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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild acknowledges the people who are the traditional custodians of the land, pays respects to Elders, past and present, and extends that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. SUBMISSIONS Are you a budding student journalist, photographer or have a random idea that could be a great story? Getamungstit accepts art, photo and story submissions for consideration however there is no guarantee your work will be published. Email us at getamungstit@ griffith.edu.au

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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Hi everyone, Welcome to edition one of your brand spanking new Getamungstit. My name is Cameron and I have the privilege of being your Student Guild President for this year (find out more about me and your Board of student reps on page 7!). As I am entering my fifth year of studies here at Griffith University and in keeping with the O’Week theme of this edition, I feel that I might be able to share some words of advice‌ For many of you, moving out of home is a big step. Let alone moving into share houses with friends or strangers, it can be quite difficult. If you are living out of home for the first time, or moving in with a new group of housemates, this list of essential tips for successful share house living will make the transition a breeze. Just as a general disclaimer; to my previous, current and future roommates, the characters and examples appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or examples is purely coincidental.

Message from the President



1. Cleaning dishes is optional Despite popular belief, the dish fairy DOES exist. The larger and dirtier your stack of dishes in the sink, the more your dish fairy loves you. If you are cleaning dishes when there are still clean ones to use in the cupboard, you have failed. Ensure every last option for eating is exhausted before even considering washing up.

2. Cook something in someone else’s pan and don’t clean it Marinated meats leave the most difficult residue to scrub off, especially after 4 days of sunbaking next to the tower of dishes in the sink. This is a certain way to show respect to your roommates and their stuff and does not inconvenience them at meal times.

3. Never take the bins out This simply is not your job. If you’re bin is overflowing, attempt to create a model of the Empire State Building on top of the rubbish pile.

4. Play hide and seek with dishes Your roommates will love the surprise of finding cups hidden behind the coffee table, plates under couches, forks in couches and an IKEA amount of cups and crockery accumulating in your room.

5. Leave the aircon on all day

You don’t want to come home to a hot bedroom. Before leaving in the morning ensure your aircon is running on high for maximum efficiency. Don’t forget to maintain adequate air flow though. Your window should also be open as wide as possible.

6. Don’t pay your share of the bills to ensure sufficient going out funds What good is it paying for rent and utilities if you then won’t have enough money to go out? Your roommates will understand and be happy to continue covering your share of the bills while you are drinking through your living supply.

7. Come home drunk, blast music, pass out On those nights out, it is essential to finish off the night at home with music almost as loud as in the clubs. This is like a warm down for your ears. You will be thanked in the morning for your superb music choice.

8. Leave hair everywhere in the bathroom This step is essential in houses that do not have the luxury of a bath mat. If you leave enough hair on the floor, over time it will weave itself into a pleasant feeling bath mat that hugs your feet dry when you step out of the shower.


9. Eat the last… You don’t want to see it go to waste right? That last pack of mi goreng, the last muffin, last chocolate. Chances are if there is only one thing of food left, your roommate has got sick of it after the rest of the packet and is begging you to eat it for them.

10. Invite over all your friends, without telling anyone Who doesn’t enjoy a surprise party? What’s even better is when you leave your mess behind. For maximum effectiveness, don’t return to the house for at least 2 days to ensure empty cans, bottles and chip packets have ample festering time in the lounge room, kitchen and dining table.

11. Habitually borrow your roommates’ stuff Borrow their freshly ironed shirts for a night out. Borrow a hoody for those cold winter nights. Borrow their soap and shampoo. Borrow their portable hard drive or USB. Of course, don’t ask permission first. Don’t return the item until you are completely finished with it either.

12. Don’t do any of the above If there is one step you should read for successful share house living, it is this one. These are the things you probably don’t even know you’re doing, but it is driving your roommate(s) insane. More often than not, they are too polite to mention anything, but don’t let it build up to a mental and friendship breakdown.

Wishing you all a successful and enjoyable 2015! Mr President.



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Product review Beer is good. It is frothy, it is foamy and it is a social lubricant. Chances are that beer was the best friend you made during O’Week and the friend that will support you through all of the highs and lows of your uni experience from the stress of exams to the end of semester celebrations.

Without overselling it, beer may be responsible for life as we know it with many experts crediting beer with creating civilisation. Many archaeologists and other researchers claim that 10,000 years ago, when our nomadic ancestors began to establish permanent settlements for the cultivation of wheat, it was beer (and not bread) that was their primary motivator. Originally posited by Jonathan D. Sauer in the 1950s, the theory has gained traction in the academic world over the past 60 years. With a 10,000 year old history, beer as a product has stood the test of time to say the very least.

Whilst the 80s and 90s might have seen the product marketed to a very particular demographic - the sweaty, bestubbled man at the end of a hard day’s physical labour (wrestling crocodiles and such) or the rabid sports fan (of the occa male persuasion) - beer is not just for blokes in singlets and stubbies any more. The increasing popularity of micro-breweries, imported drinks and specialty lines from macro brewers, makes it is easy to find a beer that suits your taste buds and your own personal brand. Why not start with some of the following:


5 Seeds Cider

Add some international flavour to your repertoire with the Mexican brewed Corona. Corona is an American styled lager that is subtley flavoured and delicious served with a wedge of lemon or lime. A very smooth drop with a lingering hops taste, Corona is king of the imports.

“Cider is not beer!” we hear you cry... missing the malted grains that define beer, cider is the perfect beer alternative for those who want their beer scene without the beer! In a market inundated with every flavour cider you can imagine, 5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider is a return to basics in the best way possible. It captures the classic, crisp apple flavour that makes for a great cider.

Product review

Let us know what you think. Available at the Uni Bar.

Tooheys New


James Squire Pale Ale

Tooheys New is a full strength beer that is known for its easy balance between bitter and sweet flavours. This lightly hopped lager is low on fizz (we are sure that that is an official beer term) which means that it is easy to drink (think minimal bloat) and that it maintains its quality from start to finish even if you are a slow sipper. At 4.6% this is probably one best saved for the end of the day (if you’re partaking in a few) so you can sleep it off on the G rather than during your lecture.

Love it or hate it, XXXX Gold is a mainstay of the Queensland beer scene. A mid-strength beer that is brewed from Australian malt, barley and golden cluster hops, XXXX Gold is a mid-strength beer known for its smooth, balanced flavour and mild bitterness. Synonymous with hot summers, bbqs and splitting a carton with your mates. And if XXXX Gold isn’t a beer you want to drink every day, perhaps you can save it for the most special of all occasions, State of Origin... which is fitting because its perfect food match is the meat pie. Drink with pride Queenslander!!!

If you’re looking to cultivate your reputation as a man or woman of fine taste, the Uni Bar epicure, then James Squire Pale Ale (One Fifty Lashes) is for you. Sporting the trademark cloudiness of a fine Australian pale ale, this beer boasts a crisp, fruity flavour. James Squire promote this as an excellent starting point for those with a novice beer palette due to its smooth flavour.


Hazing By Rebecca Marshallsay

In Australia the first week of university—Orientation Week or O-week—is traditionally a time for students to attend information sessions, social events, live music and to familiarise themselves with the clubs and organisations available on campus. In the United States these items are on the official agenda but are often overshadowed by the infamous hazing, pledging and rushing rituals that many first year students or ‘Freshmen’ are subjected to. While there have been reports of hazing type activities in Australia including sexual harassment and excessive alcohol consumption these have been quickly and severely dealt with by institutions. These isolated incidents do not touch the endemic scale of hazing practices experienced at American colleges. With an average of one death per year attributed to hazing, American commentators are quick to assert that hazing is taking place not only in fraternities and sororities but also in sporting clubs and even at high schools. Often dismissed by participants and institutions as innocent or foolish pranks, the Hazing Research Center [sic] slams this dismissive approach asserting that hazing rituals- from the most “innocent” to the most degrading and disastrous are purely acts of power assertion and control. Hazing involves games or rituals that are designed to ‘test’ new students and often involve forced alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, physical abuse and sex acts.

Hazing is condemned by institutions and law makers, with 44 American states enacting hazing laws; however it is still widely practiced. The Hazing Research Center reports that two in five college students are aware of hazing taking place at their institution and one in five students have witnessed it in person. As at 12 February 2010, 96 students had died in hazing related incidents. Many of the deaths, almost all of them male, result from excessive alcohol consumption, or vehicle or physical accidents (including falls and drowning) while under the influence of alcohol. Other degrading and dangerous practices that have been reported include ‘elephant walks’ in which male students are forced to walk naked in a line linked hand to genitals, pouring boiling water onto students, locking students up without food, water or toilet facilities and ‘paddling’ or ‘running the gauntlet’ type beatings.

In the female led sororities, the rituals tend to focus on humiliation over physical stunts and although less dangerous, they can be just as demeaning. At one college pledging students were forced to remove their tops and order themselves by breast size to be judged while at another college a female student reported that she was forced to choose between using a dildo or snorting cocaine in front of her peers.

Hazing involves games or rituals that are designed to ‘test’ new students and often involve forced alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, physical abuse and sex acts.

The Hazing Research Center says students should question any activity that makes them feel uncomfortable; is the activity something illegal or something that feels unsafe? Is the activity something they would feel comfortable telling a parent, university staff member or the police about? Does it involve coercing or embarrassing other people to do something they would not normally do? If so, it is unacceptable and students should report the behaviour immediately.


CNN reports that the most recent college death occurred in December 2013 when a 19 year old student, Chun “Michael” Deng form New York City died from blunt force trauma to the head during a fraternity activity. Deng was participating in a Marco Polo style ritual in which the initiate is blind folded and carrying a heavy sand bag on their back. As they try to reach the target, they are shoved and beaten by the other fraternity members. Deng was beaten unconscious during the ‘game.’ The other students carried him inside to place him by the fire (as he was also cold and wet) and to research his symptoms on the Internet. He was eventually transported by car to hospital where he was declared brain dead. Charges have yet to be laid.


Tips for surviving uni

Tips for surviving uni University is a different experience for everyone. For some, getting a degree is three years of fun and freedom between leaving school and “getting a real job.” For others it’s a hard slog, balancing part time work and study, study, study. Getamungstit has collected the top tips from postgraduates to help you get the most from your uni experience.



Join a club or organisation

Get help!

Joining a club is the best way to make new friends and meet new people at university, especially for students with a flexible program who won’t see the same people at every lecture or tutorial. Clubs can enhance your university experience and open up more opportunities. For example, sporting clubs will give you the chance to go to Uni Games – an experience that many recall as a highlight of their time at uni!

The University has a mountain of resources to help you with your studies from learning advisors to computing and library skills workshops. Save yourself the stress of trying to get your head around referencing at 11pm the night before an assignment is due and get in early to make the most of the support available to you.



Boost your CV

Balance is key

Sadly, for most people your hard earned degree will not see you step straight into your dream job. It is a competitive world out there but you can take steps now to get an edge on your fellow graduates. Join a professional club or organisation to start networking now, make the most of opportunities to improve your professional skills (Getamungstit is looking for future writers and journalists!), and seek out internships or work experience in your field or volunteer in the community. The skills and connections you make now will maximise your appeal to future employers.

It may be deferred but you are spending thousands of dollars to be here – don’t waste it! Your results and stress levels will both benefit from making a solid time commitment to your studies from week one. Prioritise your work and set aside dedicated blocks of time to study if needed. On the flip side, you shouldn’t emerge from your degree a pale, isolated hermit – get out and enjoy yourself! “Best time of your life” is overused with abandon- but take it from those who have been there before… it could well be.







Gym etiquette The start of uni is a great chance to breathe life into those waning New Year’s resolutions but before you hit the gym it’s important to make sure that you’re not committing a fitness faux pas. All gyms will have a set of rules for members however, like any social space there are a set of norms and expectations that may not be printed on the wall and these rules are called gym etiquette.

Deodorant. While we can’t guarantee that it will help you win friends and influence people, it will certainly help you keep the friends you have. Closely related to this is one of the biggies of gym etiquette… BRING YOUR TOWEL. To be clear, a three by three scrap of fabric that could barely masquerade as a face-washer does not constitute a towel. A towel should cover the leg press machine or the mat you’re laying on all the way from your greasy scalp to your sweaty knee pits. You may be proud of the sweaty beast you become at the gym (and aren’t we all) but no one wants to sit in your sweat puddle and we certainly shouldn’t be able to track your circuit bread-crumb style by a trail of unhygienic deposits across the floor and equipment. Bring a grown-up towel and mop up after yourself.

Once the hygiene boxes are firmly ticked it’s time to consider how you negotiate the gym floor. Your guns are amazing and you are buzzing from your pre-workout but this is not your garage gym at home and you need to be mindful of others around you. Put your weights away after you use them, don’t sit on machines and text between sets, and don’t super-set over a dozen pieces of equipment at once. The gym isn’t an intimidating place and you will be fine so long as you practice common sense or what is also known as ‘not being douche-y.’ If you’re not sure how to use a piece of equipment ask a staff member. If you need to share a machine just ask – most people will let you know where their sets are up to so you can work around each other. Enjoy your time at the gym… final piece of advice; hot pants are okay for pump class but nor for yoga (guys and gals, this applies equally).

Gym etiquette

Keen to join the gym on campus? Check out Uni Fitness membership, group fitness, product and service information at gugcstudentguild.com.au/uni-fitness


HIGHER ED ON FILM Forget actual study, what better way to prepare for uni life than with a movie night? College and university life has provided the backdrop for countless films, although admittedly most of them are not exactly life-changing or Oscar worthy. Whether you are looking for rude, crude, drama or something to sing along to, our unranked list has got you covered.

Pitch Perfect (2012) When Beca (Anna Kendrick) reluctantly joins the on campus club, the Barden Bellas, she doesn’t realise how serious the cutthroat world of acapella is. Guaranteed to give you a ‘toner’ for acoustic mash-ups, Pitch Perfect hits all the right notes (get it). Revisit the original before Pitch Perfect 2 hits cinemas in May... aca-awesome.

By Rebecca Marshallsay

Bad Neighbours (2014)

22 Jump Street (2014)

Higher Learning (1995)

When a college frat house, Delta Psi Beta, moves in next door, thirty-somethings Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) try to balance their desire to stay young and relive their glory days with their need for a good night’s sleep. As the parties escalate, Mac and Kelly realise they’d rather be comfortable than cool, and embark on a turf war to get the frat kicked out. Also starring Zac Efron and Dave Franco.

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back in an hilarious sequel that blends two comedy staples - the cop-buddy film with college comedy. 22 Jump Street is a case of the same but different (and just as funny) as undercover cops, Schmidt and Jenko ‘graduate’ from high school to college to chase on-campus drug dealers with a new, deadly product. Apologies if you don’t get a chuckle out of this one, you may be a robot.

Higher Learning is a dark look at race relations in America in the nineties. At Columbus University, a group of students from different backgrounds encounter a range of problems from financial hardship, academic pressure, sexual assault and identity issues. Set against the background of simmering racial tension on campus, it is not long before things reach boiling point. The cast includes Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson, Jennifer Connelly and Ice Cube.

Higher Ed on Film

Starter for 10 (2006)

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)

The Social Network (2010)

Before he was Professor X, James McAvoy was Brian Jackson, a firstyear uni student looking to escape from his working class background at Bristol University. Worlds collide as Brian tries to fulfill his childhood dream of appearing on the popular television quiz show, University Challenge, while trying to win the girl and fit in to his new world.

Animal House is the original college film, the original gross out film and it cemented the toga party as the ultimate college party experience. The misfits, screw ups and rejects of Delta ‘Animal’ House set a new low bar for academic performance as they party, cheat and misadventure their way out of college. Toga! Toga! Toga!

The Social Network assures you that if you are willing to lose friends and sacrifice people, you too could leave university with a multi-billion dollar business. The Social Network is an unauthorised look at Mark Zuckerberg’s university days, the development of Facebook and the subsequent legal fallout. Many claim that the film was robbed when it lost the Oscar for Best Picture to The King’s Speech.

Legally Blonde (2000)

Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002)

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Expecting a proposal, Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is shocked when her boyfriend dumps her because she is too ‘blonde.’ Elle decides to craft herself into the woman he wants by embarking on a transformation from sorority sister to serious Harvard Law Student. Elle surprises even herself as she proves that she is more than just a pretty blonde, and injects some Elle Woods’ spark into the dreary Harvard halls along the way. Snaps for Elle!

Van Wilder is the Animal House for the noughties, but instead of featuring an ensemble cast of future stars, it stars Ryan Reynolds as the popular party man, Van Wilder. Van loves college life so much that he has failed to graduate after seven years. The tone of the film is...well, let’s just say it includes Tara Reid, a semen/ cream mix up and a laxative overdose. If that’s what you’re looking for in your comedy then enjoy!

For better or for worse, Good Will Hunting is the film that launched the careers of co-writers and costars, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Damon plays the eponymous Will Hunting, an MIT janitor whose secret genius is revealed when he starts solving maths problems after hours. A court order forces him into the MIT maths program and into therapy to confront his demons and reassess his life. How do you like them apples?



Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) 129min Action Adventure Comedy Dir: Matthew Vaughn Holy unexpected! Kingsman: The Secret Service is grittier, funnier and much edgier than the previews suggest. Then again, perhaps it should have been expected given that director, Matthew Vaughn’s resume includes production credits on films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and Harry Brown. He also directed Layer Cake, X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass. I guess I was just expecting the PG level violence of X-Men (perhaps with a few more guns) rather than the ‘WTF just happened!?’ styling of Harry Brown that the film favoured. Kingsman is the story of Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton), an underachiever from the wrong side of the tracks who is recruited to participate in the training for Britain’s secret, secret service, the Kingsmen. Egerton is brilliantly cast as the Eliza Doolittle of the secret service as he slowly learns

the art of being a gentleman spy. Whilst this is a familiar plot line, Kingsman’s take and Egerton’s delivery is charming, funny and engaging. Colin Firth leads Eggsy in the ‘way of the gentleman’ as his debonair mentor, Harry Hart, code name: Galahad. Forget Mr. Darcy, this is Firth at his best. His deadpan one-liners deliver some of the film’s funniest moments and he has made the English stiff upper lip incredibly badass. I would back Harry Hart in a fight against Vinnie Jones any day. Samuel L. Jackson plays the baddie, tech mogul, Valentine with Sofia Boutella as his deadly offsider, Gazelle. The villainous pair are an unfortunate necessary evil (forgive the pun) who I could have quite happily seen bumped off at the twenty minute mark with the rest of the film titled, Hanging Out at Kingsman HQ. The evil pair don’t really add much to the film apart from the requisite plot to end the world as we know it. Their assorted quirks feel a little forced and include a


penchant for snapback hats, a lisp and a blood phobia for Valentine. Gazelle sports, bladed prosthetic legs which she uses to slice and dice with abandon. Whilst they are in keeping with a long line of Bond henchmen,(think Jaws’ metal jaws and Tee Hee’s pincer hand), Valentine’s ‘hat on a hat’ array of quirks fall flat. Whilst the film is not a dedicated 007 parody along the lines of the 1967 Casino Royale or the Austin Powers franchise, it certainly has some ‘Bond-gone-bat-shit-crazy’ moments... and they are kooky magic. In addition to the brilliant pairing of Egerton and Firth, other notable performances include Mark Strong as the training instructor, Merlin and Michael Caine who is, well, Michael Caine so he is always unfaultably awesome. From the opening scene when you will think ‘Woah, that was a bit full on’ to the end when you turn to your friend and say ‘That was a bit weird wasn’t it?’; Kingsman will exceed your expectations. Not to be missed.

Uptown Special Mark Ronson Uptown Special is the fourth album from English producer, Mark Ronson. The funk and R&B inspired album features a range of collaborators including Stevie Wonder, Andrew Wyatt and Mystikal, and writing credits include Rufus Wainwright. If you still haven’t made the connection yet, the album is also responsible for the chart topping single, ‘Uptown Funk’ featuring Bruno Mars. Unless you live under a rock, we guarantee that this catchy bit of vintage funk has had you toe-tapping at the lights, in the supermarket or on the way to uni on many occasion. Perhaps not surprisingly, the album as a whole is unable to live up to the hype of ‘Uptown Funk’ and you may just want to pick your favourites from iTunes. Many of the tracks are pleasant but forgettable with some toeing the line between smooth and bland. The notable exception is ‘Feel Right’ featuring Mystikal and unashamedly channeling James Brown to help

you get your groove on. While Uptown Special is not a standout production from start to finish, at least a few of the tracks are guaranteed to “Uptown funk you up.”

The Girl on the Train Paula Hawkins’ psychological thriller makes you question how much of your private life is on display in the modern day urban environment. Rachel passes the time on her train ride by daydreaming about the lives of the people whose houses she passes on her daily commute. She even envies the seemingly perfect life of her favourite couple, “Jess and Jason” whom she has ‘gotten to know’ by observing them in their back garden.


One morning Rachel witnesses something she believes has led to a terrible tragedy however with secrets of her own, Rachel is dismissed as an unreliable witness. Certain that she holds the key to a shocking crime, Rachel becomes more embroiled in the danger that follows as she tries to do the right the thing. Lacking the page turning energy of novels of similar ilk, such as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train suffers from a few too many convenient coincidences and contrivances. That said, the flawed Rachel is an interesting protagonist and the shifting narrative point of view keeps the story fresh. While certainly not the best psychological thriller on the market, The Girl on the Train is still a good read.

Feature artist DAN CARSON

Interview by Rae Cooper

Dan Carson (Gold Coast photographer, design student, talented guy) has a frank discussion about photos, life and creative stuff. Hey Dan, let’s do this. Are you ready? For the people watching at home—tell us a little about yourself. I’m Dan Carson. Man … this is easy. That’s it right? That’s cool. Wait. Are you writing that? And that? How are you writing the laugh in? Laugh. No seriously. Tell the people at home who you are. I’m a commercial advertising photographer. I mainly shoot fashion or editorial. I am into underwater images now—it’s a recent discovery of mine. Is there an ‘I see myself in five years’ question later, or should I answer that now? Wait … are you writing that? You can tell me now if you like. OK well ... In five years, I see myself travelling more. I’ve got plans to go to Japan, China and hopefully Poland in the next year and a half. I’ll do a photo documentary project in each place. I’m all about expanding the experiences. In 10 years—I’m going to have the whole ‘photography studio set up’ in China. The world is my oyster. That’s a pun that ties in nicely with the underwater stuff I’m doing. Have you always lived on the Gold Coast. Will you always live on the Gold Coast? Why are you here right now? I was born in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It’s about five hours north east of New Zealand. Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually a New Zealander with an Aussie accent. I moved to Townsville when I was five which is where this cool accent comes from. All of my schooling was there … an ‘all boys’ private school which was heavily influenced by sports. This experience actually encouraged me to give up a lot of creative experiences. I moved to the GC in 2009, it’s great here, things are always moving and growing. I’m

looking into some ‘post grad’ studies in Melbourne— something focused on documentaries. So I’ll be on the GC for a few more years, do the artist thing and head to Melbourne. Then China. Or Singapore. Or somewhere. When did you realise this is the path you wanted to be on? Before this, I was on the path to becoming a civil engineer. Then I just woke up one morning and thought ‘you know what, I’m sick of being a people pleaser’. I wanted to do something that I really loved. So I looked into changing my degree, which brought me to Digital Media at Queensland College of Art (QCA) and then into Photo Media. What keeps me going with this degree is the knowledge that I take away from it. It’s a brain explosion everyday. I don’t do it for the piece of paper I get at the end of three years, I do it because of the stuff it teaches me and the contacts I make from it. I’ve met so many people. I’ve done some work with Fairfax Media and I’ve assisted in high-end magazine photo-shoots. I know a lot of different industries allow you to travel, but if you ask me—photography tops it. It’s alluring. Just trying to sound fancy now—I don’t really talk like that. Alluring. You’re part of the belly fire and pop crackle of the creative culture growing on the Gold Coast … tell me what this place will be like in five years for the new creative people coming through the ranks. It will be even better. It’s getting better each year. It’s going to open up a new creative field for photographers and creative people. And anyone interested in creative culture. At the moment a lot of this stuff is in Brisbane. It’s great to see it activated and brought down to the Gold Coast. DANCARSON.COM.AU

Feature artist


Being creative

Featuring work from the latest graduates of the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.



Within the past 10 years I have grown from a small town Afrikaans speaking farm girl, living in the middle of no where outside Johannesburg, into an English speaking Australian citizen living and working on the Gold Coast.

My love of architecture came from an introduction to design at an early age. Growing up with parents immersed in the construction and design industry, it allowed me to gain an insight into the world of design. Having moved house more than the average family, my collection of childhood memories became connected to distinctive houses. These experiences motivate me to design for others so they can have the opportunity to build their own emotional connections to the architecture.

Being an African child at heart, home always inspires me. Not only impacting on my art and design, but in how I live my life. I know that anything is possible. I learnt from a young age, that if you want something badly enough - you must work hard. I have travelled far at a young age to be immersed in a inter-cultural society, allowing me to create work that demonstrates a new and innovative way of looking at things. I am not restricted by habit and I always create for a purpose. INGELOOCK.COM


Being creative




I’m Leigh Agius, a 20 year old Graphic Designer with a passion for expressing myself creatively. My skill set includes Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography and Art in many mediums. Recently I have designed a range of natural leather laser cut wallets which can be seen in the image to the right. Above all things my future holds I’m looking forward to a career in the design industry.

Good design is seductive, intimate, confident and knows how to speak to you, even without words.My passion is to deliver a unique creativity through all my works and solve all problems with innovation. Jiggy Deck Co - what started out as a university project has blossomed into my most successful side project. By stripping a deck of its old artwork, deck grip and trucks, I aim to turn an unwanted deck into a piece of art. ‘One Night Stand Sleepwear - a non-for-profit social organisation that tackles homelessness. So far, I have designed the logo and multiple products. Pictured: ‘Oh Baby’ Crops and ‘I’m Cactus’ Pillow.






On my way out into the world of design and creative industries, I am a digital designer with a passion for animation, 3D modelling and design. As a design student in both Norway and Australia, I enjoy mixing both cultures and aesthetic styles into my work. I have enjoyed every minute of my time at QCA, working with other creative people during my internship was one of the biggest learning experiences.

Expressing myself creatively has been a big part of my life. I always remember drawing in my school books rather than writing. When graphic design came in to my life, I was hooked. My passion lies in typography, illustration, branding, web design and screen printing. I developed my project Rize as a creative outlet, producing type on skate decks meant I could indulge in typography whilst reflecting my personal style KELSMADDEN.COM


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Nothing Cooler You could start your day with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon, a run, or by repeating a life affirming mantra. OR you could stop by Nothing Cooler and check out some (or all) of the 9 videos they post as a daily round up of the best of the web. Including such gems as ‘Pornstar Sex vs Lovemaking: The Difference Explained With Food,’ ‘Christopher Walken Reads Aloud Children’s Tale ‘Three Little Pigs’,’ and ‘Perfect Your Drunken Fighting Skills Like a Shaolin Monk’, Nothing Cooler has something for everyone. Procrastinate like a pro without spending hours trawling YouTube for something good or watching kitten montages on Facebook posted by someone you should have defriended already. nothingcooler.com

Marc and Angel Hack Life: Practical Tips for Productive Living If you want to know 5, 10, 50, 73 things you should be doing, thinking, watching or feeling then Marc and Angel Hack Life is the place for you. Who doesn’t like a catchy, numerical list of everything you’re probably doing wrong and the confidence that comes with knowing that you are only a few simple steps away from fixing your shitty life? On a less skeptical note however, Marc and Angel Hack Life is a great place to visit if you’re looking to put a little bit of extra pep into your day or if you are looking for some inspiration or motivation. We bet you’re pretty rad as you are but there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to be a better human being. Naaw, see what a bit of positivity can do. marcandangel.com Online - Top blogs

Thug Kitchen Can I get my burrito with a side of F-bombs? Thug Kitchen offers up a host of tantalising recipes and a heavy dose of expletives to make sure you “Eat like you give a f&*k”. From Bean and Beer Chili to Sexy Spaghetti, this straight talking blog will have you salivating over its scrumptious offerings. The down to earth blog offers an amusing alternative to the elitism that often accompanies healthy eating. Thug Kitchen recipes focus on using primarily whole, unprocessed foods and gets you excited about eating well. Did we mention the recipes are all vegan? Don’t be deterred. Check it out. thugkitchen.com

O ’-W E-E K 20 15

Free O’Week bags, corporate stalls, segway rides, Comedy Night hosted by Frenchy, activities and more!


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O ’ WEEK BA ND NIGH T @ UNI BA R Twelve Foot Ninja kicked off the first live gig at the Uni Bar for 2015 with special guests from the Queensland Conservatorium of MusicOpus of a Machine, Caligula’s Horse and The Orchard.


A C- H B E- party O’WEEK @ UNI BAR

O’Week 2015 wrapped up with a sold out Beach Party in the new Uni Bar.

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Get the hell outta here Currumbin Rock Pools By Anneliese Woodman

If you’re new to the Gold Coast or just looking to explore what our beautiful city has to offer, the Currumbin Rock Pools won’t disappoint. Now before all you locals get your knickers in a knot about the prospect of hundreds of newbies frequenting your beloved chill spot, just remember, we can’t ALL go there at once, nor will you go there every day. So un-wad your panties and share the love a little! As the name suggests, the rock pools are just that – natural rock pools formed by waterfalls streaming down the mountain and through Mt Cougal National Park. There are two spots you can enjoy. The first pools include barbecue facilities and a park that are perfect if you just want to relax and have a picnic while enjoying the rainforest scenery. This area is quite popular due to its picturesque nature and clean, modern facilities, flat rocks for sunbaking, spa-like miniature

rapids, shaded areas and a friendly local café. However, if you are really keen to explore the rainforest, drive until the road ends and enter the car park. Follow the paths to the right and you will eventually come across one of two “lookouts” which overlook what are arguably the best of the rock pools and a true local secret. BEWARE! You will have to climb over these lookouts to access the rock pools and it is dangerous, so be careful please! These rock pools include a natural slide caused by water that has gradually smoothed the face of one of the rocks and culminates in a cool deep pool which you can slide into then relax. This whole area is great for secluded romantic picnics. And if the water features aren’t to your liking, there are also a couple of short walking trails nearby. To get there follow the signs from Currumbin Beach about 12km along Currumbin Creek Rd (for the first pools), or continue to the

Currumbin Beach

Get the hell outta here

end of the road for the national park falls. Make sure you go while it’s still hot as the water in the rock pools is quite cold! Keen to check out more that the Gold Coast has to offer? The Student Guild runs super cheap trips and tours each semester. Visit gugcstudentguild.com.au for more information.

Please beware these areas are not patrolled by lifeguards. You should take note of and obey all signage.

Currumbin Rock Pools



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Experience Experience V1 V1 first first year year uni! uni!

AtGriffith GriffithUniversity UniversityVillage Villagewe we At makesure surethat thatyou’re you’renot notalone alone make firstyear yearuni unistudent. student. asasaafirst With a passionate team of skilled staff, 24hr With a passionate team of skilled staff, 24hr security, a shop on your doorstep and an security, a shop on your doorstep and an instant community of friends our residents instant community of friends residents start their uni experience offour on the right foot. start their uni experience off on the right foot.

Apply to live at Griffith University Apply to live at Griffith University Village for Semester 2 2015 now! Village for Semester 2 2015 now! Visit griffithuv.com.au or call us Visit griffithuv.com.au or call us on 07 5631 4628 on 07 5631 4628





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CREATIVE CONCEPTS \\ GRAPHIC DESIGN \\ PHOTOGRAPHY \\ ILLUSTRATION IMAGE RETOUCHING \\ PRINT & WEB \\ SOCIAL MEDIA \\ BRANDING Liveworm Gold Coast is staffed with a collection of skilled multidisciplinary design students, guided by a highly experienced team of industry professionals. The studio is also a creative incubator for student industry concepts, supporting the local business and cultural community. The studio opened its doors in 2008 after being converted from a grungy fine art and sculpture workshop into a creative studio and incubator space – under the wing of the 130 year old Queensland College of Art.

Liveworm Gold Coast designers are the future experts of their field. They know what’s current, enjoy predicting future trends and utilising classic design strategies. In the midst of a new studio image and direction Liveworm Gold Coast is working towards a stronger position within the evolving creative Gold Coast culture. The team of students and staff embrace the changes that are occurring locally and globally and enjoy creating design outcomes that reflect this unique approach.

CONTACT US goldcoast@liveworm.com.au



07 5552 7262






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Getamungstit - O'Week Edition (April 2015)  

Your FREE Griffith University Gold Coast student magazine. Enjoy edition one of the brand spanking new Getamungstit.

Getamungstit - O'Week Edition (April 2015)  

Your FREE Griffith University Gold Coast student magazine. Enjoy edition one of the brand spanking new Getamungstit.