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December 09


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1-5: News An Update of whats new to Jazz and we show you the newest instruments

2-10: The Jr’s last performance We interview the Jr’s for the last time and we dont hold back

11-17: Studio Updates We have information on who is recording their new ablums at the momemt

18-22: Reviews We review the hottest bands and rate them so you know whats hot

22-35: Tribute We pay tribute to the Jazz Musicians that were killed at the Jazz Music Festival last year

Also Features An all access interview with Jim Douglas Jr, where he gives us a taste of the hardships he envoured during his career and why he has decided to end a 20 Year career as a Jazz Musician. Also we have exclusive pictures of the hottest new band around there called band and they have topped the charts with their new song Jazz Song which was released in stores last week.



Performance Of their Careers

The Jr’s returning to the midnight lounge for their last performance, after many years of being influentialDOUBLE musicians. PAGE SPREAD


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Fans around the world are all asking themselves the same question “why are the the Jr’s quitting after so many years together“. From their early success in the Jazz charts and their huge album sales the group have earned the respect of many Jazz fans around the world. JJ : Welcome The Jr’s The Jr’s (Ashley): Hey! (James) : Howdy

JJ : We have heard rumours that the split was because there was a big fall out in the group The Jr’s (Jim) : As many know we have fallen out a few times but this was not why we decided to seperate


JJ : How does it feel to know that this is your last interview

The Jr’s (James) : It feels great that we have out last interview with you guys, you guys are the best JJ : Flattery gets you everywhere with us, your learning The Jr’s : “Laughing to themselves”. JJ : Many thought you was just on a break from music for a while The Jr’s (Sam) : Well we were on a break and while we had time off we came to a decision that it was best for us to stop performing whilst we were top of the game and focus on our personal lives

Ah ok! Do you think people will #2JJbe :more accepting of the split now? The Jr’s (Ashley) : I hope they will as the reaction to our seperation hasn’t been as good as we had expected JJ: We hope all goes well for you all in the future, you were an amazing and talented group and Good Luck for your last performance

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