that the real essence of this day is being with the one you love and is not about where you celebrate it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

An Iskolar’s Distinct Love for the



Truly, we love to always be referred to as UP students, and we take pride in being living testaments of honor and excellence. Here are some of the manifestations of this distinct UP Love:

P R I D E I N PA G - S A B L AY Indeed, sa lahat ng sumasablay, tayo lang ang masaya! Nothing can compare to that moment of being able to wear a Sablay. What others may find as a weird piece of cloth sash, is actually a product of years of hardship and dedication. Kudos to this year’s batch of mag-saSablay!

IT’S NOT MAGIC...IT’S SPARKS You’re a certified Overheard regular if you know or have Kwentong Sparks, rather than a love story. It’s funny how the word Sparks developed from a simple online term for UP students, to a common daily inside joke. Actually, if you still don’t know what Sparks is, then most likely, you haven’t joined the funniest and most insightful group in FB.

CHEERDANCE COMPETITION IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF UAAP If it’s not the sem-long ballgames, but the one time big time UAAP Cheerdance Competition that excites you the most, then you’re probably a UP Student! We have to admit that we like to deny our weak points, and magnify our strengths. That’s why come the yearly CDC, almost half of the crowd is always in Maroon.

NO I.D. MENTALITY It’s funny how we feel ashamed to wear a UP lanyard or UP ID especially outside the campus. Daily, we recognize a lot of UST, DLSU, and ADMU students anywhere through their big shouting lanyards, but it’s so seldom to see a UP student with such. I’m pretty sure that we, of all people, are entitled to such recognition, but I feel even prouder that we’re discreet about it.

LAST TO BUY UP FAIR TICKETS Unlike our highschool friends who would call us to reserve UP Fair tickets for them, we UP students would opt to buy tickets last minute. Perhaps it’s because we know that we’ll never run out of tickets, and that they get cheaper as the event comes near. But this doesn’t mean that we enjoy the performances any less, I’m certain we still feel awed with our same favorite bands each year.

ACAD OVAL DREAMS We have to admit that there are times when we walk or jog around the Acad Oval with the wish to bump into Piolo, John Lloyd, or other celebrities. Truly, you need not line up for movie premieres and other gatherings just to see some of your favorite stars. You may just jog around the Acad Oval and be surprised to see your celebrity crush as you burn fats.

I.K.A. EFFECT This may have faded already, but you have to admit that in one way or another, you have been affected by the episodes of Ina, Kapatid, Anak that were taped here in UPD. For sure you were shocked when you saw that there was a ready tissue paper in AS’ CR as shown in an episode. And were you irritated that a supposed UP student didn’t know what a surrogate is?



If it’s already normal for you to bring out readings and study inside a moving public vehicle, then you’re probably a UP student always cramming for an exam. For some reason, most UP students have already developed that skill of being able to study anywhere, with all kinds of people.

FREEBIE HUNTERS DURING JOB FAIRS There are many UP students that would submit resumes in various job fairs just to get freebies. It somehow feels flattering that a lot of companies are pursuing us, and that a simple sign-up will already give us a free pen or notebook. Admittedly, we submit resumes even in companies that we have zero knowledge of, just to get some freebies. After all, some would feel no rush at all in finding a job, especially when it’s so apparent that a lot of companies are dying to get us.



Lastly, it is so observable that UP students within the same campus would feel really ashamed of claiming that we are better than each other. But when it comes to claiming that we’re better than students from other universities, we all declare it in unison. Perhaps it’s because we all know that it’s already hard to get in to UP, and it’s even harder to stay here and graduate, no matter what course you are in. Some would actually think that it’s not really bragging that we’re the best breed, it’s simply stating what’s obvious.


CBA Barkadas


It has been said that “the blessedly happy and self-sufficient people have no need of friends. For they already have [all] the goods, and hence, being self-sufficient, need nothing added.” In CBA however, it seems we beg to differ. Despite being accomplished and talented individuals, CBAers have been and will always be a part of a barkada. So, to shed some light into this disparity and give us their insights on friendship as they know it, we interviewed five of the most prominent barkadas in CBA.


Caitlin Gregorio. Whitney Dy. Yna Ortega. Bianca Sing. Aileene Alfaro. Nanais Hernandez. Germaine Gaerlan.

Why is your barkada called CWYBANG? It is an acronym of our names - Cait, Whitney, Yna, Bianca, Aileene, Nanais and Ger.

When and how did your barkada start?

We were the last few people remaining last BACBACAN 1 who finished and supported our batch until the end. Our friendship grew even stronger during habagat when we constantly updated each other with our situations and conditions.

What makes your barkada special?

We have unique bonding sessions like trying out different sports, such as Zumba and Kick Boxing. Eating is also our favorite hobby HAHA We have random dinners and spend time together whenever we get the chance.

COCKS, LTD. Why is your barkada called Cocks, LTD.?

AK Abella. Jeff Bondoc. Mark Gatpandan. CJ Salvador. Topy Dajay. AJ Lagrosas. Ryan Ramirez. Carlo Pio Roda. Carlo Umengan. Mikhael Magana. Raniel Pamatmat. Jason Virtucio. Justin Nery. Ivan Cunan. Nino Colita. Lex Villarica. Marvin Loya. Almost member: Albert Bundalian

We really don’t know. The name was originally an acronym which was spelled differently. It was weird and a lot of people got confused by it. Since it sounded the same, and people started saying “Cocks”, it turned out to be the group’s name. Complemented by the fact that we’re frequent customers of Mang Inasal, it seemed to be acceptable, hence, the name. The Ltd. is there to supposedly tilt the name back to professionalism. It succeeded. Yata.

What makes your barkada special?

Nothing. We just happened to be in the same course, in the same block (at least, most of us), applying for the same org (UP JPIA), with the same breaktime. We had lunch, we got together, we studied for accounting, and ended up liking each other. Nothing out of the ordinary - just seventeen random young men with a solid friendship. Yes we have our differences, but it helps us become more holistic and multi-faceted persons through learning from each other.

Does your barkada have fights or occasional tampuhan? If so, what are the usual reasons for them?

We guess such disagreements are inevitable. Mahirap magplano ng lakad ng barkada, lalo’t iba iba pa yung schedule, at iba-iba din ang trip. Ganun talaga pag marami kayo, ‘di maiiwasang ‘di magkaunawaan minsan. Pero bihira naman kami mag-away, kahit sa love life. Hanggang kanchawan lang naman dyan. Pero the worst, THE ABSOLUTE WORST argument sa group ay kung sino ang pinakagwapo. This has never been resolved. And it probably never will.

G-18 Why is your barkada called G-18?

It started with a list written on a tissue paper on who one of us will invite to her birthday party. With 18 names on that tissue paper, we knew that it was proper to make it an official group.

When and how did your barkada start?

Fross Luteria. Earl Bautista. Tin Racoma. Kath Magtagnob. Wes Cortez. Karez Martin. Louis Aguilar. Mimi Yu. Armand Lustre. Aileen Ko. Faye Nuñez. Terry Tugade. Ian Dazo. Paula Hontalba. Aji Reyes. Anne Ching. Jedo Enriquez. Dana So.

It’s the tulungan system that we have to get us through the hard times that allows us to have more room for brighter days individually and as a barkada. What also makes our barkada special is the huge number of our members, which means that should there be a fistfight, we probably have the advantage hehe. In all seriousness though, what makes G-18 special is our ability to keep the friendship despite the distance. Last year, three of us were overseas and yet somehow, we still manage to stay in contact with each other. When I (Paula) came back to the Philippines and met them after months of being overseas, I was surprised that they were nearly unchanged, warm and silly and grade conscious as ever.

What makes your barkada special?

Love your barkadas so much! They’ll keep you sane in this crazy-busy college and grounded to your values no matter what. From Paula who’s in New Zealand, “Hi G-18 I miss you so much kung mura lang yung shipping pinadalhan ko na kayo ng chocolates pati yung boots ni dana. Sana pumasyal naman kayo dito para makita niyo na yung (imaginary) boyfriend ko hehehe”

NHILDA HILOT Why is your barkada called Nhilda Hilot?

The barkada is a pagpupugay to Karez’s manghihilot named Nhilda

What’s the best thing about being a part of NH?

CD Guerzon. Monica Narisma. Akki Yamakura. Jerome Rigodon. Ralph Morales. Czar Callo.Jeff Garma. Keempee Gacula. Kath Magtagnob. Karez Martin. Wesly Cortez. Nikki Turano. Daniel Edbert Ching. Jonas Cruz.

The endless fun, unlimited laughter, and one-of-a-kind adventures!!! Saan ka makakakita ng barkadang: • dahil nagcrave lang ng bulalo ay nagroadtrip na all the way to Tagaytay? • bibyahe papuntang Sagada na ang peg ay ‘bahala na’? • dumayo sa burol ni Dolphy the night before cost accounting exam? • nagpanggap na may homework sa GE para lang makainterview sa guard (ng CBA at Educ) tungkol sa ghost stories? • nagChristmas party with the COOP ladies and Kuya Marlon? :”>

TEAM PERFECT Why is your barkada called Team Perfect?

We’re called Team Perfect because back in 2nd year, the expression “ang perfect..” became popular in BA and we would often tell that to each other. Plus, bawal ang hindi achiever sa barkada. JOKE! Hahaha!

Ace Acebedo.Aly Pucyutan. Andre Estudillo. Aprille San Miguel. Arthur Operania. Bryan Gamad. Diana Peralta. Fred Angulo. Janica Giray. Janina Gesmundo. Jasmin Fellizar. Jason Gelvezon. Jhanette Co. Jhenard Cayaban. Julo Fabic. Justin Eligio. Kat Eusebio. Kat Pullante. Kite Pamintuan. Kyte Zapata. Lau Bautista. Marian Concibido. Mina Ilaya. Yanpi Oliveros.

When and how did your barkada start?

We became close during cheerdance practices for Bacbacan 2 of JPIA back in 2nd yr. We were new mems then, so of course we stuck to each other. We were inseparable ever since.

What makes your barkada special?

We have all types of people in the group. Maganda? Check. Gwapo? Check. Chuckie? Check. Magaling sa acads? Check. Patapon? Check. Mayaman? Check. Grepa? All check. And etc. etc. But despite all of our differences, we mesh seamlessly together and we enjoy every moment we spend with each other.



We are naturally fond of watching romantic movies containing unique love stories. These films, with their own twists and turns, melt our hearts and even make tears roll down our cheeks. Listed below are some eight romantic movies, each of which has their own exceptional love story to tell.

50 FIRST DATES Movie Tagline: Imagine having to win over the girl of your dreams every friggin’ day. Year released: 2004 Cast: Adam Sandler as Henry Roth and Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore Lucy’s Goldfield’s Syndrome, similar to short term memory loss, has changed Henry into a guy who was once a womanizer into someone who patiently makes her fall in love with him all over again each and every day. Their story shows that a syndrome would not be a barrier to a person who truly loves the other.

FIREPROOF Movie Tagline: Never leave your partner behind. Year released: 2008 Cast: Kirk Cameron as Caleb Holt and Erin Bethea as Catherine Holt Fireproof illustrates the importance of marriage and how both the husband and wife must work on it to keep their marriage. The movie has also shown how God works in married couples’ lives.

NOTTING HILL Movie Tagline: Can the most famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy? Year released: 1999 Cast: Hugh Grant as Will Thacker and Julia Roberts as Anna Scott Will, who simply lives as a bookshop owner, suddenly had an encounter with one of the most famous international film stars, Anna Scott. Who would have thought that a well-known lady like her would fall in love with a simple guy like Will? Notting Hill shows that status symbol is not important when it comes to true love.

A WALK TO REMEMBER Movie Tagline: She didn’t belong. She was misunderstood. And she would change him forever. It all comes down to who’s by your side. Year released: 2002 Cast: Shane West as Landon Carter and Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan Landon, a popular but rebellious guy, and Jamie, a simple and responsible girl, both fall in love with each other despite their differences in personalities. However, Jamie was afflicted by terminal leukemia which made their time spent together limited. This tear-jerking movie depicts how Landon has developed an undying love for Jamie whom he never really noticed at first.

THE NOTEBOOK Movie Tagline: Behind every great love is a great story. Year released: 2004 Cast: Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams as Allie Hamilton The love story of Noah and Allie shows how one’s love for another can grow so deeply and get stronger through the passage of time. Different circumstances and obstacles have separated these two lovers from each other ever since they were young. But in the end, not even Allie’s dementia nor their old age can stop them from being together.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Movie Tagline: Sometimes the last person on Earth you want to be with is the one person you can’t be without. Year released: 2005 Cast: Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy and Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Benne Mr. Darcy, a single, rich and proud man, surprisingly finds himself falling in love with the energetic and spirited lady Elizabeth, who was unfortunately, below his class. Despite this, the two still fight for each other proving that in the end, love can conquer even pride and prejudice.

THE LAKEHOUSE Movie Tagline: How do you hold on to someone you’ve never met? Year released: 2006 Cast: Keanu Reeves as Alex Wyler and Sandra Bullock as Kate Forster This film has a unique twist about the time difference of both characters. Alex and Kate discover that they are actually living two years apart from each other. However, despite this time difference, they are able to communicate through writing letters. The film shows that neither space nor time could stop two people from meeting each other.

FLIPPED Movie Tagline: You never forget your first love. Year released: 2010 Cast: Callan McAuliffe as Bryce Loski and Madeline Carroll as Julie Baker This teenage love story was able to depict how, in a similar situation, one views it differently from the other. This was how things went for Bryce and Julie, both having different interpretations of a similar situation. This film has also shown how Bryce, who thought would never fall in love with Julie, could actually develop deep feelings for her through time.

A BRIEF AFFAIR By Placido Penitente In this quiet corner, I stand Yearning for a touch so tender. A gentle graze of sweet splendor To the weary soul from an arid land From a distance, I see him lay Silent at the dawn of the day In this moment, as for a while, My one desire— to see him smile As I lay here with much unsaid Thoughts of yesterday take me back To the moments of joy, no lack, Memories that have since then fled He reaches for me in the dark And within me, there is a spark I feel the rhythm on his fingertips With his arms around my hips In each moment our hear ts collide With the beat and bang of our song Now nothing can go wrong With music as our guide When he pulls my strings A symphony of pleasure rings t For in every beat, the world is without faul And time is at a halt. When the passion in me consumes He lays me down Where I was found And the darkness amidst me looms I see him walk away While I am here to stay Left alone with the deafening silence Longing for his presence The shadows reek of tyranny As I serve this dreadful sentence Losing now, my very essence In this life with no harmony Until he holds me again I am but a tree barren Now I only sit and stare As I think on our brief affair

Valentine’s Day STATISTICS 115


17% Freshies 12% Sophies 36% Juniors 26% Seniors 9% Termies


Love is about mutual feelings not about mutual contracts or traditional agreements. 5th Year Student

Difficult. Not impossible. 3rd Year BA Student

You don’t really love someone until you get to know them. Crush at first sight? Yes. But the real thing? No. 1st Year BA Student

Depends on how old the people are. If it’s, say, between ages 45 and 55, then it’s not so bad because they’re both middle aged and their life experience & maturity levels are more even. But in the context of, say, teenagers (16 and 26), then no, the difference in maturity level is too big. 1st Year BA Student

Their kid will be the one to suffer the most, health-wise and emotionally. 2nd Year BAA Student

As long as it doesn’t affect academic welfare and the teacher would not grow a bias towards his/her lover, then I have nothing against it. 2nd Year BAA Student

There’s a lot of things we don’t know how to express through the Internet. Sure you can argue that there’s Skype and whatnot, but nothing can substitute for actually being with a person even for a while. 1st Year BAA Student

AY 2012-2013, A Valentine's Special  

Caching Love

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