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Hey kids, your friendly neighbourhood secretary here to give you more deets about the AGM. THE SHORT VERSION: 12th November, AGM. Be there or be square. Run for committee. Propose changes. Email me at secretaryATgugsDOTorgDOTuk to do these things. THE LONG VERSION: The highlight of your year is soon approaching. I mean, of course, the AGM. On 12th November you get to see politics in action. The AGM will run from 7 and while we want this to be as quick and clean as possible, it may be worth scheduling a week’s break for your game in order to participate. We really, really need you guys to attend, and I promise the committee will do everything in its power to make this as painless as possible. In preparation for this glorious occasion, we need two things from you: nominations for the committee and mascot, and proposed amendments. An important piece of information you will need, if you wish to provide any of those things, is my email address: secretaryATgugsDOTorgDOTuk – saying it up here to avoid it getting lost further down. OK, this is going to get pretty long. Are you ready? Nominations for a role on the committee are pretty straightforward – you can nominate yourself, as long as you are a full member of the society (read: paid-up by the time the AGM starts) and you are seconded by another full member of the society. The committee are there to help the society run smoothly, deal with any problems that arise, and generally make things Good. It’s pretty rewarding, looks good on the ol’ CV, and is a totally rad thing to do. All the cool kids run for committee. There are nine roles and they are as follows: THE EXEC – these three roles must be filled for there to be a committee. The Exec must also all be current students at Glasgow University. 1) President – The Boss and The Face. They are responsible for calling and chairing meetings of the Committee. The President shall also be the spokesperson and figurehead of the Society, and shall be encouraged to lead announcements to the Membership and promote transparency and accessibility in the business of the Committee, and facilitate communication between the Membership of the Society and the Committee. 2) Secretary – The Organiser. They are responsible for the Society's correspondence and records, including communications with bodies outwith the Society, the taking of minutes at Committee Meetings and General Meetings, and supervision of the Society's internet site. 3) Treasurer – Mr/Ms Moneybags. They are responsible for managing and maintaining a comprehensive record of the Society's finances, particularly in relation to collection of membership fees, grants awarded, and any bank accounts the Society may hold. NON-EXEC POSITIONS – these six roles are more geared towards GUGS’ particular activities. You do not need to be a student*, unless you are running for First Year OCM. 4) RPG Convenor - responsible for ensuring that all members, affiliates or guests of the Society wishing to role-play have a suitable game in which to participate, whether during the Society's regular meetings or at another time, and should bring to the attention of the Committee any external events relevant to their remit that members or affiliates may wish to attend.

5) The Non-RPG Convenor – responsible for ensuring that all members, affiliates or guests of the Society wishing to participate in other sorts of games are enabled to do so, whether during the Society's regular meetings or at another time, and should bring to the attention of the Committee any external events relevant to their remit that members or affiliates may wish to attend. 6) The Social Convenor - responsible for promoting Membership of the Society, publicity, and organisation of non-gaming social events. Social events include, but are not limited to, the annual Pub Crawl, the annual Society Dinner, and Gugathons. The Social Convenor is also encouraged to find as many ways as possible to increase social interactions within the Society, and to promote the benefits of Membership to both current and potential members. 7) The Conventions Convenor - responsible for arranging entry, transport, and accommodation for members at the National Student and Wargaming Championships each year in April. In the event of GUGS winning the Nationals, this Convenorship has the responsibility of taking the lead in hosting the Nationals at Glasgow University in the following year. In such an event the entire Committee is expected to share part of this task. The Conventions Convenor is also encouraged to promote external conventions to the Membership that they might wish to attend, and along with the Social Convenor, ensure that our own mini-conventions, or GUGathons are successful. 8) Ordinary Committee Member (First Year) - they assist in the general administration of the Society, and specifically represent the views of first year student members of the Society to the Committee. This office shall only be filled by a matriculated Glasgow University student in their first undergraduate year. 9) Ordinary Committee Member - they assist in the general administration of the Society. These descriptions are kinda brief and do not really tell the whole story – the outgoing committee are in the process of writing more detailed documents explaining each role more fully for anyone considering running. These will be put up on the society Issuu site and linked liberally across the internet. In order to run, you simply email me or give me a piece of paper at the next society meeting, telling me which position you are going for, and you get someone else to do the same telling me they are backing you up. I will put you on the LIST. The LIST will be publicised on Issuu. Nominating a mascot is similarly simple – email your suggestion to me, it goes on the SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT LIST. Proposed amendments are again pretty straightforward. Is there anything in the running of the society, or in the constitution (which will again be linked for your reference), which just doesn’t work for you? Write up what you want to change/add/remove and email it to me (secretaryATgugsDOTorgDOTuk). I will collate all proposed changes and put them in a document on, you guessed it, our issuu site, which, as mentioned before, will be regularly linked. This is for a few reasons (from most to least pressing): First, having all of the proposals and nominations coming directly to me makes my life much easier in terms of collating an agenda for the AGM and keeping track of what is going on.

Second, it means that everything is in one place, accessible to any member who can get on the internet, so our members who do not have Facebook can be kept in the loop much more easily. Third, while I am sure we all love our Facebook group to bits, I do not think it is necessarily a terribly suitable place to deal with potentially crucial society stuff – it is far too prone to blowing up, posts getting edited, deleted, threads getting derailed etc, and it isn’t fun for anyone. As such, trying to keep proposed changes on a stable, separate site, geared towards storing and sharing documents of this type, seems like a better idea to me. Therefore, I’d really appreciate you guys’ cooperation in emailing stuff to me. This is an experiment and it may not work out, but I’d be grateful if you let me try my ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE. *You may have heard that this year the SRC are requiring that committees are entirely made up of GU students. Given the nature of our society and the high proportion of active nonstudent members, this doesn’t seem fair, and though we did our best to fight the change, it went ahead. Never fear though, I will be proposing a change to stop the new restriction from affecting us too badly – watch out for details on Issuu.

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