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ISOLATION OF YEASTS PRESENT IN OLIVES AFTER HARVEST Biology lab class Author: Georgina Rodrigues

OBJECTIVE Compare the presence of yeasts in olives subject to a traditional process of treatment and conservation and another industrial MATERIAL Mortar Test tubes Pipettes Spreader Loop Alcohol Petri dish with culture medium Y.M.A. with chloramphenicol Alcohol lamp PROCEDURE 1-Spoon manually ripe black olives with olive trees from our region at the beginning of winter 2- Once in the laboratory it will be subject to two different processes of treatment and conservation: a traditional or homemade and another industrial, and which is used in the production of olives for consumption (Campbell, 1987) 3-Remove the core olives from each process and crush them in a mortar until obtaining a homogeneous mass (?) 4-Transfer about 0,5 g of the mass (?) obtained into a test tube with 10 ml of sterile water and shake vigorously mixing well to obtain a suspension. 5-Remove samples of 0,2 ml of the suspension and using a spreader, spread them in petri plates with Y.M.A. with chloramphenicol 6-Incubate plates at room temperature five to six days until colonies formed are clearly observable and distinguishable morphologically. 7-From a colony of each of different types observed transfer with a flame sterile loop to new petri plates using stria culture technique in order to obtain pure cultures.

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