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Build mental strength with muscle power Exercise is great for your body and it also contributes to your mental health. There’s mounting evidence that regular exercise is a major contributing factor in maintaining mental health and strength. GU Health’s Wellness Manager, Gretchen Masters provides three training plans, so try one out and boost your mental health. Strength The benefits There are several different approaches to strength training, from basic bodyweight exercises to more comprehensive gym-based resistance plans. Resistance training can benefit the mind by: • improving memory and the ability to learn • improving cognitive ability, particularly the ability to better manage multiple tasks • decreasing symptoms of depression • enhancing the quality of sleep, which in turn boosts brain function • lowering levels of anxiety (moderate intensity training is best for this) • increasing self-esteem. 12



The plan This strength plan is for intermediate exercisers. The great thing is that you don’t even need access to a gym. You can do these exercises in your home or at the park. Simply do each Leg extension

exercise continuously for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds before starting the next exercise. Do three, four or five sets, depending on how much time you have available and your fitness level. Deep squat

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Inform Issue 30