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Erasmus University Associations Guidebook

Where will you belong?

Be green(er) Want to be part of a greener campus? Us too...that is is why Sustainable RSM created this online guidebook. The flyers used at Erasmus University are responsible for tremendous waste creation, mainly to promote events and recruitment, essentially, to reach you. Our goal is to abolish flyers on campus. Lets turn our attention to online solutions and avoid the abundance of flyers on campus. We hope you can support our cause! Sincerely, The Flyer Initiative

Welcome! In this guidebook you will find a description of associations available on campus and a link to their website for more information. Have fun exploring and we hope you find the right association for you!

Management: Star Finance: FSR, B&R Beurs Marketing: Marketing Association

Economics: EFR, Econometric study association Sustainability & the community: Sustainable RSM, GreenEUR, Enactus, Aiesec, Seceur Law: JFR Miscellaneous: SR,ESN, CSA, Debating Society

“To enrich the life of RSM students� With 6,500 members, including more than a 1,000 international students, STAR is the largest student ruled study association in Europe. STAR provides students with the opportunity to get into contact with their fellow students, their study, and a broad range of companies. This is facilitated by the great amount of activities organized by numerous committees and Master Study Clubs and many projects to participate in. Website:

The Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) is the study association for students Finance, Accounting and Controlling of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In total, the FSR has around 1700 members. The goal of the FSR is to create a link between theory - as it is taught in universities - and the versatile financial world in practice. This is accomplished by organizing various prestigious activities like the International Banking Cycle, International Research Project and The Corporate Finance Competition. Other activities include workshops, company visits, study trips and company drinks.

Website: You can visit them in: H14-06

“Help members learn about investing� B&R Beurs is the student investment society of Erasmus University Rotterdam. We are recognized as an education-complementary society by the university. We shape this purpose by different means such as the B&R Academy, where new members are taught about the financial world by veteran members of the society and guest lecturers. Then, this knowledge is broadened by a number of readings, workshops, classes, guest speakers and company in-house days. Furthermore, every year the society organizes an investment competition with real money. B&R Beurs has a variety of members with more than 25 nationalities. When you have an interest in investing or the financial world in general, B&R Beurs is the right place for you. Website:

“To bridge the gap between theory and practice�

With over 4500 members, the EFR is one of the most active and most professional faculty associations of the Netherlands. Each year we organise various activities and events for students of the Erasmus School of Economics, as well as other students of the Erasmus University. Among other things, we offer the cheapest books, provide study support, and organise social events to help students feel at home in Rotterdam. We also help prepare you for the labour market, bring you in touch with your future employer, and enhance your student experience.

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“close the gap between the theories taught in class and the way law is practiced in the ‘real world” The Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (JFR), which stands for Law Faculty Association Rotterdam, is thé association for the students of the Erasmus School of Law. With over 3000 members, the JFR is one of the biggest and most professional law faculty association in the Netherlands and one of the biggest and oldest associations at the Erasmus University. The association organizes several formal and informal activities for its members, all of which have some judicial relevance. Examples are movie nights, excursion, and study trips. Besides the formal activities, there is a lot of time for socializing. All members can enjoy free consumptions at the monthly social drink.

Website: Visit JFR in the V building (VB-24) if you have any questions!

Click here to see their Agenda

The Econometric Student Association has been active for nearly 40 years, bringing theory and practice of Econometrics together, organizing social events for students and improving the contact with professors. From the almost 400 members, there are 40 active in different committees of this Association.

The ED yearly organizes the PINKWIN, an introduction week for starting econometricians. In the Eurekaweek the E.D. will also play a role by organising a special programme exclusive for coming first year econometricians. During the first year of the study Econometrics there are two workshops. In these workshops students get the chance to see how Econometrics has been used in the real world. They also organise activities for all interested students, like: Inhouse Days, Trainings, the Investment Banking Project, the International Research Project and various other recruitment activities such as the National Econometricians Day. Website : Visit them in the H building (H11-21) if you have any questions!

“making sustainability personal”

Sustainable RSM’s Student Committee is a group of motivated international students actively working towards a more sustainable campus with education on sustainable business operations. Sustainable RSM’s mission is to generate sustainability dialogue, research, and action with RSM's stakeholders. Currently 21 students from nine different countries are active within the student committee and the four project groups. Over the past couple of years, RSM’s sustainability initiative has made significant achievements, such as the power saving achieved by shutting down student computers outside opening hours, the introduction of recycled paper and doublesided printing pre-sets on all printers, and the assessment of RSM’s environmental footprint via the Milieu Barometer.

Website: page/student-committee-1

“Entrepreneurial, Action, Us�

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects around the globe. The experience not only transforms lives, it helps students develop the kind of talent and perspective that are essential to leadership in an ever-more complicated and challenging world. Projects: Website:


With over 700 members, the Marketing Association EUR is one of the biggest and most innovative Marketing Associations of the Netherlands. Every year we organize various events and projects targeted at the students of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). Our events are organized for all marketing-minded students, so not only master students.

Our events serve several objectives; education, internationalization, career and social life. Therefore, if you are interested in marketing you will always find an interesting event on our calendar! If you would like to know more about our events in particular, please find more information under Activities.


GreenEUR is an independent student organization that provides a link between Erasmus students and environmentally conscious businesses as well as seeks to make students more aware of the environment. Started in 2009 GreenEUR is a rapidly growing organization. As a partner of SustainableRSM, SecEUR, Fairtrade, and several other organizations (both on and off campus) we have a wide range of connections .

We believe that sustainable development is fundamental for meeting the needs of present- and future generations. Our responsibility as students at one of the leading universities, is to be a role model in building towards a sustainable future. Some of the events that take place within GreenEUR include "Build Your Case", Study trips, "Make-A-Difference", and "Fair-trade". Through these events students will be exposed to an interconnected framework between a diverse range of stakeholders. Website:

“Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential” AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) was founded in 1948 by a couple of West European students from 7 different countries, including the Netherlands. After 50 years AIESEC has grown out into the largest student organization in the world, established in 87 countries and more than 800 universities. AIESEC wants to contribute to the development of countries and their peoples, emphasising international understanding and cooperation. All over the world more than 60.000 students are involved in AIESEC. AIESEC organizes activities such as the International Traineeship Exchange Programme (ITEP), international congresses, seminars, career weeks etc. Through participation in AIESEC activities and possibly the AIESEC council, students get the opportunity to broaden their organizational and social skills. AIESEC-Rotterdam organizes a weekly drink on Tuesday evening in café De Koophandel. Website: CLICK ME!

ESN is a European wide organisation that takes care of international students on their exchange, or while they are taking full programs. ESN wants to offer assistance to international students with any troubles they might have as students in Rotterdam. Besides events such as the weekly international social drinks held at BED every Tuesday, a buddy program matches international newcomers with local Dutch students. Wanna learn more about the possibilities to join ESN and help organise great events & parties? Wanna help internationals in your home country? Experience the Dutch experience yourself?

Website: E-mail:

SECEUR is a non-profit consulting foundation in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was founded by International Business Administration students in 2007, and currently has 35 active members. Students provide advice to non-profits to gain experience in consultancy and help society. SECEUR’s mission is to provide guidance to social enterprises to operate more efficiently and effectively. Through this the association seeks to guarantee the sustainability of non-profit organizations and increase the social awareness of the professionals of tomorrow. Website:

“We wish to create a platform in which people, regardless of their background, with interest in China, can be brought together”

CSA-EUR strives to be a platform for people with different backgrounds who share a passion for China. CSA wishes to serve as the bridge between Chinese and internationally oriented students, professionals and companies with an interest in the Chinese and Western markets. To create and maintain this connection between the business world and the Erasmus students, we organize social-, educational-, cultural- and career-related activities and events. They organize a study trip, offer language courses and organize “China in Focus” which takes place during the Chinese New Year. They provide members with great experiences, internships and memories. CSA receives about 200 new members of different nationalities each year. Website:

“Speak your mind�

The Student Representation is an exclusive institution that represents the student body of BA and IBA. Our representatives are gathering feedback about the courses and about the general education program. With this feedback we then contact the professors and the program management for suggestions of improvements. Most of the times the suggestions are taken into account! Other related activities besides the course feedback are:

-Professor Awards: students get to choose which professor they prefer -Second Reader: buy your books at a cheaper price -NewSRoom -Program advisory -City trip -Lunch with Professors Website:

“We wish to create a platform in which people, regardless of their background, with interest in China, can be brought together” EDS is the oldest debating society in the Netherlands; it was founded in 1989 in Rotterdam when it was created out of great enthusiasm for debating stemming from the founders’ experiences at DAPDI, which Erasmus still organises every year. The Erasmus Debating Society is the best place for all people to learn how to speak confidently, give thorough analyses on all subjects and most of all: how to have fun while debating! It is one of the most successful Dutch debating societies, with ESL champions at the European Championships 2001 in Ljubljana, 2003 in Zagreb and 2005 in Cork and ESL World Champions in 2006 in Dublin. Every Monday we have a debate evening consisting of two debating rounds (18:45 T3-16) and a social drink afterwards. Website:

• We hope this helped you make your choice!

Erasmus University Associations Guidebook  
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