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Sue Chen

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§ Contents § Synopsis About the Author Chapter1:

Everything is New

Chapter2: A Party Chapter3: The Dream Comes True Chapter4: Tension Chapter5: Outside the Window Chapter6: Who Are You? Chapter7:



The Truth

Chapter9: The Body’s Owner

Synopsis It happened in an apartment one summer. A girl, Jane who just entered apartment

university with

rented three

an other

roommates. She met a ghost and lost unconsciousness. Then, after she woke up, she behaved strangely…

One day, you’ll give back what you owe, no matter what it is…

Author Sue Chen, (born 1990) is a 4th year student majoring in English at Wenzao. She likes horror movies and stories. The idea of this story came from one of her teachers. The main character, Jane, is the name of the teacher. She met a ghost when she was a student. After hearing the story from the teacher, Sue wants to meet a real ghost on her own. This is a story about adventure, romance and mystery.

Chapter 1

Everything Is New

There were beads of perspiration on Jane’s forehead. After moving her stuff into her room, Jane dropped herself in on the bed. Since it was her first time living on her own without her parents, everything was new to her and she got extremely excited. She looked at the ceiling and imagined what new things she saw going to experience at university - making friends, going to nightclubs or falling in love with a guy at first sight. Then, she fell asleep. Outside, it was noisy. Someone was screaming and laughing. Jane woke up, and then walked outside to join her roommates talking in

the living room. Jane by chance had seen an advertisement which was about asking for a female roommate on the bulletin board. The rent was not expensive, including electricity and other expenses. It was a good location since she could walk to school within five minutes. She decided to go and look around the apartment. It was an ideal one for her. The room was lovely, and inside, it had a big glass window. Jane was very satisfied with the single room on account of the window. Outside the window, there was a big old tree. When the wind blew, the leaves of the tree waved and fell. It was pleasant. Certainly, she made the contract with her roommates at once. After that, she moved in.

She thought she was very lucky because her roommates seemed to be friendly and easy-going. Although she didn’t know them at first, they got along well and became very close friends soon after. They went to KTV at the middle of the

night, saw the night view, and went shopping, of course. They have done so many crazy things all together.

Chapter 2

A Party

There was a party at school which was held by the senior students to welcome their school brothers and sisters who just entered the school. Jane’s roommates were looking foreword to attending the party for so long, as well as Jane. For girls, it was an opportunity to meet guys and maybe they could go out in the future. The date got closer and closer. Jane and her roommates exchanged their clothes, and gave suggestions to each other. At last, the date arrived. They dressed

up and hoped that they were the most beautiful one at the party. The auditorium was already full of people when Jane and her friends arrived. There were a lot of pretty girls and handsome boys dancing and talking inside. Jane blushed after she entered the auditorium because so many people were attracted by her and focused their attention on her. Boys were eager to introduce themselves to Jane. On the other hand, girls were jealous of her beauty. After greeting with others in the auditorium, Jane felt bored and wanted to take a walk in the garden outside. She politely dismissed herself from the crowd. Her feet were hurt because of the high-heeled shoes. She took them off as soon as

possible. After her feet were free from the terrible shoes, she picked them up and looked at them. The color was a beautiful shiny red and it matched her black dress. Jane looked at her reflection in the pound. Suddenly, a piece of rock dropped into the water and scared Jane. She got angry and turned around to see who had done that. She saw a tall, handsome guy smiling at her. At that moment, she flushed and looked down. The boy laughed loudly and said to her,” It was me who threw the rock into the water, but I wouldn’t apologize since you didn’t get hurt.” “How dare you? It was dangerous. You are very rude. I don’t want to stay here and talk to you anymore,” Jane replied. The boy’s face changed to a much more serious expression and

said,� I believe that your feet are swollen. Are you sure you can put them into that shoes? Maybe you can, but can you walk?� The boy walked toward Jane.

Jane had no idea what he would do next so she started to feel a little bit nervous. She tried to

move, but her feet were painful. He came closer and Jane could clearly see his face which was gentle and soft. Unexpectedly, he held her in his arms tightly, just like his treasure. He sent her back. On the way to her place, they talked a lot. He, Genius, was a new student this year, too. Jane lied on her bed and thought she was Cinderella who had just met her prince in her life. Now, the name, Genius, filled Jane up. All she could think in her head, in her mind, was Genius. That night seemed to be unreal. After they said good-bye to each other, Jane was afraid that she would never ever meet Genius again. Although they were at the same school and there could be a chance to come across him, he maybe wouldn’t recognize her. What if her prince didn’t

go and find Cinderella, the poor Cinderella would simply be a normal girl. She couldn’t hide her feelings for Genius, but what about Genius?

Chapter 3 The Dream Comes True

The next day was Saturday, and Jane lied on her bed. She was daydreaming and it was all about Genius. All of sudden, the door bell rang. Jane didn’t want to get out of bed to answer the door. “Damn! Who was outside pressing the electric bell? I can’t stand it anymore,” Jane shouted in the air. All her roommates were out on dating. Their partners were guys who they had met last day. By comparison, Jane stayed home alone. She was frustrated and didn’t want to do

anything. When the door bell rang, she wanted to pretend nobody was home. However, the person outside seemed to tease her. She went to the door with anger. She opened the door and spoke some bad words, but she immediately regretted it right away. It was Genius. The one she was dreaming of. Jane was so embarrassed and she blushed again. Genius was shocked at first, soon after he laughed because he thought Jane was frank and cute. He was coming to ask Jane out. Genius, also, fell in love. They started going out frequently and then they became lovers.

Chapter 4


It was almost twelve o'clock when Jane took a bath and got everything done. The phone rang, but Jane was too exhausted to answer. She lied on the bed and listened to the ring until it finished. “It must be Genius calling to make sure I was alright,” Jane thought, “He is an ideal boyfriend in every girl's heart...charming and full of humor. On the other hand, because he is glamorous and easy-going, there are always a lot of girls hunting.” To those girls, Genius was just like a pretty flower which rich in nectar. Bees and butterflies come for collecting it. Jane was so tired that she could fall asleep within one minute.

However, the tension between her and Genius made her distracted. “No that is wrong. The girls are hunters who all eager to get their prey. They are soldiers who grab the goods and materials. They are invaders who seize the territory,” Jane murmured, “Forget it! It'd better to get to sleep since there isn’t school tomorrow in the early morning.” Jane closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep as soon as possible. However, she couldn't stop thinking about these matters and her enemies.

Chapter 5

Outside the Window

“It is summer now. It should be hot, but the breeze...” Jane felt uncomfortable and turned her

body to face the window. She believed that she had closed the window and drawn the curtains close. How could the cold wind blow inside? The gloomy atmosphere filled the air. Something unusual seemed to happen with time. The cold wind blew again; and this time the curtain floated in the air. Outside the window, there was someone standing and staring at Jane. “Who was there? Genius? ...but why does he stand strangely?” She looked in the direction on the window and wondered to figure out who it was. After she saw the figure clearly, her eyes opened widely and could not believe what she saw. Someone without a face, bloody stood in a strange position- the ghost pitched at a 45∘ angle. It could not be a human...What could it be?

The bloodshot eyes showed its resentment. The ghost glared hatred at Jane firmly. It just looked like someone who wanted to tear you to pieces. When their eyes met, Jane knew that she

was in big trouble, perhaps, in great danger. Suddenly, time seemed to stop. She felt a rush of fear churning in her stomach. She wanted to shout for help, but her throat seemed to get stuck. She wanted to run away, but her body was frozen in place, like a stone. The ghost grinned from ear to ear because it finally got its prey.

The ghost patiently waited for its opportunity, and eventually it came. “When there's a will, there's a way” This time, the ghost would not loose the chance. The purpose of her returning was to take her revenge. Someone must pay back what he or she owed to her. This time, she would charge more than the creditor owed. If that was not enough, perhaps death would be enough. After few seconds, the ghost was gone and Jane lost consciousness…but who knew was midnight; and certainly Jane fell asleep deeply in her own room.

Chapter 6

Who are You?

The next day, Jane's roommates thought that Jane was angry because of the quarrel between her and Genius. They did not sense any other changes in Jane’s character. Instead of asking Jane what had happened, they decided to talk with Genius. Everyone in the same school knew that Genius was the one, the only one who could influence Jane's mood easily. Genius was very worried about Jane; and he understood that it was not easy to blow off steam. Suddenly he had an idea. Genius decided to ask her out for dinner. After that, Genius took out the gift that he had prepared to Jane when they walked hand in

hand on the street. Then, He would apologize to her. After Jane's roommates listened to his plan, they said with one voice, “Well-done and good luck.� The first step was to ask Jane out. Genius phoned, but Jane hung up after hearing his voice. This was not the first time she did that, so Genius was not surprised. He had confidence that if he went to invite Jane in person, Jane would be happy and forget everything. If things did not go as well as he had thought, swallowing his pride and offering an apology at the right moment could be effective. Unexpectedly, Jane refused to talk to him, even to see him. She locked herself in her room. All her roommates and Genius did not know what to do. They could only continue

asking her to come out and while paying attention to all movements or sounds in her room at the same time.

It has been two days since Jane locked herself in the room. Genius could not wait anymore. “What if Jane encounters something

dangerous? What if Jane...� Genius told himself. He could not bear to lose his lover. Just at that second, he decided to strike the door with force, the door opened. Jane looked thin and pale. Her face was not rosy anymore. She looked like a vampire because a vampire was in want of blood. Her eyes were red, but not due to crying. Her appearance made people feel uncomfortable. This feeling was as if you were exposed outside without any protection. They were all scared of her. She was not Jane, but who she was?

Chapter 7


Three days after, Jane was gone. All her

roommates and Genius were finding her, but still without any news. They called Jane’s parents. Surprisingly, her parents said that Jane was at home. The reason was that Jane got homesick and wanted to stay home for a while. Although they knew that it must have something been different, they did not pursue the matter further at that time. “Now, I am this body’s owner,” the ghost whispered. She was extremely excited and happy about the new body she got. Since she had a body, she could do whatever she wanted. She determined to kill her ex-lover, the one who had broken her heart and hurt her badly. The ghost murmured, “He is still handsome, a gentleman…but the truth is that he is a liar.

Having such a beautiful wife and a pretty daughter…he has a happy family. How could he forget everything he did to me? I will never ever forgive him…”

It has been a long time since he saw his daughter. To him, she was an angle. He viewed

her as treasure and no one could take her away from him. He was glad, but he didn’t know that danger was coming. This girl was not his daughter Jane… That day, after Jane returned home, her parents were very surprised and believed that she got homesick. The ghost was a good actress since Jane’s close family member didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. That night, after dinner, the ghost had a nice talk with Jane’s parents. She went upstairs to her bedroom. She could see the great love from Jane’s parents to Jane. That was sad because they would never again see their child again. Jealousy was the motivation for her revenge. “Why does he love Ivy? Why not me? There’s no reason that he

chose her instead of me. What if I became Ivy and be Jane’s mother…that sounds good,” The ghost decided to wait. Wait to become Ivy. A week passed away, the ghost had failed many times to transform into Ivy. Unlike Jane, Ivy was healthy and always full of energy. The ghost could not get into Jane’s body and kick her spirit out of her. Furthermore, she realized that Jane could not be Ivy. They were totally different. “If I can get what I want, I would rather destroy it so others can’t have it…” “On August 29th, a house burnt. Unfortunately, two victims died of smoke inhalation when they were sleeping. Their daughter was the only survivor, “Taiwan Time News reported.

The ghost smiled with evil. She knew that was not an accident although it looked like‌ She won at last. They called for help; they begged her forgiveness after she declared who she was. She saw them suffer; struggle to live. At first, they had trouble in breathe. Then they coughed and tears ran through their eyes. They shouted and tried hard to get rid of the house, but they couldn’t. They were just like animals in cages

because their hands and legs were tied with strings. She enjoyed the whole process, just like seeing a movie. However, it seemed to be real. Indeed, it was real. She was a successful director and an actress also. She was pride of herself. “That was what they owed me. I am Jane now. I can start a new life.�

All Jane’s roommates were sad to hear the news. They felt sorry for Jane. This Jane, a good actress pretended to feel miserable. No one thought she was not Jane in person. Her strange behaviors before were seen as her bad mood caused by her homesick. Genius was the only person who suspected she was not Jane. He needed to prove that and get the real Jane back.

Chapter 8

The Truth

One day, when Genius was waiting under the tree which was outside Jane’s apartment, an old man passed by. The man stopped and looked up the tree sadly. Genius could see the sadness in

his eyes. This was not the first time Genius met the old man. He was curious and asked,� Why do you always look at this tree? Is there anything different? “The old man shook his head and left without saying a word.

Finally, after Genius asked him several times, the old man told him the story finally. “My daughter died by crushing into the branch of the tree over there. It has been more than twenty years. Can you see that window from here? She jumped out of her room from that window…and …Do you see that trunk which pitches at a 45∘angle...My daughter crushed into that trunk after she jumped off...” the old man said, looking down after telling the story.

“That room is Jan…….” Genius looked up. He was astonished by his discovery. Jane came out and Genius pretended nothing had happened. “Why she looks sad...” Genius murmured. “What is she looking at…that old man?” Now, he got his proof. It sounded crazy, but it could be possible. In the restaurant, Genius asked Jane whether she knew the old man. He told her the old man’s story and observed Jane carefully. After observing her reaction and the behavior, Genius was sure that this girl was not Jane. The most important observation was that Genius had noticed that she tried to avoid looking directly into his eyes. “What should I do next?” When he was in his room, one of his friends, Ken came in silently.

Ken saw Genius’ serious face and wondered what had happened. After experiencing the situation, his friend suggested Genius go to meet a monk. It was the only way…just try. That night, Genius invited Jane to have dinner at his place. They drank and talked. Gradually, Jane felt sleepy. Then, she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was tied to a chair.

Chapter 9

The Body’s Owner

The ghost knew where she was. At first, she just wanted to take revenge on Jane’s parents, then, she would let the real Jane back. However, being a human was more interesting than being a ghost. Especially, the love that Genius gave made

her jealous. She enjoyed being loved and being cared for. She was in love with Genius. As a result, she turned selfish. She wanted to take Jane’s place…to be her, but now, she could not be Jane anymore. The ghost wanted monk to tell Jane,” I regretted to kill your parents. I am very sorry. My name is Jane, the same as yours. This body is yours and I don’t have right to take it. As a result, I have to return it back to you,.” Both of them were called Jane. Her ex-lover gave this name to his daughter in order to commemorate her. Nothing could be done to make up for the crimes she had caused She could only apologize to those she had hurt, including her father.

She closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she would be another Jane, the real one.

45∘ It happened in an apartment one summer. A girl, Jane who just entered apartment

university with

rented three

an other

roommates. She met a ghost and lost unconsciousness. Then, after she woke up, she behaved strangely…

One day, you’ll give back what you owe, no matter what it is…

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It happened in an apartment one summer. A girl, Jane who just entered apartment

university with

rented three

an other

roommates. She met a ghost and lost unconsciousness. Then, after she woke up, she behaved strangely… One day, you’ll give back what you owe, no matter what it is…


45 ∘ Sue Chen Words Checked: 3423 Words in Oxford 3000: 94% Chapter5: Outside the Window Chapter4: Tension Chapter8: The Truth Chapter1: Eve...

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