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ISSUE 01, VOLUME 02 FEBRUARY 2016 EDITORIAL TEAM Jessica Brown - Editor in Chief Rebecca Marshallsay - Editor in Chief Erwan Guegan - General Content Editor Angel Nikijuluw - Visual Editor Hayley Payne - General Content Editor Ashleigh Watson - Features Editor PUBLISHER Cameron Harrison TALENTED CONTRIBUTORS Photographic Christian Nimri Creative Max Duff Donal Keenan Laura McKinnon Mic Smith Editorial Jessica Brown| Erwan Guegan Cameron Harrison| Rebecca Marshallsay Angel Nikijuluw| Christian Nimri Hayley Payne| Ashleigh Watson DESIGN


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Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild acknowledges the people who are the traditional custodians of the land, pays respects to Elders, past and present, and extends that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.


SUBMISSIONS Are you a budding student journalist, photographer or have a random idea that could be a great story? Getamungstit accepts art, photo and story submissions for consideration however there is no guarantee your work will be published.

The opinions expressed in this publication may not reflect those of the Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild. The information contained within this edition of Getamungstit was correct at the time of printing but could be subject to change. If any article, document and/ or publication is inaccessible and you require copies and/ or more information, contact the Student Guild where staff will ensure your requests and needs are met.

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Contents Editorial note


Vox pops


Meet the Board


Message from the President


2016 - The year to come


Finding your passion


G’day mate! How you going?


25 things I learned in my first year of university


2016 on film


Product review - Identities


What’s on


Surviving your first semester checklist


Did The Force Awakens live up to the hype?


Feature artist - Allday






Falls Festival


Being creative


Get the hell outta here




WELCOME TO 2016! We trust you’ve spent enough of the summer sweating profusely from every possible pore on your body that you’re now ready to embrace the cool air conditioning of Griffith’s lecture halls with open arms. To entertain you between tutorials and while you’re in line for coffee, this year Geta is bursting with new content - art, articles, listicles, poetry, photography and heaps more. We have everything you need to stay up to date with campus and the coast. Our first edition of the year is all about O’Week. We’re particularly full of ourselves in these pages, touting sage advice and plenty of hot tips especially for all of you uni newbies. Which, by the way, we feel well qualified to give now as Geta won a national CampusLink award last year for Most Successful Printed Publication - thanks goes to all of our 2015 contributors!

In here you’ll find a jam-packed entertainment section including a review of Tarantino’s latest film plus five albums to add to your playlist in 2016. We also have a piece on finding your passion and choosing the right degree, as well as an incredibly useful checklist for surviving your first semester at Griffith. Here are two tips to get you started: no, the buildings aren’t numbered in any logical order and yes, you can find new copies of Geta at heaps of locations around campus including the Student Guild. Finally, don’t miss our AMAZING edition of Get The Hell Outta Here - we’ve compiled a list of FIFTY things to do on the Gold Coast. Don’t miss it! So welcome and welcome back to all of our Geta readers. Yours, The Geta Editorial Team


MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Hi everyone, My name is Cameron and I have the privilege of being your Student Guild President for this year! I am completing my final year (hopefully) of university here at Griffith. I’d like to welcome you all to our wonderful campus that continues to grow and improve (apologies for the construction). If you are reading this message, then you are also reading an award winning student publication! Last year we revamped the Getamungstit magazine, and the team behind this were recognised at the national CampusLink Awards when they took out the award for ‘Most Successful Printed Publication’. We hope you enjoy reading Getamungstit, and we are always

looking for students to contribute to your magazine or help with the editing process. Your student experience WILL be enhanced by your Student Guild, which is represented by a board of students. We have a say in where and how your SSAF fees will be spent, what parties, events and student support avenues will be available for you. If you have any feedback or suggestions please shoot any of us an email. Wishing you all a successful and enjoyable 206teen! (It will catch). Mr President. Cameron Harrison Student Guild President Griffith University Gold Coast

This is your chance to tell us what you love, what you want to see more of or suggest new ideas. Maybe there is an issue you think we should be covering or you want to weigh in on the best coffee debate... whatever you need to get off your chest, we are here to listen. We are open to constructive criticism too (just remember our writers have feelings). Title your email ‘Letters to the Ed’ and drop us a line at getamungstit@griffith.edu.au Make sure you include your name and student number (only first names will be published). *Getamungstit reserves the right not to publish based on content, quality or editorial direction.


VOX POP Every issue, Getamungstit likes to head out on campus, get up and personal with a heap of students and ask them some hard hitting journalistic questions (or about the first random thing that comes to mind). With an unsurprising lack of students on campus over the summer break, we thought we would turn the spotlight back onto our very own Editorial Team.

Angel Nikijuluw Visual Editor

Ashleigh Watson Features Editor

Erwan Guegan General Content Editor

Hayley Payne General Content Editor

Vox pop

What are you studying?

Best place to relax on campus?

Hayley: Public relations and communications (politics and international relations).

Hayley: In the silent area of the library (you can relax and study without noise).

Angel: Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Journalism.

Angel: The grassy area outside G40.

Erwan: Double Master of Business and Marketing.

Erwan: Any grassy and sunny areas where you can sit, enjoy the sun, take a minute to put things in perspective and appreciate the moment.

Ashleigh: PhD in Sociology.

What was the highlight of your summer? Hayley: Working as a Digital Content Writer for the Commonwealth Games. Angel: Going on spontaneous trips with my best friends! Erwan: A road trip to Melbourne and a very exciting month in New Caledonia. Ashleigh: Traveling to South Korea.

Best coffee on the Gold Coast? Hayley: Any place I can buy a long black and not have to put sugar in it. Angel: Since cutting out dairy from my diet, I have yet to try some soy options. Watch this space. Erwan: Skull & Bones in Mermaid Beach. Ashleigh: Try Daark Espresso, it’s close to campus.

Favourite weekend spot on the Coast? Hayley: Jet skiing at the Spit or hiking in the Hinterland.

Erwan: Animal Farm by George Orwell and Slash by Slash with Anthony Bozza. Ashleigh: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

What is your favourite uni event? Hayley: O’Week = so much free stuff! Angel: Market Days!

Ashleigh: Top floor of the Library there are beanbags.

Erwan: Postgraduate events are always great fun.

Hot tips for new students?

Ashleigh: The open mic nights by Smallroom Writers Collective.

Hayley: Don’t study what you think will get you a good job, study what you actually have interest in. Angel: Don’t be nervous about making friends. The people you meet are probably just as nervous as you are. Erwan: Plan your career based on what you are not just what you love. Ashleigh: Just go to class.

Netflix or Stan?

How do you procrastinate? Hayley: By planning my day or week or month. Not sure if this is actually procrastinating or actually being productive? Angel: I do everything and anything BUT my assignments. Even exercise. Erwan: Documenting myself about nothing and everything. Imgur also helps a lot. Ashleigh: Binge watching TV.

Hayley: Netflix. Angel: Netflix of course! Erwan: Netflix and chill ? Ashleigh: I have both. Netflix is my first go-to but Stan has great Australian content.

Did you read anything good over the break?

Angel: Tallebudgera beach!

Hayley: Lots of Lonely Planet Guides (particularly Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya).

Erwan: I love the ocean and the Hinterland in general but Coolangatta and the Spit remain some of my favourites around here.

Angel: I don’t read books. Sorry frown emoticon. I can however give you a great album recommendation - Art Angels by Grimes.

Ashleigh: Currumbin.


Keep an eye out for our roving Vox Pop contributors on campus and you might feature in the next edition of Getamungstit.



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Up to date with all things entertainment? Have an opinion on the latest films, books or albums?



Are you a word nerd? Do you have a good grasp on grammar and an eye for detail?


Keen to capture campus events on film? See yourself as the campus paparazzi?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES, AWESOME! WE WANT YOU. Email getamungstit@griffith.edu.au

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Meet the Board Did you know that the Student Guild’s activities are guided by a Board of students? These students sit on the Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild Board and they are your voice on campus. They are committed to enhancing student life and your university experience. They are responsible for representing and advocating for the interests, needs and wants of the student body. Meet the students who are working to make your life on campus as awesome as possible.









ALAN VEH Board Member

CALVIN XU Board Member




2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey.




Virtual reality headsets are expected to hit the commercial market this year.

75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.


The US will have a new President in November.

400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.



100th anniversary of the birth of Roald Dahl.

Tapei will be celebrated as the World Design Capital.


50th anniversary of the first successful robotic moon landing.

The ExoMars 2016 mission will sample gases and test landing technology on Mars.

Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic Games in August.


Queen Elizabeth II will turn 90 in April.

2016 - The year to come

France will host the UEFA Euro Cup in July.





Amazon will launch its drone delivery service in the UK.


12 China plans to start construction on the world’s longest (122km) undersea tunnel.



Finding your passion (and choosing the right degree)

By Hayley Payne Everybody is always telling you to find your passion. Your teachers in high school tell you that once you get to university you can study whatever you want. Be whoever you want to be. But the idea of finding your passion, for most people, is terrifying. But when it comes down to it, what most people are terrified of is the reality of finding their passion. What if they can’t find their passion? What will the journey to reach it involve? How do you know if you have even found it? For me, the answer to this is actually fairly simple; you know you have found it when you wake up every morning excited for the day and excited for your future. I mean, what is the point of even getting out of bed if you don’t have a sense of purpose? Two years ago, when I started university, I thought that I was enrolled in all the right courses. I was studying a double degree in something that I thought would land me in a high paying job. It sounded great. Well, the name of the degree sounded great. In reality I didn’t know anything about it or where it could lead me. I ended up hating it and the job prospects it offered. I see the same thing all the time at university. Students enrol in a particular degree that they

think will get them a great job. They absolutely hate what they are studying but they, and often their parents, keep saying “Just stick with it. It will be worth it in the end”. News flash, it won’t. If you hate what you are studying, chances are you are going to hate any job that comes out of that degree. I reached the end of my first year and everything fell apart when I realised that I had just wasted an entire year of my life studying something that I wasn’t even remotely enjoying. I had no set career path and I had no idea where or who I wanted to be. So I spent countless hours writing out my likes and dislikes trying to find my passion. I worked so hard trying to figure out what it was and what I wanted to do with my life. Then one day I was sitting in a lecture and suddenly it hit me, I knew what I wanted to do. At the time I thought that it was an epiphany, but then I learnt there was no such thing. In reality, it was an incredible moment where all that hard work paid off. There is something magical about finding a path for your life. It completely changed who I was as a person. It was exactly like something you see on corny reality TV. One day I hated going to classes (and didn’t participate in anything university life had to offer). The next, I was volunteering

Finding your passion

for numerous organisations, working on campus and changing my degree. Well, not literally the next day, it took some hard work and dedication to get to that point. But it really did seem like everything just fell into place once I knew where I wanted to go.

There is something magical about finding a path for your life. It completely changed who I was as a person. It was exactly like something you see on corny reality TV.

So how do you actually go about finding your passion?

I know what I want to do with my life. What now?

I am passionate about a lot of things that aren’t really viable career options on their own, but put them together and it could be something magical.

Once you realise what direction you want to take with the rest of your life you have to start working now, right now, to reach your dreams. Because if you don’t, one morning you are going to wake up and realise that you have been living a life without meaning and you will resent yourself for it.

The following five questions will help you to understand what you are passionate about in life. 1.

What are the 10 things that I love most in the world?


Who do I look up to most in the world? What is it that they have done that makes me admire them?


If I could do anything with my life without the fear of judgement or failure, what would it be?


Following on from question 3 – If you could do absolutely anything you wanted with your life (no restrictions), what would it be?


What is stopping me from doing these things and how can I overcome the barriers?

Set aside some time to write everything you can possibly think of when answering these questions. Then once you have finished spend time researching career options in those different areas, you might just find something you love.

I got lucky and only wasted a year living with the attitude that I had forever to worry about what I wanted to do. Some people aren’t so lucky and wait until they graduate to realise that it probably wasn’t the correct career path for them. But don’t fret, it is never too late to change the course of your life. Self-motivation and attitude is paramount in finding your passion and living your best life on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised at how much more amazing life will seem when you are studying something you love and can feel yourself getting closer to realising your dreams every single day. Spend some time looking at different course guides for possible future careers. Once you have an idea, make a booking with a careers advisor. They can offer advice and point you in the right direction. There are also great websites such as the CareerBoard and Enrich Your Studies which


provide current jobs, learning enrichment opportunities and even a comprehensive section called ‘What Can I Do With My Degree?’. This section allows you to view all possible outcomes of your degree, where past students have gained graduate positions, and examples of volunteering work which can make you stand out from the crowd. Having a passion isn’t so much about setting an end goal. It is about ensuring that you have a purpose and are loving every day of working towards your future. You are so incredibly lucky to be at university, so don’t waste a second. Spend every day giving your absolute best and I can guarantee you that if you put in the effort now, you will wake up in 20 years with a huge smile on your face; because everything you did today set you up for an amazing future.

Self-motivation and attitude is paramount in finding your passion and living your best life on a daily basis.

‘day mate! How you going?

By Erwan Guegan

A warm welcome and a round of applause to all the new students who are joining us this semester. Congratulations, you’ve made it! Some of you even travelled all the way here from another country to be with us today. You might have just arrived and still be disoriented by the jet lag but now is the time to wake up and start living this amazing adventure abroad! Born in the teeny yet stunning tropical island of New Caledonia (only 1457 km from Gold Coast), I myself am an international student. My journey in Australia started almost six years ago at the University of Queensland. I didn’t know anyone at the time but it did not take long before I started to meet wonderful and amazing people from all over the world (who quickly counted as my dearest friends and family). This leads me to one of the most important points of your own adventure here.

Family and friends You must be quite adventurous, since you came all the way here, but it can still be quite intimidating to arrive in a country where you don’t know anyone. Lucky for you, Australia is a multicultural and multiracial country and therefore the perfect place to meet new people from all around the globe. Here you have the chance to learn such distinctive cultures and ways of life that will broaden your perception of the world as you know it. For those reasons, you should always keep an open mind and try to be accessible and attentive to your surroundings. I have learned so much more than I could imagine from my friends who taught me about their countries and traditions, and gave me a place to stay when visiting their home countries. In order to meet new people you must get out of your comfort zone and say yes to everything you are being offered (as long as it doesn’t get you in trouble). Go to events and parties, do all sorts of random activities and do not be afraid to

G’day mate! How you going?

reach out to strangers and create connections. You never know what might come out of it, it can be positive or negative, either way it’s an experience that made you grow and learn more about yourself and life in general. So keep your door open and embrace every new opportunity. Although, you should keep in mind that what might be normal at home might be as foreign to others as vegemite is to you. It took me many years to like vegemite but that’s mostly because I was spreading it like Nutella. It’s actually very nice once you know how to use it.

Join a club Socialise with those who have the same passion as you. The Gold Coast has a lot to offer and Griffith itself has a wide selection of societies and clubs you can sign up for, some even for free. So what are you waiting for? You can find them on the Student Guild website or during the sign on days on the campus. Whatever your interests are, you should be able to find a club that suit you. My friends and I are running the slackline club in Griffith and we have been having such a great time, meeting new people and sharing so many unique moments all together. However, if you feel like a club is too much commitment, why not try going to one of the many events held around?

on that will give you the chance to discover more about the Australian culture and to mix with the locals by spending a day among them. Griffith also has many great events throughout the year, many of which are free.

Feeling a little homesick? When you first arrive, everything is different and exciting. You are meeting those friends we talked about and you are pretty busy adapting to your new life. However once things have have calmed down a little, things can seem

Attend events Check out some of the local festivals, markets, fairs and concerts that are being held all around the Gold Coast and experience some of the biggest events the country has to offer. There is always something going


slightly different, even strange, and you could feel confused, anxious or even disappointed and longing to go back home. The diagnosis is simple: you are homesick! But trust me, it’s going to be okay. This is when a good Skype or chat with your loved ones is needed. Another great way to beat this sad feeling is to step outside and to explore your new playground. Put some music on and go explore your new environment. Or, make yourself at home, personalise your room

Did you know that Griffith offers a free Health Service to students? The Griffith Health Service is located on the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses and offers a range of health and medical services including GP visits. Visit griffith.edu.au/health-service for more information.

and invite your new friends to try some of your home food you cooked for them. Once you have accepted the change in your environment and have decided to go with the flow you will gain a better understanding of what is happening around you and might even come to appreciate those ‘strange’ customs. Home is not going anywhere, and you will appreciate it even more once you go back, proudly sharing what you have learned here.

Travel around You are now on the biggest island in the world. How cool is that? Whatever you like, you should be able to find it here. Snow (I know right?), desert, rain forest, dry forest, rivers, lakes, mountains, endless beaches with white sand and the beautiful Pacific Ocean home to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has it all. The wildlife, both on land and underwater, is also extremely diverse and beautiful (when it’s not trying to eat you) and you can easily see it all in the numerous campsites, national parks and state forests. For the sea life, well...you are on an island. You are surrounded by water! I myself had an amazing time this summer by taking my car with my friends on a road trip and camping our way along the Great

Ocean Road. With about 5000km travelled, it would take me a couple of extra pages just to tell you all the wonderful places we have been, wild life we have encountered and exciting things we have done. Even if you don’t own a car, you and your new friends could rent a van. It’s a very popular way to travel around here that can end up being cheaper than taking a plane.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore that picturesque country and to live an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. There is a reason why Australia is considered by so many people as one of the most memorable countries on Earth. Now put that magazine down and go live your adventure!

Cost of living guidelines »» Beer at a pub: $6 to $12 however a lot of bars have special student nights but don’t forget your ID card and student ID. »» Petrol: $1.30/litre (as in any country it varies a lot). »» Taxi: $2.04/km however this varies a lot. »» Coffee: $4 for an average-sized cup. »» Combo meal at a fast food restaurant: $10. »» Fitness club: $70/month. »» Gas and electricity bill: $50$100/month depending on what is including in your rent. »» Groceries shopping: approximately $250-$400/ month, depending on how much and what you’re eating. »» Restaurant: $12-20 for a meal.

G’day mate! How you going?

»» Public transport: Bus, train or tram are easy to use and they go almost everywhere. Make sure to get your student go Card (ask the Student Guild for help). Students pay about $2-5 for a full-day, depending on where they live. »» Learning to surf: A two-hour group lesson for beginners costs about $50 or $120 for a private session. Renting a wetsuit will add another $8. »» Trip to Sydney: In peak season, the fare will be about $230 round trip; but it can be as cheap as $80 at other times. »» Bottle of wine: Here you can buy “goon” a bag-in-a-box for about $8 (far from being my favourite); a decent bottle will cost twice as much. »» Keep aside: $50 to $100 a week for entertainment.

CREATIVE CONCEPTS \\ GRAPHIC DESIGN \\ PHOTOGRAPHY \\ ILLUSTRATION IMAGE RETOUCHING \\ PRINT & WEB \\ SOCIAL MEDIA \\ BRANDING Liveworm Gold Coast is staffed with a collection of skilled multidisciplinary design students, guided by a highly experienced team of industry professionals. The studio is also a creative incubator for student industry concepts, supporting the local business and cultural community. The studio opened its doors in 2008 after being converted from a grungy fine art and sculpture workshop into a creative studio and incubator space – under the wing of the 130 year old Queensland College of Art.

Liveworm Gold Coast designers are the future experts of their field. They know what’s current, enjoy predicting future trends and utilising classic design strategies. In the midst of a new studio image and direction Liveworm Gold Coast is working towards a stronger position within the evolving creative Gold Coast culture. The team of students and staff embrace the changes that are occurring locally and globally and enjoy creating design outcomes that reflect this unique approach.

CONTACT US goldcoast@liveworm.com.au



07 5552 7262

@ livewormgc





1. Everyone includes everyone in university.

13. Public transport is your best friend.

On my first day of university, I was terrified by the idea of getting lost on campus; subsequently having to ask someone for directions on where to go, and actually having to talk to people in order to make friends. However, as I have now discovered after experiencing my first year at Griffith, university is not what it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s so much more. So, as I enter my second year at university, here are 25 things I’ve learned in my first year that I will take with me as I embark on the rest of my journey.

2. I spend way too much money on coffee than I should on campus.

14. The bigger the study group, the better.

3. I also spend way too much money on food than I should on campus. 4. Don’t leave things until the last minute if you want to get a good mark. 5. Do your referencing properly. 6. Keep in touch with your uni friends during the holidays. 7. There’s always someone to hang out with on campus, no matter what time, or where. 8. Making friends is less scary than you think. 9. Saying hi to someone on the tram can turn into a good friendship.

15. The water refilling station near Café Rossa has saved me way too many times. 16. It’s very beneficial to turn up to lectures and classes at least ten minutes early. 17. Planning is essential. 18. Submit assignments at least an hour early. 19. I can dress how I want, and people will still think it’s cool. 20. There are people who love joining in on conversations about music and film. 21. People are always down for a coffee run after a long day studying at the library.

10. There are really cool people who hang out in the Uni Bar.

22. There’s always someone who is keen to play a game of pool at the Uni Bar.

11. Tutors can be very interesting people.

23. You can never have too many friends.

12. Trying to find a park is horrible.

24. Be open-minded. 25. University is fun.

25 things I learned in my first year of university


JOIN A CLUB Joining a club is easy and it’s the best way to go about meeting people on campus who share the same interests as you. From recreational sporting groups, to educational and professional associations, visit our Club Sign-on Days and find a club for you! SIGN-ON DAYS, FUNCTION CENTRE (G07) TUESDAY 8 MARCH:

Educational and Professional, Cultural, Community Service and Special Interest Clubs

WEDNESDAY 9 MARCH: Sport and Recreational Clubs



ON FILM Each edition, Geta carefully selects ten films around our theme to expand your viewing horizons (and to help you narrow down your Stan and Netflix choices). This edition however, we are getting off of the couch and looking towards the big screen to see what is on offer this year. Obviously there are the big blockbusters like Batman v Superman, Captain America 3 and X-Men Apocalypse, but there are many more (hopefully) great films on the horizon. Geta has trawled cinema guides, fan sites and the rumour mill to tell you what to look out for at the flicks in 2016.

By Rebecca Marshallsay

The Nice Guys When Russell Crowe finds his groove he is pretty awesome. And when he loses it... well, he’s Russell Crowe. The good news is that he certainly looks to be in the groove in The Nice Guys. Pairing up with Ryan Gosling (a struggling private eye), Crowe plays a hired muscle investigating the death of a porn star in 1970s Los Angeles. The Nice Guys director/writer, Shane Black, offers the same quirky mix of black comedy and action that made Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a cult favourite. (May)

Our Kind of Traitor


Hail, Caesar!

Following on from solid adaptations such as The Constant Gardener and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Our Kind of Traitor is the latest John le Carré novel to be adapted for film. This spy thriller begins when a British couple (played by Ewan McGregor and Skyfall’s Naomie Harris) are approached by a Russian oligarch, Dima (Stellan Skarsgård), whilst holidaying in Marrakech. By his own admission, Dima is one of the world’s top money-launderers and soon he has embroiled his new friends in a terrifying journey that will take them across Europe seeking safety. (August)

Ghostbusters has already met a critical reception. Some of this comes from those who see it as another cash-grabbing franchise rehash and the rest of it from the misguided, 1950’s notion that the presence of two X chromosomes overrides the ability to be funny (someone should notify killer comediennes like Chelsea Peretti, Amy Poehler and Jenny Slate). Based on a similar premise to the original, paranormal experts Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) and Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) move from objects of ridicule to in-demand exterminators when paranormal activity is discovered in NYC. (February)

Kitschy, cheesy, smarmy are all words you could use to describe the latest offering from the Coen brothers. However, it looks as though they are ladling on the schmaltz in the best kind of way in this 1920s Hollywood comedy. When big screen favourite Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) is kidnapped, the studio turns to Hollywood ‘fixer’, Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) to recover the screen legend with minimal fuss. With more stars than a knockout punch, the Hail, Caesar! payroll also includes Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum and Tilda Swinton just to name a few. (February)

2016 on film

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Considering the scope of Harry Potter-fandom, the coming of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been remarkably low-key. Written by J.K. Rowling, Fantastic Beasts is set in the Potterverse (if we may) but almost a century earlier in 1920s New York. The film follows the adventures of wizard and writer, Newt Scamander, who will be played by Eddie Redmayne, as he deals with the escape of a host of magical creatures and the havoc they wreak on magical and non-magical relations. (November)

Arms & the Dudes Starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, Arms and the Dudes is based on the true story of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, and how they picked up a $300 million contract with the US Department of Defense to supply arms to the Afghanistan military. Out of their depth, these morally ambivalent entrepreneurs decided to pursue the route-mostdodgy and fulfilled the contract by supplying shoddy post-Communist weapons obtained through a Balkan arms dealer. Can’t wait for the film? You can read the full, true story in Guy Lawson’s Arms and the Dudes: How Three Stoners from Miami Beach Became the most Unlikely Gunrunners in History. (August)

Suicide Squad

The Witch

If you can ignore the fact that the trailer includes Will Smith uttering the cringe worthy, “Let’s go save the world”, for about the billionth time in his career, Suicide Squad looks like an exciting change of pace for the overdone superhero genre. A band of anti-heroes are assembled from the most dangerous and craziest villains the government can get its hands on to battle an (as yet) unspecified big bad. Do yourself a favour and make sure you check out both versions of the trailer to get the full feel for this dark and kooky action film. (August)

If you like to get your creep on then The Witch is the film for you. Set on a remote New England farm in the 17th century, The Witch promises to be a slow simmering horror show that is not for the squeamish. A mysterious forest, child possession, black magic and some creepy animal behaviour... it’s all there. And if the trailer is anything to go by goats might be added to your list of phobias. (March)

Pride and Prejudice & Zombies

Finding Dory

If you ever thought ‘Hmm, I really enjoy Austen but it could be jazzed up with some reanimated corpses’ then wouldn’t you know it? You are in luck! B-grade horror has slowly been working its way into the mainstream and it looks like it has well and truly arrived with the advent of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. If Lily James (Cinderella and Downton Abbey) as heroine, Elizabeth Bennet isn’t enough, then perhaps the presence of Game of Thrones’ stars Charles Dance and Lena Headey might convince you of its credibility. (February)


They got you hooked as a kid and now 13 years on, the Disney Pixar team are back to make a double profit off of your nostalgia as well as whole new generation of five-year old would-be marine biologists. Set a few months after Finding Nemo, Finding Dory sees your favourite scatterbrained fish set out to piece together puzzling memories that have been troubling her. Nemo and the reluctant Marlin will once again be forced out of the safety of the anemone and into a big ocean adventure as they try to help their forgetful friend find her family. (June)

Product review – Identities By Rebecca Marshallsay University is a time for fresh starts and reinvention. In addition to picking up some new pens and a fresh notebook, why not try out a new identity for size? Like the proverbial caterpillar, this is your opportunity to emerge from the high school cocoon as the revamped, kick-ass butterfly of your choosing. For our O’Week product review, Geta has checked out the pros and cons of a few personality types that you might want to try out. Some of them are inspired by the local GC environment and some of them have a more worldly appeal.



This left of centre lifestyle is all about seeking a more authentic way of living based on a heavy dose of ironic consumerism. If you don’t have the money to invest in a skateboard or a fixie, there are budget friendly ways to declare your conversion...it can be as easy as selecting the right Instagram filter or swapping Monday night netball for an obsession with pickling. If you need some inspiration, just check out the wait staff at any restaurant with the word ‘social’, ‘public’ or ‘house’ in its name. Despite what you might see when you’re ordering your kombucha, beards are not compulsory.

Not everyone is going to be your friend on Facebook so this is your chance to let people know 24-7 that you exercise. Even if that stranger across campus missed the fact that you ran 10km before breakfast (#cardio #motivation #smugsuperiority) or that you benched a s#%tload (#gains #thesegunsdon’tsculptthemselves), they will be in no doubt of your dedication to fitness when they see you trotting to lectures in your best tights and tank combo or gaping muscletee. To increase the sense of wonderment from the inferior masses, it is worth keeping a shaker of protein firmly in hand to create the impression that a workout might be imminent any moment.

Advantages: You get to make the most of both Gold Coast foods trends - super clean eating and the American diner inspired food wave. Tuck into a raw, organic, paleo, sprouted salad for lunch and then devour poppers, a burger and loaded fries for dinner. Disadvantages: You have a pretty monumental existential crisis on your hands when you realise that hipster is now mainstream

Advantages: It is widely known that activewear burns three times as many calories as regular clothes. Disadvantages: Regular trackies won’t cut it (this is just being a normal uni student) - it’s LuLu, Lorna or nothing.

Product review



Politics, philosophy and globalisation... these are the subjects for you. What better place to begin your journey to world domination than at university? Step up early and start practicing rousing speeches in your tutorials and before you know it you will be ready to stage a full blown coup on the premise of abolishing exams. In your free time, you might want to start drafting some notes for future agrarian policies or making rough sketches of your autocratic utopia’s flag. Don’t forget to choose a striking physical affectation such as distinctive facial hair or a cunning hat.

This is pretty much just your regular self with the added pressure that you are now entirely responsible for your own future. The good news is that the classic uni student accommodates a wide range of personalities. This means you can let your freak-flag fly safe in the knowledge that there will be others out there who are tuned in to your brand of crazy. Classic uni student moves generally involve going to extreme lengths to squeeze all your classes into just two days, sleeping on many sofas of dubious cleanliness, and imbibing lots of carbonated beverages.

Advantages: If it all pans out you will be able to erect a giant statue of yourself that reflects your sense of self worth.

Advantages: No need to change your wardrobe. Disadvantages: You are about to become very good friends with Mi-goreng noodles and toast.

Disadvantages: Career wise you will pretty much be forced to work as a sole trader. This, and the prospect of assassination, means low job security (which is not for everyone).


























































































































Collect your student card from Student Admin (beware of long O’Week lines). Double check your enrolment details (talk to Student Admin if you are unsure). Take a campus tour during O’Week (you will be glad you did this once classes start). Attend everything you can during O’Week – both academic and social. Go out of your way to meet new people. This is your opportunity to make friends that will stick with you through your degree. Check out any support groups that you may be eligible to join. Get real life advice from someone who has been through the same process by investigating mentoring options available through your school and Student Services. Stock up on stationery. Read your course profiles and note assessment dates. Confirm your text book lists. Check out Student Services website, Guild textbook fair and Facebook for second hand book options. Investigate scholarship options on the Griffith website (you won’t regret this). Visit the Guild website to see if you are eligible for any bursaries or scholarships. Pay your student service and amenities fee. Collect your O’Week freebies. Nominate to defer or pay your fees upfront (make sure you have selected the correct option). If you don’t have a drivers licence you will need to obtain a Proof of Age card for entry to 18+ events. Still need accommodation? Check out the Guild website for available listings and information on accessing our free bus service to help you view accommodation in O’Week and Week One. HOW WILL YOU TRAVEL TO UNI? Public transport: Purchase a student go card and apply to be eligible for tertiary concession fares at translink.com.au/tertiary (visit the Student Guild for more information). Driving: Purchase a parking permit if you will be parking on campus, or look into carpooling. Bike: Visit the Student Guild to obtain access to the End of Trip Facilities including showers and bike storage.

Surviving your first semester: checklist

Week One Double check your class times and locations. Speak to people in your courses. They could be future friends, study buddies or even note takers when you are absent. Write your assessment due dates into your free Student Guild diary or wall planner from O'Week. Get to know the Library and learn how to check out books. Sign up for helpful Library workshops such us 'Referencing'. Familiarise yourself with ‘myGriffith’ and ‘Learning@Griffith’. They are an integral part of your uni life.You can seek help at the Library if you get stuck. Set your goals and expectations for the semester and make sure you understand your course requirements. Your marks now will influence your overall GPA so it is best to ask Vquestions or seek support early on.

And then...? Head to the club sign-on days in Week Two and sign up for something you love... or give something new a go. Set a weekly study plan to keep yourself on track. Practice different note taking and study techniques until you find something that suits you. Develop a good balance between university, social, work and personal life. Continue to explore all the services available to you on campus through the Guild, Student Services and the Library. Book an appointment with a student success advisor for help with assessments, planning and study. Talk to the Guild about assignment help services. Book an appointment with a careers advisor. They can help you plan for the future. Don't forget that student counsellors are available if you need support. The Student Guild also has support and advocacy officers available to assist you. Take advantage of everything offered by the Student Guild. This ranges from tutoring and day trips to Uni Bar functions and of course, this amazing magazine, Getamungstit.


Did The Force Awakens live up to the hype? longtime fans that the franchise would be returning to its roots. This was helped in no small part by the confirmation that the original cast, who had ignited fan passions, would be returning to save the galaxy from the dark side once again and to mentor a new generation of fascinating heroes.

By Erwan Guegan Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you would be aware that latest movie in the Star Wars universe was released in December; 38 years after the first film of the franchise, A New Hope, captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans worldwide. It is not surprising, that The Force Awakens was, for many, the most anticipated movie of all time. That is, at least since The Phantom Menace was released in 1999 as the first of the new Star Wars films to follow the original trilogy. However, against all expectations, The Phantom Menace disappointed fans and was dismissed as a 'silly kid film'. By far the worst film of the franchise, The Phantom Menace began what would be, overall, a very disappointing prequel trilogy, scarring every fan's mind with deep, lasting disappointment. From Jar-Jar Binks and midi-chlorian to the overly poor use of green screens and computer generated imagery, the prequels failed to recreate the sense of

It is not surprising, that The Force Awakens was, for many, the most anticipated movie of all time. wonder and mystery of the original trilogy. So when Disney gave the reins of its newly acquired $4 billion baby to the talented filmmaker J.J. Abrams and beloved screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (co-writer of the films The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi), the hype and hopes were greater than ever before. The new films looked promising from the outset, with the marketing campaign focused on reassuring

Did The Force Awakens live up to the hype?

Similarly, ‘the new order’ of villains echoed the fallen Empire, and the trailers promised a commander who appeared to be a direct successor of Dark Vader. The fans responded to the trailers and promotion with an impressive $100 million in pre-sold tickets in the USA alone. Blasting all the records including biggest domestic opening weekend ($238 million), greatest domestic second weekend ($149.2 million), leading worldwide opening ($529 million), and largest Christmas day box office in history ($49.3 million), Star Wars: The Force Awakens became the fastest movie to cross the billion-dollar mark, making over a $1.09 billion in just 12 days. So those are impressive numbers but has the movie truly met the hype? To quote Princess Leia, the prequel trilogy left the damaged franchise crying "Somebody has to save our skins"...And that is just

what Abrams and his incredibly talented crew have done. The Force Awakens followed the original spirit of George Lucas’s legacy as much as possible, and has reassured the fans that their beloved universe is now in good hands. Using as many practical effects and real locations as possible in order to recreate the same aesthetic that initially captured the fans' imagination, Disney has managed to reclaim the people’s trust in Star Wars. They have utilised the fans' nostalgia and met their extremely high expectations. The Force Awakens ignites passions and makes the viewer want jump aboard the Millennium Falcon alongside Chewie and Han. In the wise words of Obi-Wan, "In my experience there is no such thing as luck" and it is no accident that the start of the new trilogy was so successful.

Using the same recipe as the original movie, Abrams gave the fervent followers of the galaxy far, far away the entertaining and exciting space opera they wanted and deserved by telling a funny, emotional, thrilling and most of all, captivating story. The Force Awakens actually feels like a Star Wars movie and creates the perfect set up for the coming movies of the saga.

The next film will not be released until 2017 but in the meantime fans can look forward to the start of an independent trilogy of films. These films will move away from the central plot line but will tell stories from the Star Wars universe under the Star Wars Anthology banner and starting with Rogue One at the end of this year. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on 16 December 2016 Star Wars: Episode VIII on 26 May 2017 Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology on 25 May 2018 Star Wars: Episode IX expected 2019

The Force Awakens followed the original spirit of George Lucas’s legacy... 31

Untitled Star Wars Anthology expected 2020

Feature artist – Allday One of the biggest highlights of O’Week 2016 will take place on Friday night at the Uni Bar when Australian hip hop star, Allday, hits the stage for a live performance. If you’re reading this mag early in the week, do yourself a favour and head to gugcstudentguild. com.au to see if tickets are still available.

Adelaide born Allday (Tim Gaynor) moved to Melbourne a few years ago and has been a growing force in Australian hip hop ever since. Although he has been releasing his music online for several years, Allday has steadily been making his way onto the scene by word of mouth and exposure through emerging artist programs such as triple j Unearthed. In 2014 he released his first commercially available Startup Cult album which hit number three on the ARIA Albums Chart. Triple j listeners would recall that the album secured two places in the 2014 Hottest 100 with ‘Right Now’ at number 65 and ‘You Always Know the DJ’ at an impressive number 35. You moved from Adelaide to Melbourne a few years ago, how much do your surroundings influence your work? I write about things and people in my life, so it

Feature artist

changed everything. I write a lot about parties and stuff that happens to me in Melbourne. Did you perform live a lot when you were honing your skills? I’m still honing my skills, but yeah, I was nervous for a long time about performing, it didn’t come naturally. I actually didn’t do a gig for about three years in between ages 17 and 20 because my first gig felt so terrible and awkward. And how do you feel when you perform live now? I usually feel pretty excellent I suppose, I’m used to it, and I’m lucky that a lot of people know the words. I guess it becomes familiar, so I go through a set of emotions and physical reactions before a show and it’s calming because I’m used to feeling those things. Before your radio success with Startup Cult tunes like ‘Right Now’ and ‘You Always Know the DJ’, you were releasing digital mix-tapes. Would you encourage aspiring artists to make

the most of digital platforms to get their work out there?

commercial success increases do you continue to look back at where you came from?

I think so. Spotify and Apple Music are good, and you can start on Soundcloud. Talk to the people who listen to you, show them you appreciate it.

I don’t think people want to hear “I have all this money and my life is way easier now” (although actually my life is infinitely harder than it’s ever been), I’m cautious not to retell the “rapper with money” narrative. So I try to focus on other aspects of my current life and where I came from.

Do you enjoy covering other people’s work? I do, and when my album is taking forever it’s a good way to remind people that I still exist. Apart from the financial benefits, how significant is commercial success to you? Has it changed your direction? I have never had like, a top 50 single I don’t think, although my album charted at number 3. And I haven’t sold Gold or Platinum, so I wouldn’t consider myself commercially successful. I have a cult following who are really supportive, and the only changes in direction I’m interested in are artistic ones. My music is changing over time and hopefully getting better.

What are you listening to/enjoying at the moment? Grimes’ - Art Angels, Bryson Tiller - Trap Soul. Any big plans for 2016? Album, tour, more music, more Chubby Chronicles, moving house next week, have fun, stay alive.

You can check out more of Allday at soundcloud.com/alldaychubbyboy

A few of your songs like Claude Monet and Angels have an origin story theme, as your


Online Unf%# Your Habitat Website UfYH operates under the premise that ‘You’re better than your mess’. Another one of their taglines is ‘Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes’. Stacked with cleaning checklists and challenges, UfYH can’t work miracles but it will help you get your place defunked and a lot less cluttered. Working from a 20:10 principle (20 minutes cleaning, 10 minutes free time to check Facebook, live tweet your experience or just gaze at your navel), you can take on a minichallenge such as de-griming the microwave or commit to a full house clean with the Un%# Your Weekend challenge (split over two mornings). Although most of us know exactly what needs to be done, sometimes it helps a lot to have someone spell it out for you. When was the last time you changed your sheets? unfuckyourhabitat.com


Calm App If you like the idea of meditating but can’t quite manage it on your own then Calm may be able to help. Calm offers guided meditations of various lengths, general background sounds for free meditation, and meditation timers. The free version includes a seven day program to introduce you to the practice of meditation. One of the best features of the app is the profile calendar which keeps track of which days you meditate. You can upgrade to a user pay version which allows you to access over 25 guided meditations on themes including anxiety release, unlocking creativity, and self acceptance.

Zergnet Blog Zergnet is basically a black hole for your time. This blog collates viral stories from around the web and lays them all out with big pictures and click-bait titles to tempt you to click on just one more, and another one... this is definitely the last one. You can explore the following categories: movies, gaming, entertainment, sports, food & drink, and men’s lifestyle. If you can get off of ZergNet in under twenty minutes, we applaud you. zergnet.com


Griffith App App Get all the Griffith you could possibly need on your phone. The Griffith App gives you convenient access to everything from the website without having to search for it. Access Campus Maps, Timetables, Learning@Griffith, Events and more, quickly and easily. Available through the App Store and Google play.


The Hateful Eight (2016) 167 min Rated R18+ Western, thriller, drama Director: Quentin Tarantino

By Rebecca Marshallsay The Hateful Eight is the eighth film by director, Quentin Tarantino and returns us to the 19th century American West. This is familiar territory for Tarantino with his last film Django Unchained, also a Western, set just two years before the American Civil War. The Hateful Eight takes place just a decade or so later once the war has concluded. Like Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight is confrontingly blunt about Civil War era America’s racial divisions and casual denigration of black Americans. The Hateful Eight sees a motley bunch of strangers trapped together in a remote saloon in Wyoming when they are forced to take shelter from a blizzard. The group includes a sheriff, a hangman, a southern Civil War general and not least of all, bounty hunters Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) who takes them dead over alive, and John Ruth (Kurt Russell) who prefers to deliver his bounty alive and kicking to the hangman. Ruth holds

captive the only female of the party - spitting, cussing outlaw Daisy Domergue. Although most of the rag tag bunch wear a facade of respectability, the atmosphere is much more that of a group of desperadoes trapped together and the situation is tense from the outset. If you are not a fan of Tarantino, The Hateful Eight is not likely to be the film that converts you. The fixed space of the log cabin setting and the focus on oral storytelling make the film feel very much like a (lengthy) play. The film is an exercise in patience, much of the plot is dialogue driven and Tarantino painstakingly develops carefully constructed conversational interplay that is slowly doled out to the expectant audience. This slowly-slowly approach does give the audience a sense of experiencing the events at the same pace as the characters however you can imagine a same but different version of the film that could have run for just 90 minutes with a much broader appeal. There has been a lot of hype about The Hateful Eight, not least of which generated by the decision to shoot with Ultra Panavision 70 using 65mm film and 70mm projection. In the simplest terms, this means that the film has been


shot using old school film and without digital interference as far as colouring and overall aesthetics go. It also means that the film has a very wide aspect ratio that is typically associated with epic films like Ben-Hur and Mutiny on the Bounty. Tarantino has clearly taken great delight in crafting a film of epic proportions that is not only about the plot but experiencing the spectacle of cinema itself. From the opening credits which are drawn out like a traditional overture to the inclusion of an intermission in the road show version, there is a very meta feel to his focus on the filmmaking process. In the early scenes in particular Tarantino has used the wide aspect to stunning effect as he intercuts between wide landscape shots of snowy Wyoming and a horse and carriage fleeing the blizzard, to tight close ups of his characters as they meet for the first time within the close confines of the carriage. Although this film might not be re-watched as many times as his faster paced triumphs such as Inglourious Basterds and Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight is certainly worth a watch for Tarantino fans and cinema buffs alike. Final verdict: Not for the faint hearted or those with a short attention span.

The Anti-Cool Girl Rosie Waterland

By Jessica Brown If you haven’t heard of Rosie Waterland then you might have been living under a rock this past year or so. That, or you have a particular distaste for reality television in the form of 20 assorted females vying for the attention of Australia’s most eligible bachelor. Whaaaat?! You crazy non-conformist you. Made famous by her laugh-outloud ‘Rosie’s Recaps’ of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette episodes, it is no surprise Waterland has released a book off the back of her increasing popularity and Facebook following of 95,000+ loyal fans.

This is where things get interesting. The Anti Cool Girl is nothing like the usual tongue in cheek hilarity we’ve come to expect from Rosie. Turn the page now if you are just after a book of witty one-liners. Although side-splitting in parts (for example pooing herself in public more times than any human should post-nappy stage), it is for the most part a brutally honest account of the worst possible things that could ever happen to a human being, let alone a child. The Anti Cool Girl is a memoir of an incredibly rough upbringing and somehow overcoming the toughest challenges life could

throw at you - addict parents, bullying, sexual abuse, eating disorders, the toilet mishaps and generally struggling to be cool in any sense of the word. The Anti Cool Girl is witty, honest, awkward, relatable, brave, hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time. Rosie’s story might sound like a typical “kid has bad childhood, life gets better, turns into successful adult, inspires others” fluff piece on the surface, but it is so much more than that. You won’t be able to put this down.

Are you a film nerd, music geek, book worm or online aficionado? Would you like to tell us what you think? Getamungstit is always looking for talented contributors and reviewers.

If this sounds like you, please drop us a line at getamungstit@griffith.edu.au and your work could be featured in our next edition.


Entertainment Five albums to add to your playlist in 2016 By Angel Nikijuluw The 1975 I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It (Feb 26) Establishing their presence in the alternative/pop scene in 2012, The 1975 have since exchanged their monochromatic aesthetic and ambient sound for more pop-oriented, refined beats and colourful vocals. I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It is their sophomore record, which contains the more animated, wild vocals of Matt Healy, with elements of bubblegum pop motifs.

Foxes All I Need (05 Feb) Since releasing the energetic first single, Body Talk, in June last year, pop/alternative queen Foxes has just released her second record, All I Need. Delivering a balance between powerful ballads and pop hits, All I Need continues to envelop its listeners in a blanket of ambience unique to Foxes.

Flume Skin (Date TBA) While this album is not released (just yet), Australia’s electronic sweetheart Flume has been hard at work producing his long-awaited second record, Skin. Having released the first single – Some Minds – in May last year, the Sydney producer released a four-minute preview of Skin in January this year, which seems to promise yet another set of electronic, atmospheric bangers.

Miike Snow iii (4 Mar) Known for their pop/electronic number, Paddling Out from 2011, the Swedish trio Miike Snow are set to deliver another collection of impeccably constructed songs, just in time for the start of semester one. Already delivering two singles ahead of the release of iii – Ghengis Khan, and Heart Is Full – you can expect a perfect fusion of electronic and alternative sounds, as well as a collaboration with UK pop powerhouse, Charli XCX.

Bloc Party Hymns (29 Feb) Releasing their first album way back in 2005, Bloc Party’s sound has evolved from indie rock and post-punk revival, to indie alternative, with subtle electronic influences. More than 10 years later, Hymns - the fifth studio record by the alternative UK band – may feature new music genre influences, but remains nostalgic to Bloc Party’s ‘classic’ sound.



Falls Festival Images and words by Christian Nimri

Known as a ‘laidback Splendour In The Grass’, Falls Festival delivers all the good vibes that any festival goer is seeking. In the beautiful fields of Byron Bay, Falls is a three-day festival filled with a huge variety of music, art showcases and much more. With hot weather and a chilled out atmosphere, Falls 2015/16 promised a phenomenal conclusion to 2015 and start to the new year.

Summer festival weather (and clothing choices) I arrived a day early with a few friends to secure a good campsite. We arrived to an unexpectedly empty line, pitched our tents and began the first night of partying. I woke up way too early the first morning to the blistering heat. I sat with an UP&GO and watched hung-over festivalgoers crawl out of their tents and ready themselves for a jam-packed first day (of what would no doubt be the best three days of their years). The odious temperature climbed throughout the morning. Having lost a bet to some mates back home, I had to wear a long set of denim-overalls (or some may call dungarees) for the whole duration of the festival. As a result, my body temperature alternated between “please get me the hell out of these clothes” to “hey, this is actually quite comfortable”.

The actual media experience Weirdly enough, the media tent was located in the VIP section. Bands and different artists would float around the place, and we were able to float as well. I entered the media tent for the first time to be greeted by some lovely volunteers and organisers who explained the whole process for accessing the main stage photo pit. Lens caps on, cameras off, we walked around the boardwalk past the artists’ caravans, through a backstage pathway to the photo pit. Throughout the journey there were many cameos of mini celebrities just hanging out in lounge chairs between the caravans. It was weirdly exhilarating seeing it all. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos in this area so there will be no showcasing my experience here.

Falls Festival

Food and arts As you would expect, anything Byron related brings forth an host of food stalls and different art appearances. They offered a huge variety of food ranging from chicken schnitty wraps (which were easily my favourite), to a vegetarian’s favourite - Govindas. Due to the hot weather, there were, as expected, stations throughout the festival that threw cold water on you or misted you as you walked through; but to everybody’s surprise, Falls also offered a little swim park. It held several pools, some tanning beds and one giant inflatable waterslide for people to flail down and cool off before partying into the night. Different arts precincts and random flash mob performances throughout the festival’s duration made this entrance to the new year one to remember.

Day 1 I sat through and photographed the artists progressively, but for time’s sake we’ll do one or two artists from each day.

my body temperature alternated between “please get me the hell out of these clothes” to “hey, this is actually quite comfortable”.

Art VS Science One of the favourites of day one was Art VS Science, who pulled off an absolutely, ridiculously amazing and hilarious performance. With their unique sound in electronic dance they created a moving atmosphere while maintaining a stage presence that kept the joy alive. All goofy in their own ways, it created a fun and enjoyable set and I’d pay to see them again. Post-set I challenged their drummer, Dan to a game of ping pong… he destroyed me.

The Wombats To put an end to 2015 and welcome the new year, The Wombats were last up, providing an energetic, rock filled, body moving performance. Aficionado musician Tord O.Knudsen tore up the stage with his bass guitar and jumpy moments, never leaving a dull moment during songs. The sound of the crowd slamming hands together to Greek Tragedy still resonates in my mind. The perfect choice for a New Year’s headline act.

Day 1 special mentions: Bullhorn, Wavves, Peking Duk

Recommended: In This Together - Art Vs Science 41

Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

Falls Festival


Day 2 I started the New Year with a gracefully early sleep in ( 9am) before charging into the festival, schnitty wrap in hand.

RÜFÜS In addition to the bands and single artists, there’s always the DJs to fill the crowds and pump dance energy into their nerves. RÜFÜS pulled the biggest crowd I saw for the whole festival. The indescribable light show and dance atmosphere basically pulled me out from backstage and into the crowd to dance into the claws of the music. With the festival vibes that people are looking for vibrating through me, I boogied away with one of the festival’s organisers to Take Me and Sundream (was pretty cool). Without a doubt, RÜFÜS topped the evening for show stopping performances. However, they were not the last to perform.

Miami Horror As every single Falls photographer crowded into the main stage pit for Bloc Party, I decided I was about to miss something epic from Miami Horror. I listened to that gut feeling and sprinted over (awkwardly with my gear) to the Valley Stage, where I was welcomed to much smaller crowd and the greeting “Hey, we are the band that’s not Bloc Party”. Following my instincts paid off and I was the only photographer to capture lead singer, Benjamin Plant, dancing, performing acrobatic feats and climbing the side stage supports like a monkey. After RÜFÜS, I didn’t think the night could get any better but I was able to marvel in the glory of being the only photographer to capture the

Recommended: Sun Dream RÜFÜS Holidays ft. Alan Palomo Miami Horror

Miami Horror madness... Day 2 special mentions: Seth Sentry, Bootleg Rascal, Oh Wonder, Meg Mac, Oh Wonder, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Maccabees and Alpine

Falls Festival

Day 3

Gang of Youths Today’s favourites began with Gang of Youths, an indie rock group compromised of five of the more humble and genuine people I met at the festival. They performed to their very own high standards and were easily one of the better performances on display. Despite performing early in the day, they attracted a crowd

Recommended: Poison Drum, Magnolia Gang Of Youths

Day 3 special mentions: Soak, Mac Demarco, BØRNS, Toro Y Moi, Leon Bridges, Halsey, The Avener, Django Django and Disclosure

that filled the entire mosh of the Valley Stage. Their lead guitarist wore his signature Mona Lisa shirt (there’s a story behind it) and vocalist David Le’aupepe glided around the stage and busted out some funky dance moves to please the crowd. He threw out lyrical masterpieces that related to his former wife’s melanoma diagnosis and treatment, as well as the mental health issues he has faced in his life. I’ve never seen a more passionate performer before. Apart from RÜFÜS, Gang of Youths were the only other band to draw me out of the photographers’ pit and into the crowd.

Foals Next on my favourites for the night was Foals, who unexpectedly pulled one of the biggest crowds for whole festival. Their entire set was impressive and their great vibe was enhanced by the supporting light show. Foals, as expected, blew the minds of the audience with their spectacular performance and visuals. Falls Festival is a one-of-akind festival where you go to experience friendly, chilled out vibes, as well as having the option to party till the AM and waking up shortly after to do it all over again. I’d definitely recommend it.

I entered the festival grounds on the last day to see superhero flash mob unfolding. Fifteen superheroes incorporated different dance styles and danced away the morning in a weirdly spectacular display.


Being creative

Featuring work from the latest graduates of the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.



I am in constant search for inspiration and creativity, whilst searching I have stumbled upon jewellery creation. All my pieces are hand-made by yours truly, with lots of thought and love. This is the beginning of my pursuit to one day start a business of creating wearable art. These creations will reflect my techniques, my attention to detail and my inspirations. My creations are for everyone who appreciates the beauty of art and hand-made skills. Kiko Lights presents an aesthetically pleasing handcrafted product created using a combination of urban and natural materials. The design and production process has been tailored to ensure each product has its own unique concrete texture and wood grain. Each lamp includes fabric cord, an inline switch and a 25W filament globe, with structural composition to ensure both functionality and safety. In a world full of mass production there is nothing greater than a hand crafted product. CHRISVENNING.COM

Being creative



A specifically selected combination of ancient and imperial colour palettes are used in the first two poster designs for my 1994 colour series poster collection. The process of design begins with a preconceived idea and intended direction followed by hand drawn illustrations with a range of selection pens, from bullet point through to paint pens.

Zamiah rope collective, hand made skulls with a unique style. The inspiration behind my skull heads came from wanting to add new and different skulls to my collection. I noticed there was already a growing market of resin skull heads, plaster fabric covered skull heads, and painted plaster skull heads, so I decided not to pursue that market.

Like most of my poster collections I tend to stick to a set of rules that I create in order to keep consistency. The final outcome is generated through Adobe Illustrator vector software to guarantee maximum quality in print. PHILLIPRUDNEV.COM

I wanted to create a skull head that would be challenging. I wanted to create something that would be motivating, meticulous and unique. BRONTEBEHNS.COM 47

Being creative

Featuring work from the latest graduates of the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.



COMPLY is a clothing company I created for my final university project to express my passion for the skate, surf, snow and street wear industry that thrives within Australia. The process ranged from branding development, through to product design and production and is used as an outlet to portray my own creative style. The tasks and skills used within this project included; branding and identity design, website design, illustration, product photography and a range of ongoing tasks to continue to grow COMPLY as a business.

Inspired by natural landscapes, and directed by aerial photography, flow and form unveils itself by hand. As bespoke products, each piece is one of a kind. The first resin barware collection takes shape from Iceland, where copper oozes and blues flow as volcanic ash, white foams as black marbles along the VĂ­k black sand beach, and green glows as copper sparkles through the northern lights sky. SkĂĽl Collective translates the adventure of travel, diving into culture, capturing landscapes, and connecting with people, into a tangible product. Discover more at skalcollective.com HANNAHSHERRIN.COM


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By Mic Smith

Do you want to see your work in print? Getamungstit is seeking high quality submissions of short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and other genres for our creative section.

Check out the Contributor Guidelines at gugcstudentguild.com.au/getamungstit for further information.


Being creative



By Donal Keenan

By Donal Keenan

We are both caught in it now, Whirring and humming. No more clanging and smoky disorder, Of cogs and oil and switches and belts.

The real world goes like this: On an iron grey conveyor belt Of touchscreens and newsfeeds, Moves the herd of Martin Place heroes. A ‘Pardon me’ is a diamond in the coaldust, Before the shoving elevator Escalates all into the mist of Air-conditioned anaesthesia.

Every day clicking, streamlined scrolling and Facebook flatlands. Everything is awesome, Or awful. It’s hard to tell. But dreams remain, To escape this race of well-heeled rats, Into the open and wide and sundrenched Fields of somewhere better. Or nowhere worse. A chink of light, amongst all the bits and bytes and shite, Exit this way. I will ask her if she sees it too, And if it is worth the fight.

But the real world goes like this too: Under soundproofed rainclouds In the fox-holed sanctuary of a drizzly Saturday morning bed, Two sets of footfalls echo on white stairs outside. The first set, elephant thudding of a father, and The second, the patter of a Tinker Bell who On a whim, walks for a change and saves him from the dead. The father chooing chooing, while after is his tiny charge, Who squeaks choo choo too. Or on that same wet Saturday, In a doona’s white cloud, A lawyer’s girlfriend rolls to look him in the eye After a whinge from him Rescues him from garrotting by the grind saying: ‘You are safe here, Here we love ourselves and each other’, Was that real? And lastly or not, the choice, like beauty is always ours, The real world is a man’s soul and sinew, A bow pulled tight before release, Standing poised on the precipice of a snow-capped peak. While down below and out in front The splice of topaz sky and emerald valley calls. And in that icy moment, The world stands reckless, adolescent and free, For in that breathless instant Dying then is enough.

Being creative



By Donal Keenan

By Laura McKinnon

Meeting a light lost, And a love tossed Out into the waves of storm and calm And thought.

Wherever you have come from, And wherever you may go, Learning to embrace change Will help more than you know.

To go again, to fight gain, to live again On another front, And yet to hold in a still cave, Of dark and black.

Change is inevitable; It feels happy; it feels sad. Everything is experience; Wisdom gained is never bad.

Dripping puddles of silence, A glimmer, a candleless flicker To die out, or hope For kerosene instead.

And don’t let fear of change Be a weight upon your back; Do not let it grip you Or stop you in your track. Instead, maintain your focus; Don’t let moments pass you by; Embrace change as opportunity, And you will surely fly.






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Get the hell outta here Every edition, Getamungstit gives you a detailed run down on a Gold Coast event, business or attraction so you can escape from campus and enjoy some of the amazing offerings in our local area. To kick the year off we are giving you not one, but 50 hot tips to help you explore the beautiful and dynamic Gold Coast. Best burgers We have great burgers on campus but when you’re out and about, our contributors have suggested some of these places for the best burgers on the Coast. Tell us what you think...

Markets Chinatown Held in Southport on the first Saturday of every month, the Chinatown markets offer Asian inspired street food and entertainment. Miami Marketta An eclectic mix of food vendors and fantastic music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Wednesday Tapas Club is the best option for cheap student eats at just $6 a plate.

Carrara Markets All day Saturday and Sunday, the Carrara Markets offer a range of stalls from produce and bric a brac to craft and discount retail. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night from 3pm to 8pm, the Beachfront Markets offer a range of stalls, many from local artisans, including arts, souvenirs and condiments. A great stroll for tourists and locals alike.

Get the hell outta here

Longboards, Surfers Paradise

Burger Lounge, Kirra

Boom Boom Burger, Chevron Island

Brooklyn Depot, Surfers Paradise

Easy Street Diner, Mermaid Beach

Ze Pickle, Burleigh Heads

Live music

Soundlounge, Currumbin

The Gold Coast has a robust live music scene if you know where to look for it. The following venues have some of the best local and international gigs. Head to their respective sites to check out the upcoming line-ups or to subscribe to their mailing lists.

Beer Garden, Surfers Paradise

Culture The Arts Centre Gold Coast The Arts Centre is located in the developing Cultural Precinct in Bundall and offers live shows, a cinema and an art gallery. Their lineup includes a host of free offerings including a free monthly lunchtime concert.


Coolangatta Hotel, Coolangatta Hotel Miami Marketta, Miami The Loft, Chevron Island

Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre Based in Burleigh, the Centre educates visitors about the history and culture of the local Yugambeh Aboriginal people and local dreamtime stories including the creation of the mountain, Jellurgal. Drop into the Centre to explore on your own or take a tour.

Alternative eats Peter’s Fish Market Some of the freshest seafood on the Coast is available at the insanely popular Peter’s Fish Market. Located on the Spit, this is a must-visit for fish and chip fans. You can purchase seafood to take home, or select a fillet yourself and have it cooked up on the spot. Burleigh Hill picnic You haven’t Gold Coasted until you’ve had a picnic on Burleigh Hill. Pack a blanket and relax on the hill with stunning coastal views back towards Surfers Paradise. Bring a spread from home or pick up takeaway from one of the amazing eateries in Burleigh.

Coffee Where can you get good coffee off of campus? It’s hotly debated but these places get the nod every time.

Get the hell outta here

Daark Espresso, Labrador

Paddock Bakery, Miami

Blackboard Coffee, Varsity Lakes

Barefoot Barista, Palm Beach

Elk Espresso, Broadbeach

Day trips

the German grandfather clock shop in the main street before you leave.

Byron Bay Just over an hour away, Byron Bay is the perfect day trip. Hang out on the beach, stroll the main street or walk out to Australia’s most easterly point near the lighthouse. If money ‘ain’t no thang’ there are lots of adventure tours from Byron including hang gliding and kayaking adventures. Mt Tamborine This is a great destination for the cooler months. With lots of short hikes around the area, you can work up an appetite before hitting the main street to stock up on fudge or, if you want something more substantial ,you can grab a pizza and do some cheese tasting at the Witches Chase Cheese and Fortitude Brewing Company visitors centre. Don’t forget to visit 57

Brisbane With so much to do here on the Coast, it is very easy to get comfortable and never leave but don’t forget that Brisbane is just an hour away by train. Spend a day exploring the art gallery, Southbank and the mall or head up in the evening for the legendary Eat Street Markets or night out in the Valley. Cabarita A bit quieter than Byron, escape just over the border to Cabarita. The beach offers a gorgeous little bay with fantastic surf and a lookout walk that is perfect for whale watching. The bakery comes highly recommended too.

Get the hell outta here

On the big screen Cheap films

The Hinterland

Killarney Glen

The Gold Coast is more than just pretty beaches. The Hinterland stretches the length of the coast and offers stunning volcanic rim scenery, rugged Australian bush and lush Gondwanan rainforest. There is no better way to explore the beautiful outback than on foot. These are our top picks for day walks in the Hinterland.

The popularity of Killarney Glen has exploded recently as social media has exposed this stunning waterfall and canyon less than an hour from the Coast. The track in and out of the gorge is quite steep so take quality shoes (although many seem to manage it in thongs). Although it is only about 2.5 kilometres return, you will want to spend some time exploring the canyon at the bottom.

Natural Bridge Located in Springbrook National Park, Natural Bridge is a stunning rock formation that sees a waterfall plummet through a large rock hole and into a cave below. The circuit walk from the car park is just 1500 metres. You can also visit during the evening as part of a guided tour to see the glow worms. There are many other short lookout walks and circuits in the nearby area too.

Guild trips Get the hell outta here with the Guild. The Guild can help get you off campus with these fully organised trips on offer in 2016. Head to their website or drop into the Link office for more information on pricing and booking your place. •

Wet’n Wild Trip 20 March

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Trip 29 May

Whale Watching Trip 11 September

Dreamworld Trip 9 October

Stradbroke Island Camping Trip 29-30 October

The movies doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to go; Event Cinemas at Australia Fair offer student tickets from $8 and Reading Cinema at Harbour Town costs just $8.50 for adult tickets. Yatala Drive-in Did you know that there is a ye olde drive-in just 30 minutes from campus? Pack the mattress, pick up the popcorn at the on-site diner and settle in for a double feature from the comfort of your car.

Mt Warning

Gold Coast Film Festival

Climbing Mt Warning is a Gold Coast rite of passage. Whether you climb up by the light of your cell phone so you can summit at sunrise or head up during the day, you will not regret your climb up Mt Warning. This is probably a 3 hour return trip for the reasonably fit and the average trip time is 5.5 hours so dress appropriately and pack some water and snacks. Most of the climb is up steep but well maintained paths. At the very end you will need to scramble up some rocks with the assistance of a chain.

The GCFF runs from 31 March to 10 April. The 2016 program hasn’t been released yet but the festival typically offers an alternative program of quirky, independent and homegrown films. Last year many screenings included Q&A with directors and film stars including George Takei and Dolf Lundgren (all included in the standard ticket price).


NaturallyGC workshops Part of the Gold Coast Active and Healthy program, Naturally GC workshops offer a host of free and low cost workshops to educate us on our fascinating local environment. Most workshops require registration, so if you are interested search for ‘Active & Healthy program’ on the City of Gold Coast council website. Just a couple of the upcoming workshops include: Bush tucker Learn about local Yugambeh bush tucker at this one hour workshop in Benowa. Native bees abuzz Learn about the importance of native bees at this two hour workshop at the Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa on 6 April. Up close nature photography Hone your photographic skills at this free workshop in Coombabah. The next one will be held 10 March.

Get the hell outta here



Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa

Slip and slide your way around the inflatable Aquasplash course, located in the Broadwater (near Australia Fair). $15 for adults, no bookings required.

That’s right, we have our very own botanic garden right here on the Coast. Located in Benowa, this is a picturesque little spot to enjoy a book, take a nap or practice some nature photography. Parkrun parkrun offers free, 5km timed runs every Saturday morning. Gold Cozast locations include Main Beach, Broadbeach Waters, Coomera, Kirra and Varsity Lakes. Register at parkrun.com.au to participate. Q1 SkyPoint at Q1 is not the cheapest attraction on the Gold Coast but should be done once to get an unparalleled 360 degree view of our stunning surrounds from 230 metres above sea level. Currumbin Rock Pools You don’t have to go to the beach to cool off, the Currumbin Rock Pools are just 11km inland and offer a sheltered swimming lagoon in fresh spring water. There is a cafe and bar nearby if you want to make a day of it.

Ghost tours Forget the glitz and glamour, take a ghost tour to explore the darker side of Surfers Paradise. Lantern Tours offers ghostly walking tours of both Surfers and the Southport Cemetery from $29. Visit lanternghosttours.com for more information. Hinze Dam Hinze Dam controls water security across the Nerang River and the 3700 acre reservoir of the Advancetown Lake. The Dam area offers opportunities for kayaking, mountain biking, bushwalking and barbecues/picnics. Burleigh Brewing Company If you are looking for a low key Friday night with friends, head down to the Burleigh Brewing Company between 5pm and 8:30 to sample the company’s delightful beers straight from the brewhouse coolroom. The venue offers live music and you can pick up dinner from the onsite food truck.

We hope that’s enough to get you started. If you are looking for more information on any of these, tap into the power of Google and start exploring. 61




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10am to 3pm fortnightly wednesdays starting week 4 Weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12


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Getamungstit - The O’Week Edition (February 2016)  

Getamungstit - The O’Week Edition (February 2016)