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The official language of the country is Spanish. They don’t have a second language. Where tourists go they speak English, but it is not something that is generalized. In a few places they speak English and Portuguese.


The national currency is the Uruguayan peso. In many places they accept US dollars. Credit / debit cards are used in businesses but they are not universalized. Foreign currency can be changed in both banks and exchange houses located in various areas of the city.


It is a country with a mild climate. In winter, temperatures range between -2° C and 15° C; and in summer, between 20° C and 38° C.

Montevideo Cathedral. It is one of the prime witnesses of the history of Montevideo. Dating back to 1726, but the actual building of today was erected in the early 1800s. CIUDAD VIEJA

/26 Plaza Cagancha. Designed by the engineer José María Reyes, dating from 1829 and in 1940 was named “Cagancha” in commemoration of the eponymous 1939 battle. CENTRO AND BARRIO SUR

/50 Parque José E. Rodó. One of the most beautiful walks in Montevideo. Its named after the outstanding Uruguayan writer. Its planning dates from the end of the 1800s. CORDÓN, PALERMO AND PARQUE RODÓ

/64 Punta Carretas Lighthouse. Since 1876 it performs its guided tours and functions as well as rewarding us with an unforgettable view of the coast of Montevideo. PUNTA CARRETAS



Montevideo When paying for a bus ticket we advise you to pay with a bank note smaller than $U 200. When paying for a taxi, unless on long distances, we recommend you pay with a bank note no larger than $U 500 or ask the driver before traveling if he has change. Check with the restaurants or bars if they accept foreign credit or debit cards as well as any other currency that is not the Uruguayan peso. Tips are usually a 10% of the amount your paying, but it is not compulsory. The most common used cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cabal and Diners Club. Purchases made with credit or debit cards in restaurants, have tax discount of the total value of VAT (22%). Car hire (without a driver) discount the 10,5% VAT. 8. 0% VAT in Hotels. 9. 24% discount of fuel if paying with a credit or debit card. “Tax Free� is available in some stores when asking, completing the process at the border crossings and airports.


Tours. MONTEVIDEO IN 1 DAY 1. Ciudad Vieja Circuit: Pedestrian SarandĂ­, Matriz Square, Matriz Church, Gate of the old town. 2. Lunch at the Montevideo Agricultural Market (MAM). 3. Tourist Bus. 4. Walk along the promenade. 5. Dinner in Punta Carretas.






HOW TO GET TO CIUDAD VIEJA AIRPORT BUS Lines: C1, C3 o C5, 700, 711, 710, 701, 704, 724

(Bus terminal at Río Branco or get off at Tres Cruces Terminal).

Aprox. $U 50 COT bus line with previous reservation from Tres Cruces Terminal. TAXI Aprox. $U 1500

TERMINAL BUS TRES CRUCES BUS Lines: CA1, D8, D9, D10, 4, 14, 21, 64, 143, 180, 187, 188, 330, 407, 115, 161, 121, 140, 77, 100, 102, 103, 105, 106, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 164 Aprox. $U 30

PORT WALKING 5 min. TAXI Aprox. $U 60

WALKING 50 min. TAXI Aprox. $U 200

in the plaza matiz. At the demolishing of the wall “la muralla” and heading towards the twentieth century, people were dazzled by the “new city”, more promising, leaving the colonial city obsolete. Today, every corner of the city holds stories and lets us see what the Ciudad Vieja used to be like back in the day through different stages. The Ciudad Vieja has a vast choice of retail shops, cultural sites and recreation, as well as its delicious cuisine, its rich history, its beauty and even the people who frequently use the area attract new residents and tourists making it an amazing and interesting place.

Ciudad Vieja

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Ciudad Vieja

The Ciudad Vieja offers very interesting and surprising places to visit that are not always covered in tourist excursions. Its a perfect place for walking around to due its short distance.

You can hire bicycles to explore the streets and promenade, this way you are able to enjoy a more dynamic and pleasant ride alongside nature. For more information visit Make a historic journey through the “de cubo a cubo” (from tower to tower) tour. This happens the first Saturday of every month. To reserve or for more information contact 29159343 or 98744147 email: alpiedelamuralla@adinet.

Before visiting the places of your interest we advise you to check activities and times of tourist points which may vary due to seasons.

Tips. If you wish to move around by metropolitan buses its useful to use applications that can guide you in terms of locations and time. For example the app “como ir” shows us the most convenient ways of getting to where we want to go and how upon entering current location and destination.

If the bus transfers are in Ciudad Vieja (old town) and Centro (center), you can ask for a central ticket. This way you will save 50% of the cost that a normal ticket costs.

At the gateway of the old town you will find a ticket booth where they sell tickets for the tourist bus that runs all of Montevideo. More info

Ciudad Vieja

CAFÉ SALVO Restaurant

3 / Map page 29 H3) ($)

Situated at the feet of the Salvo Palace. Accessible menu, with options for vegetarians and vegans. Mornings and Afternoons: coffee and tea service. Ideal for couples or to go before or after a visit to the palace. (Plaza Independencia and 18 de Julio (Palacio Salvo) / 29019579 / MON to FRI: 8 till 19 / ).

DUETO Restaurant

4 / Map page 29 (F3) ($$)

Known to have been the first police station in Montevideo. Today, works as a flirtatious restaurant with international cuisine. Italian style food. Varied wine list. At midday its the perfect place for lunch meetings or dining in groups, and at night a lovely place to dine with your partner. Stone and wood decor and smooth back ground music turns it into a wonderful restaurant. (Bartolomé Mitre 1386 / 29153231 / MON to SAT: 12 till 15 and 20 till 23 / / / Dueto cocina urbana / ).

EL COPACABANA Restaurant/Cafeteria ($)

It is one of the must sees of the Peatonal Sarandi. Created in 1955, combining classic blends of coffee with sandwiches, croissants and


sweets with gourmet touches. Variety of coffee grains where you can try them in the typical espresso to different types of iced coffees. From Monday to Friday it is visited regularly by businessmen and women who work in the area, as well as tourists. On Saturdays the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and perfect for family outings. They charge for cutlery. (Peatonal Sarandí 454 / 29153205/ MON to FRI: 6 till 22 - SAT: 6 till 17 / / info@ / El Copacabana / ).



It is a consolidated place of the Montevideo night life. Live music and dance floor. Menu: drinks, spirits, pizzas, chivitos and finger foods. Children aloud till midnight. (Bartolomé Mitre 1326 / 29167470/ MON to SUN: 17 till 4 / El Pony Pisador Ciudad Vieja / ).

ES MERCAT Restaurant/Seafood

5 / Map page 28 (D3) ($$)

One of the best seafood restaurants “market kitchen” (only using foods of the current season). Recommendations: seafood, paellas, pastas, mixed boards and meat platters. Rustic and warm atmospheres evoke the old fashioned canteens of the old town. Big sized portions. (Colón 1550 / 29170169 / MON to SAT: 12 till 18 / www.esmercat. / / Dueto cocina urbana / ).


Ciudad Vieja Restaurants & Pubs


Refined and varied flavors of the region. Wine tastings, olive oils and national chocolates. Good money for value. Ideal for adult outings. Reservations required for groups larger than six people. (Peatonal Sarandí 359 / 29154472/ MON to FRI: 10 till 18 - SAT: 10 till 16 / uy / / Esencia Uruguay / ).

Carlos Gardel, in 1933 used to sit and drink his favorite and the typical drink or the restaurant “Uvita”. Menu: picks, and spiritual drinks. They have tango events for you to dance tango with your partner. Thursday, Friday and Saturday there are different shows from 21hrs (live music, murga and candombe). It is recommended to view the website for events. (Soriano 922 / 29084859/ THU and WED: 19.30 till 0.30 - THU to SUT: 19.30 till 1.30 / Cash only / www.barfunfun. com / ).



liquors and wine bar ($$)

Restaurant ($$)

As the Uruguayan saying goes “food as god wishes”, they surprise their guests with a fresh gastronomical proposal. Highlights: meat and fish, finger food, starters and deserts. Kitchen cuisine perfect for couples or small groups. It is advised to go early for lunch. (Cerrito 499 / 29153006 / MON to FRI: 12 till 15.30 / Cash only / / Foc / ).

FUN-FUN Restaurant

6 / Map page 29 (H3) ($$)

Since 1895 bar Fun Fun is a classic place of the night life in Montevideo. Frequently visited from the beginning by famous Uruguayan artistic characters and writers, it keeps on its walls memories of their visits in photographs. They have remained in use the counter-top where the famous tango singer,

Restaurant ($$)

Typical inn which is highlighted by the picturesque and antique decorations. Art exhibitions. Homemade food. Menu: crepes, soups, pastas, casseroles and meats. Daily menu with international plates, generally hot pots and high in calories. Wine tastings on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Writing workshops on Fridays at 18:30hrs and tango classes. (call for info). (Bartolomé Mitre 1332 / 29159852 / MON to FRI: 12 till 16 and 18.30 till closing - SAT: 20.30 till closing / lacreperie@ / ).

LA FONDA Restaurant

7 / Map page 28 (D3) ($)

Homemade food just like you would eat at home. Menu: pasta made in the moment, Risottos, vegan food. They use only organic products. Old fash-

Ciudad Vieja

ioned house, with a lot of light and very comfy. Roofed outside area, ideal for eating with friends. The restaurants chef, Mario Mori, offers cooking courses. Consult their facebook page for times and events. (Peatonal Pérez Castellano 1422 / 098300222 / TUE to SUN: 12 till 17 / Evenings meals only with previous reservations / La Fonda Mori / ).



Great Montevideo night life option. Must try: cocktails and different drinks. Small gastronomic menu perfect for prier to an evening out. Retro design. The menu is written on black boards and they have vinyl records exhibited around the pub. This is what they also have playing as music. Outdoor area for al fresco dining with a view of the promenade. (Soriano 922 / MON to SAT: 12 till 3 - SUN: 19 till 3 / Cash only / www. / Café La Ronda / ).

LAS MISIONES Restaurant/Theater ($)

The establishment and decorative design takes us back the 1900s tango days of Montevideo. Menu: beef preparations. Classic Mediterranean cut. Coffee service all day. On Friday they also open in the evenings to accommodate the theatrical comedy “my sad night” which was written especially for the restaurant. At lunch times they have menus of the day for


business and tourists, and on Fridays for couples and groups of friends. We recommend you make reservations for lunch and on event days. (25 de Mayo 449 / 29154495 / MON to FRI: 7 till 18 - FRI: 21 till closing / lasmisiones1907@ / Restaurant Las Misiones / ).

LIVING FOOD Restaurant ($)

Healthy and cutting edge food, raw style (vegan). They use only organic products and avoid using sugar and flour. Perfect for gluten free and diabetic diets as well as vegetarians and vegans. Variety of salads and dessert preparations where it is hardly unnecessary cooking. They have a bar for quick lunches, but if preferable it is better to take away. (Treinta y Tres 1381 / 29160881 / MON to FRI: 9.30 till 18.30 / / info@

MIRANDO MUNDOS Restaurant ($$)

Fitted with three different kitchens: “El pescador de perlas”, offering a fish menu, “Bistro piemonte, an international kitchen, and “La espiga de trigo”, where they are dedicated to making fresh pastas and also baked goods. They offer daily menus, one of which for vegetarians and an extensive wine list. On Saturday and Sunday at midday they prepare German desserts and on Sunday afternoons specialize


Ciudad Vieja Restaurants & Pubs

in particular dishes such as: pastas, chivitos, red meats, marinated food or vegetarian and vegan options. Facing the outdoor eating area is a theater. Check their facebook for events. (Peatonal Sarandí 326 / 29146868 / THU to SUN: 10 till 18 / Mirandomundosuy / ).


8 / Map page 29 (F3) ($$)

Ideal for lovers of Italian cuisine and delicatessen. Highlights: pastas and risottos and their wine list with over 700 titles. The menu offers appetizers and deserts. It has a room for events with catering service. Detail: if you were not able to finish the bottle of wine purchased you can take it away with you or simply let them store it for you for your next visit. (Bacacay 1339 / 29168760 / MON to FRI: 19 till 17 / / paninisboutique@ / ).



It is one of the most comprehensive proposals of their specialty. Variety of wines. Menu: as well as barbecued meats, grilled vegetables, pizzas and salads. Vegetarian and vegan options available. We advise you to attend without children or in numerous groups. Small outdoor eating area. They don’t charge for cutlery. (Bacacay 1309 / 29169026 / MON to SAT: 12 till 15 and 20 till 00 / ar / ).


Heritage building, built in 1917 by the architect Leopoldo Tosi. It combines English architecture of iron and glass from the 19th century and french classicism. It is one of the best spaces in the area. A window displaying first editions of notable writers and other literary rarities welcome you into the restaurant which shares its space with a library. Highlights: pastas and fish. Variety of wines. Coffee service and daily menus. (Sarandí 675 / 29166211 / MON to FRI: 10 till 20 - SAT: 10 till 18 / / info@ / ).

RARA AVIS Restaurant

9 / Map page 29 (G3) ($$$)

The most distinguished place in the old town, situated inside the Teatro Solis. It has three different rooms on each floor: salon rouge, the official restaurant with a stage; Chivas bar (cava) for lunches and menu of the day; Preludio, used for company events and personal parties. Exquisite design that continues to run with the mystery of the theater. Must try: variety of risottos, pastas, Chilean salmon, and matured meats. It posses one of the most complete wine cellars in the country. We recommend you reserve in advance for the salon rouge and chivas bar. For events in the preludio reservations are required 15 days before. (Buenos Aires 652 (Teatro Solís) / 29150330 / MON to FRI: 12 till 15 and 20 till

Punta Carretas

Following the style of the neighborhood it offers a choice of accommodation. The proposals range from classic and elegant to avant-garde and others more informal, all with interesting designs, comfort and activities in the hotels. As well as shopping at Punta Carretas shopping center, you can enjoy its food court, local recreation areas for children and youths and three cinema complexes.

It never hurts to enjoy a walk through the famous parks, Jose Zorrilla de San Martin and Villa Biarritz. They both feature spaces for children, sports activities or areas for enjoying a stop off in the green environments.


Tips. You can not miss visiting Punta Carretas Lighthouse, also known as Punta Brava Lighthouse. You can climb it and enjoy a beautiful view of the coast and its surrounding areas. In the surrounding you can find green and coastal areas, fishing spots and dining spaces.

You can tour the great Villa Biarritz Market on Tuesday and Saturday. There you can find a variety of clothing, crafts and fresh produce stalls. For far less money than in a trading center, it is easy to find clothes and shoes of interesting design and quality, as several of the stands belong to emerging designers.


Punta Carretas Point of interest

FERIA VILLA BIARRITZ 1 / Map page 88 (C3)

Market Landmark. It is a must visit on Tuesday and Saturday. Throughout your visit you can enjoy the green environment provided by the Jose Zorrila de San Martin park. It has stalls that sell clothes, footwear, handicrafts, everyday objects and designer goods. It offers several points selling fast food. There are also plenty of fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce. (JosĂŠ Ellauri and Leyenda Patria / TUE and SAT: 9 till 16).


2 / Map page 88 (B3)

Facing the Punta Carretas Lighthouse, this golf course combines

Punta Carretas


Museums an unbeatable view with wide green spaces. Inside you will find an open public restaurant and the social club headquarters. It offers gastronomic services and other exclusive proposals for members. If you are not a member, you can still use the field to play golf with previous reservations. (Br. Artigas 379 / 27101721 / MON to MON: 10 till 19 / / / Free entrance / Costo de juego de 18 hoyos: $U 2500).

FARO DE PUNTA CARRETAS 3 / Map page 88 (B5)

Lighthouse. Since 1876 the lighthouse offers guided functions and at the same time, offers an unforgettable view of the Montevideo coast line, 21 meters above sea level. Its surroundings are extremely enjoyable in summertime. There are many gastronomic proposals near by. (Rambla de Punta Carretas / MON to MON: 10 till 19 / Free entrance).


4 / Map page 88 (C3)

Church. Romantic style building, emblem of the neighborhood, known as the parish of Punta Carretas. It was built between 1917 and 1927, inspired by the Italian buildings of the time. (José Ellauri and Solano García / 27102640 / Parroquia de Punta Carretas).

Museo José Zorrilla de San Martín 1 / Map page 88 (B4)

Museum. This national historic landmark was once the home of the so called “poet of the fatherland”, became a museum in 1942. The tour shows furniture, art and personal belongings of the writer. Various exhibitions and cultural events are also held here. It has a beautiful Mediterranean style garden. (José L. Zorrilla de San Martín 96 esq. Rambla Mahatma Gandhi / 27101818 / MON to SAT: 14 till 19 / cultura.mec. / / Free entrance).


Punta Carretas Restaurants & Pubs Courtesy of Al forno





ADOLFO CAFÉ Restaurant/Cafeteria

1 / Map page 88 (B2) ($$)

Lovely restaurant with a chic, cheerful and modern decor. they offer coffee service and pastries as well as options for lunch and dinner. In the afternoons they have an amazing tea for two, and cocktails in the evening. Ideal to visit with friends. We recommend you reserve before attending. (Williman 597 / 27105777 / TUE to SAT:10 till 0 / Cash and cards accepted / Adolfo Café / ).

AL FORNO Restaurant

2 / Map page 88 (B3) ($$$)

The cuisine and clay oven are the banners of this restaurant. All their dishes are made with fresh produce, national

and imported. Varied menu with a variety of wines to achieve the best combinations. At midday they offer daily menus. very comfy place with a sober decoration, but their clay oven and preparations make the customers feel like they are in a Uruguayan beach resort. Quiet environment. We recommend you attend without children. They also have another restaurant in Punta del Este. (Solano García 2421 / 27101518 / MON to MON: 12 till 16 and 20 till 0 / Cash and cards accepted / www. / Restaurant Al Forno / ).


Restaurant/Mexican cuisine


Very colorful and picturesque restaurant. each chair has replicas of motifs


Pocitos, Parque Batlle and Villa Dolores Point of interest

Castillo Pittamiglio 1 / Map page 108 (C5)

Castle. Work of the architect and alchemist, Humberto Pittamiglio and although it started construction in 1910 it was extended until 1966. After the death of Pittamiglio, the building was donated to the council for a place for cultural and educational activities to be held. It exhibits a design that is a mix of medieval and renaissance, making it very attractive from the outside and inside the building. Its façade is adorned with a sculpture of Victoria Alada de Samotracia, who happens to be held by the bow of a boat.

Inside the doors, is also the cultural space of the Pittamiglio Castle, with space occupied by the Café concert and the theater. You can learn more about the building and its mysterious creator by joining the guided tours that take place on a daily basis.

(Rambla Gandhi 633 / 27101089 / / / Guided tours MON to MON: 17 / ($U 125 - Children aged between 4 and 11 pay 50% less.) / Espacio Cultural Castillo Pittamiglio)


Park. Used to be called the “Parque de los Aliados”, it is one of the main Green spaces in the city. In its surroundings you can see the Darwin Piñeyrua Athletics Track, the monumental Centenario Stadium, restaurants and the Velodromo Municipal Atilio Francois, where different musical concerts and events are held. The park is decorated with works from the exhibition “La Carreta”, of the national artist, Jose Belloni. It also has children’s games and play areas. (Av. Italia and Centenario).

Pocitos, Parque Batlle and Villa Dolores


Planetarium. Opened in 1955, it is the first planetarium in Latin America. In the vault room “Galileo Galilei” is the Spitz projector, the oldest one in the world that still works. In the same building, the “live science” teaching shows are held, which aims to bring science and technology to the whole community. For more information is available by telephone for talk schedules for teachers and students about astronomy, and other subjects related to the same. Events and courses are also held in the grand children’s play area that is installed on the premises.


(Av. Gral. Rivera 3275 / 26229109 / / / cienciaviva@ / Planetario de Montevideo, “Agr. Germán Barbato” / Free entrance) .


A private organization that arranges walking tours through the neighbor-

Estadio Centenario 5 / Map page 108 (C1)

Stadium. This stadium was the home of the first ever Football World Cup in 1830 and became witness to the national victory when Uruguay won the cup. Today, it is visited by hundreds of supporters of Uruguayan football teams, and it is filled on the days when Uruguay (La Celeste) play. On no match game days you can visit the Football Museum and the Olympic Tribune where the tower of tributes

is situated, in honor of the Olympic Champions of 1924 and 1928. It was declared a national historic monument of world football by the FIFA.

(Av. Dr. Américo Ricaldoni and Av. Ramón Anador / 248720 59 / MON to MON: 10 till 18 /

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Montevideo Travel Guide  

Montevideo Guide is the first and most comprehensive travel guide of Montevideo. Through it, you can achieve a real approach to the city ....

Montevideo Travel Guide  

Montevideo Guide is the first and most comprehensive travel guide of Montevideo. Through it, you can achieve a real approach to the city ....