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Natural Treasures of Europe


Lesson Plan:


Physics and Chemistry English

Water- from Gerês to our homes

Maria da Guia Tavares (Physics and Chemistry) Arminda Loureiro (English)

Pedagogical context: -

The lessons were planned in order to articulate the national 11th grade Chemistry Program (unit 2, water), the 11th grade English national program and the objectives of the Comenius Project NaTurE; The main theme was water: from its source in Gerês to its treatment near Braga, as well as some chemical properties; The plan was organized to be developed in the classroom, in 2 lessons and with both English and Chemistry teachers; The lessons were bilingual, Portuguese and English, with documents and teaching materials presented in both languages. This lessons are followed by lab work in order to: classify waters based on the different hardness; compare the difference between hard and soft water (applications in our life); reduce through pratical work the hardness of a hard water and to explore the chemical reactions and chemical aspects that explain this lab work.

Learning theme/unit: Chemistry


Contents and objectives:

Teaching methods:

Water: From atmosphere to the ocean (Da Atmosfera ao Oceano): water solutions to and from Earth (Soluções na Terra e para a Terra) Unit 2, 11th grade of the National Chemistry Program (Introductory hour and unit). Unit 1, 11th grade of the National English Program – The World around us: - Life at Stake; - Environmental issues. - Earth water supplies and its distribution: flooding and drought problems; - The source of public water supply in Braga; - Worldwide summits on water to solve the problem of lack of drinking water; - Drinking water: Mineral and public supply waters; - Typical composition and pH
; - Water hardness: origin and consequences at domestic and industrial levels; - Interpretation of the origin of water hardness in particular cases; - Students improve English language skills: listening, reading, and speaking. Dialogue between teachers and students Interpretation of data, maps, texts and schemes

Teaching materials

Power point presentation with hyperlinks to: (video “One earth to protect” by Janez Potočnik, Member of the European Community, Environment Commissioner) (vídeo “If water could speak” by European Environment Agency vídeos). Leaflet "Water is life - Water Framework Directive

Teaching aids Evaluation Internet Computer and video Chemistry book projector Answers given by the students; Participation in classes; Questions asked by the students during the lessons.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

lesson Plan- English  

water from Gerês

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