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Words Checked 1659 Words in Oxford 3000 = 91%

About the author

A free spirit. Grown up in the city of Taoyuan, 1

Taiwan. She experienced life through hand-on experiences and encountered love a few times in her 19-year-old life.

2011, Winter

The tranquility of the morning has been slashed as the alarm clock burst out a sudden cry. Another Sunday, another day. She opened her eyes unwillingly and silenced the little shouting monster. She dreamed of Paris again. But as always, she couldn't tell if it was really a dream, or she had been taken back to the city

where she left her heart again. She had always been a light-hearted girl, that kind of girl from the neighborhood who would jump around and still believe in magic and unicorns. She was an emotional girl too. She would cry to any kind of movies, a girl that had lots and lots of love to give and share. She slowly got out of bed, fetched herself a cup of luke-warm water, turned the radio on then sit on the sofa in the living room of her

3-room apartment. Just like fate would like it to be, the DJ started to play French chansons dedicated to all the lovers around the world. She smiled and closed her eyes, already indulging herself with each single note of the music that were fraught with love and romance. She slowly went back to sleep as the chansons slowly took her down the lane of memories‌

2009, Winter


"I love you too, baby"

She sighed as they finished their daily talk via Skype. Cheyne Webster, a man she knew she could relay on. A man who had given her so much she had started to take it for granted. Everything they had was perfect until the day he got on the plane and left. She would go with him, but how would a 16-year-old girl with no diploma support herself ? Distance, the

murderer of so many beautiful relationships, the scale of the trust and lover between two love birds. She grew tired of the relationship but was too scared to end it. They got used to having each other in their lives they had forgotten what it was like before the moment they met. Relaying heavily on the technology and the memory of love, caring, understanding and passion, they retrieved their relationship again and again.

Eventually, she gave up.

The urge for freedom and excitement had taken her to the world of lust, betrayal and superficial desires. The worst thing was, she lost herself in this big wild world. The innocent sparks in her eyes had faded slowly. Little did she know, she had already started to become a woman. Little did he know, his innocent lover had drifted far away from the shore they once made their vows. She started to seek pleasure,

excitement and happiness at the mystery of the night. She once asked him: " What would you do if I ever cheat on you, Cheyne?" he answered " I would be ‌ shattered. I can give you all the attention and love you need, please don't do that to me.."

Then comes the unfaithfulness.

Blinded by the lust and desire, she turned to another man for attention, secretly. But out of her expectation, Cheyne found out. After a long

conversation and countless consults from friends, they decided to take a break, which would be better for both of them. During the break, she made a decision to pursue her dream and travel. As a French minor student, she chose Paris. Before leaving the country, she promised herself two things : In this journey fraught with uncertainty and jubilation, she will find who she she really is and what the word "love" really means. She was a

brave girl. never had fear for anything and always willing to try no matter what. But the night before leaving, lying in her bed.. she panicked. She was frightened. She was scared that after returning, she would still remain the same. The same girl that didn't know how to appreciate and cherish her family, friends and lover.

CDG AĂŠroport. Paris

After a long flight, she arrived at the city of light - Paris. As the only-child from a well-off family, it was neither the first time traveling nor the first time visiting Paris. However, this time she came with just her suitcase. Alone. She has always liked to believe that she’s an independent girl, that even without her family she would be fine with life and its dramas. The air was fresh and cold when she first stepped out the airplane. It took her lungs a few

minutes to adjust as the ice-cold air glided down her airway. It was a gloomy morning, the sky was barely lit and the sun was hiding behind the clouds that have the color of an American shorthair cat. She hailed a taxi and used the little strength that was still left to force her luggage in the trunk of the old Cadillac. “Not bad, I’m still a princess somehow, just the retro way.� She thought. The driver was a typical Frenchman with fine hair and

blue eyes that glitter. “Where can I take you today, beautiful young lady?” “ 41 rue de l'échiquier, please” “Okay, no problem.” She was surprised by his accent because there was no trace of French in it. One would probably think he is American if it wasn’t the Paris sky they were under at the moment. “Why is your English so good? I can’t even hear an accent.” “Well, I grew up with American neighbors. Weird huh?” She saw his smiley eyes from the rear view

mirror – a little bit of mischief, a little flirting and something she couldn’t quite decipher. “Is it your first time here in Paris, young lady?” He asked her in fluent French. “No, it’s my third time. I think it’s a matter of time before I move here!” She said, smiling. “One can never get enough of Paris, can they?” “Exactly.” The 20 minutes drive to downtown Paris seemed awfully short. They talked about their interests, movies, arts and cuisine. Johan

Vincent. The one person that would turn her life upside down and gave her a new way to live life. “How much is it ? Johan?” “ It’s free, mademoiselle. It was a pleasure meeting you; I think money would not be necessary in this situation.” It always works, the French way of romantic. And of course, fate didn’t make the girl an exception. She was deeply impressed and attracted by his soft voice and the smell of sandalwood coming from the driver’s

seat. However, she rejected politely when he proposed to leave contact information. The first step towards being a different girl.

Montparnasse, Paris

After a week of getting use to the busy life of Paris, she started to fall in love with the city. Every corner was an adventure. She woke up every single day with smile on her face. Even just taking the metro to school made her overly-excited. She brought a little

diary with her everywhere she went. Bus tickets, metro tickets, a piece of leaf, or even just a melody she heard. She tried to document everything so she wouldn’t forget the feelings of happiness, freedom and excitement. One afternoon when she was strolling down the narrow streets of Montparnasse, enjoying the sun that rarely came out to embrace the city; she found a little cafÊ with some seats facing the sun. She found a seat next

to the small heater and sat down with her film cameras. The waiter was busy walking around taking orders from picky locals and noisy tourists. She took out her handmade notebook fraught with photos and notes of Paris and waited quietly for the waiter. “What can I get you, mademoiselle?” “Café au lait , please.” She said with her soft voice. After ordering, she looked down to her notebook again, indulging herself once again in the

wonder and beauty of the city. “ The same little girl with dreams huh?” She was so concentrated on her work that she didn’t notice him. A man in his late twenties standing next to the girl with his golden retriever. She recognized him the second their eyes met. Nevada Sage, his old lover. The one whom she had given her heart to. Also the one whom she had cheated on and lied to. “Nevada! What are you doing here?” “Well what are YOU doing here!

I live here now, in les mahais.” He is a painter and a freelance DJ, she remembered that they would always have red wine dates at his balcony and made love to the jazz in the summer. He sat down and they chatted the evening away.. The next thing she realized was that it was already the closing time for the café. “There’s a nice restaurant nearby, how about a dinner treat from an old friend?” “Sure, why not?” During the dinner, they

talked like the pain and betrayal never existed in their history of relationship.

For a moment, she thought she was in love with this man again.

However, she knew that even though the wound was healed, the scar would always be there. She thanked him for dinner and refused the invitation for a visit of his house. She knew that more interaction would just make the both of them more attached. The second step towards maturity.

2012, Taiwan

She got woken up by the winter sun that was kissing her cheeks. Another morning, another day. She got up and started to get dress for the morning class. She suddenly realized that today is not quite the same as others. Tomorrow is her 20th birthday. She took out the notebook she made of her trip to Paris. She started to question: Where did the innocence and pure happiness I had gone?

Life is tricky.

When you were young, you want to be older. When you finally get older, you miss being the carefree girl you once to be.

Every girl has a dream. A perfect someone who will come rescue her from the fortress. She is no exception. You will find joy, pain and love in every single word in this book. Open your heart. Experience. And love.


opasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwert yuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmq wertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbn wertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb Written by students of E4A Composition 1 Instructor: Mr. Kenneth M. Smith Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages Kaohsiung, Taiwan June 2012

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