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Complicated Love

Kay Lan

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Complicated Love In high society, people spend all their time socializing. All we care about is how to gain the most benefits from people who are wealthier than us. You are nobody, if you have no money. But April, the young girl in this story, is different. She hates those social activities the most and gets tired attending them. Money means nothing to her. She believes all men who approach her have other purposes –to get the wealth from her parents. Suddenly, everything becomes strange, not only with her family, but also the intricate relationships between April, Jerry, Leon and Gloria‌


About the Author My name is Kay Lan. I am nineteen years old and study in Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages now, major in English and minor in German. It is my first time to write my own novel. Honestly, it is really hard from finding ideas to finish the entire story. In short, I hope all of you can enjoy in this story.



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New Start Confusion

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Chapter 1 Past and Present April In modern high society, people in magnificent clothes were often seen at social activities. We compared everything to each other, such as achievements of children, wealth, fame, apparel and so on. However, April was different from others‌ My name was April and I was twenty-six years old. I was studying abroad in Germany. I thought that I was a quite easygoing, energetic, talkative, and optimistic woman and sometimes people said that I was innocent like a child. I had a good relationship with everyone. Although I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I really hated social activities, especially dinner parties! If not for my parents’ demands, I would have no part in 5

such a hypocritical setting. ‘How are you doing?’ ‘When would you like to get married?’ ‘You have become more beautiful! I would like to introduce you to my son.’ … I stood as far away as from these types of people as I could and tried not to be noticed. ‘It is really uncomfortable to hear the same conversations repeatedly during dinner party. After dinner party, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have returned from Germany. I must find an excuse to leave!’ I thought to myself. However, this party was a discreet scheme designed by her parents in order to fix April and Leon up.

Leon Leon was a mature, steady, hardworking, charming man. He was born into a prosperous family. He was young, but already had worked in a big international business company as a general manager. Leon canceled all business appointments for today’s attendance. 6

Maybe April didn’t meet me before; it wasn’t the first time I had met her. I had paid heed to her for a long time. Our first contact was in July, 2008. I just got the promoted to manager. It was a bright morning. And, I was on the way to work and I was stopped in my car waiting at a traffic light. When the traffic light turned green, I drove. Suddenly, a girl rushed out into the road. ‘squeal--,’ from my car. I totally had no idea what had happened, and decided to get out of the car to see what had happened. It was a lovely girl squatting in front of my car. ‘Are you hurt? Do I need to call an ambulance for you?’ I said. I saw a kitty in her arms. ‘It turned out that she ran out into the road because she wanted to save this kitty. What a brave girl,’ I thought. ‘No, thank you. I apologize for my rudeness,’ she replied, and she left with the kitty in her arms. I fell in love with her at first sight.


Chapter 2 Change April After the dinner party, I was going to return to Germany for my studies. However, my parents had run out of money because of the recent financial downturn. All my parents’ friends refused to help them. If you had no money in the high society, you were nothing! Nevertheless, an anonymous person donated money to us unconditionally. ‘I must give the money back to this kind person in the future although I don’t know who he or she is,’ I thought. Luckily, I reached my best friend, Gloria, in senior high school. She was now twenty-five years old and was the most popular English teacher in the cram school. Although Gloria and I looked alike, our personalities were quite different from 8

each other. I was talkative. In contrast, Gloria was a little quiet. I was the person who did not bother about small matters, while Gloria was considerate. The biggest difference between us was our background. Gloria was born in a destitute family. Therefore, I always tried my best to help her with everything I could. Because of her background, she worked hard and tried to return all the families loans. Many men wooed her, but she declined all of them. The reasons were not only due to no time, but also due to a man she has loved for a long time. She had never told me who he was. ‘Thanks for your help, Gloria. You are really my best friend!’ I said. ‘Never mind! I also want to thank you to fill in this vacancy. Moreover, you helped me a lot before!’ replied Gloria. We lay on Gloria’s bed till morning and shared our life after graduating from senior high school.


Leon I was astonished when I heard the news about her parents. I remembered nothing, but her. I was worried and tried to gather as much details as possible. I also tried to find out what caused this consequence. In other words I did my best to help her. After I found out Gloria and April were good friends in senior high school, I called Gloria for her help. Gloria and I were best friends in college. I thought that our friendship eas very marvelous. My first impression of her was that she was quiet. She didn’t talk so much. When I first saw her, I thought that we wouldn’t remember each other after graduation. However, I was wrong. I loved to go to the library in our school and borrowed as many books as I could when I was in college. Although I liked to be with my friends, books could offer me substantial information. That was also why Gloria and I met. I always saw her name on 10

the book which I borrowed from the library. It was really strange. Then, I had my first talk with her. ‘Hi, do you know who I am?’ I said. She didn’t answer me, not even look at me. ‘It is really difficult to get closer to her,’ I thought. When I was getting ready to leave, she said ‘Are you Leon?’ I was startled by her and asked how she knew my name. ‘You are a famous person in our school. A lot of girls worship you,’ she answered. After our first talk, we always went to the library together. Some people even thought we were a couple. However, I treated her only as my sister and my best friend.


Chapter 3 New Start April ‘It is the beginning of my new life. I must be more optimistic, or I am not April! Everything will be fine!’ I said to myself when I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom. When I first walked into the classroom, a mischievous college student was chatting loudly with his friends. ‘Ahem’ I uttered. ‘What’s wrong? There is a vacant seat. Don’t stand there!’ he said, and then began to laugh. ‘Excuse me; I am your new German teacher. My name is April,’ I said. ‘What? You are too young to teach us!’ he retorted. ‘I had studied in Germany for ten years. Do you still have any problems with me being your teacher?’ I replied with a friendly smile. ‘Fine! 12

You don’t look too bad. Would you marry me?’ he asked. ‘WHAT?!’ I was really scared of him. After this interlude, I started today’s class. ‘Who is this young student?’ He was still in my mind. After work, Gloria and I went out for dinner. I told Gloria about my first day and that strange student. ‘Ha ha…’ laughed Gloria ‘Don’t laugh at me. I am not joking!’ I said sulkily. ‘Sorry sorry, it is really funny. So, did you answer him?’ asked Gloria. ‘Of course not! He is just a college student. Are you crazy?’ I replied. ‘Okay, don’t get angry. This is my treat, okay?’ said Gloria. ‘Certainly! I will eat as much as I can, ha ha,’ I smiled. After asking the manager of the cram school, I finally learned who this student was. His name was Jeffery, and he was twenty-two years old. His mother was the chairwoman of a great and well-known chain industry. ‘This is a four-year age 13

difference between us!!’ I said to myself.

Leon After I returned home, my younger brother told me what happened at cram school. Although there was a nine-year age difference between us. We still had a great brotherhood and we shared everything with each other. We were half-siblings. My mother died when I was seven. My stepmother was an elegant and genial woman. She bore Jeffery when I was almost nine years old. ‘We have a new Germen teacher today. She is really pretty, and I asked her to be my bride’ he said happily. ‘Oh, really? Who is the lucky girl?’ I replied. ‘April’ he said. This is such a coincidence! I can’t believe that my brother had fallen in love with my fiancée and asked her to be his bride. However, I did not tell him that April was already my fiancée because I didn’t want to break his heart and I also 14

didn’t think that he could affect anything.

Chapter 4 Confusion April After the first class, Jeffery started to woo me. Because I was living in Gloria’s apartment, and it was near the cram school, Jeffery always parked his car near our apartment and walked to the apartment with me after class. Then, he drove home. I really had no idea how he knew that I lived in Gloria’s apartment and where it was. Although Jeffery was younger than I was, I liked the feeling of being with him. He always asked me out and I finally agreed. We started to go out frequently. Everything seemed great.


One day, I discovered who that kind anonymous person was. It was Leon. I reached him and asked if we could meet for dinner together. ‘Finally, it is the end of class,’ said Jeffery. ‘Du liebst nicht meinen Kurs? (Don’t you like my teaching style?)’ I asked in German. ‘Natürlich nicht! Aber Deutsch sehr schwer ist! (Of course not! But, German is difficult for me to learn.)’ he replied. ‘Wow, you speak German well!’ I said. ‘Thank you, I credit it all to you. So, let’s go home!’ answered Jeffery. ‘Sorry, I have another thing to do. I cannot go with you today,’ I said. ‘I hope that you are not going out with another man. Be careful when you go home. See you tomorrow!’ he replied. When I arrived at the restaurant, Leon was already there. ‘Sorry, I am late.’ I said. ‘It is okay. So, what do you want to eat tonight?’ he asked. ‘Anything is fine with me. The purpose I came here is to tell you that I will return the money 16

which you lent me. However, I need some time to do so’ I said. ‘It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t return it.’ he replied. ‘No, I insist that I must return the money!’ I answered. ‘Okay, if you must’ Leon said. That night, we had a great conversation and I discovered that we were a good match. He was really gentle and charming. He was also different form others in the high society. I thought I was attracted by him and hoped that we could keep in touch. After I returned home, I was too impatient to wait to tell Gloria what had happened tonight. ‘I think that you are falling in love with Leon,’ said Gloria. ‘I am not sure, but he is an attractive person,’ I replied. ‘So, what to do with Jeffery?’ she asked. ‘I don’t know, but I don’t want to think about it now!’ I replied. And I still haven’t dealt with those missed calls from Jeffery.


Leon When I got home, I recalled what happened during our dinner. April promised me that she would return the money, even though I insisted not to take back the money. It seemed that she definitely wanted to return the money. However, The reason why I helped her wasn’t for her appreciation. I only wanted her to have a better life and overcame those setbacks. I thought she was really different from other women. We were a good match and I had a crush on her.

Chapter 5 Decision April After a few weeks, Jeffery had gone abroad to study. I went to the airport to 18

see him off. ‘Das ist sehr schade dass du nicht meine Freudin warden kannst. (What a pity that you are not my girlfriend.) Kannst du auf mich warten?(Can you wait for me?)’ said Jeffery. I said nothing, but ‘take care’. Before Jeffery went abroad, he asked Leon, his older brother, to take care of April for him. He didn’t know that April was Leon’s fiancée. After Jeffery left, my parents told me that Leon was my betrothed. I was shocked and confused. I knew Leon was more suitable for me, in terms of both age and status. It was very nice to talk to him. However, Jeffery was also a great guy. The only problem was that he was too young. I thought I knew what the best decision for me was. Leon had been responsible for taking care of me as his fiancée. Day by day, I had found myself falling in love with Leon, but also I felt sorry for Jeffery. Leon and I had become closer and even planned to get married. On the other hand, Jeffery still continued to write an 19

e-mail to me everyday from abroad. ‘Hey, how are you recently?’ ‘Germany is very cold, and I miss you a lot.’ ‘Is everything okay?’ ‘Why haven’t you written back?’ ‘Please reply to me if you have received these e-mails. I am worried about you.’ However, I felt bad and did not answer those e-mails. Because April didn’t reply to Jeffery, he wrote to Leon and asked him what happened to April.

Leon That day, I received an e-mail from Jeffery. He asked me why April hadn’t replied to any of his e-mails. He wanted me to check if everything was okay with April. However, I did not reply to this letter. I didn’t want to tell Jeffery the truth that April and I was going to get married. I did love April, but I also loved Jeffery. I didn’t want to hurt him. At that time, Leon didn’t realize that this was going to hurt Jeffery even more.


As usual, I went to the cram school to wait for April. And then, we walked home and he held my hand sweetly. However, we didn’t notice that Jeffery had come back to Taiwan and was standing not very far away from us…

Chapter 6 Wound April I can’t forget that day when I was on the way home with Leon. I won’t ever forget the anger and disappointment on Jeffery’s face. He ran farther from me, and Leon tried to catch up. I can’t think. Everything happened too quickly and was out of control I can’t remember how I got home. The only thing that I did remember was his 21

countenance. ‘Ring--,’ rang my cell phone. ‘Hey! What’s going on? Is he alright? What did he say?’ I asked anxiously. ‘Calm down, April. Jeffery is fine. I have talked to him before calling you,’ Leon replied tiredly. ‘Don’t worry! Everything is fine. I will tell you all about it tomorrow, okay?’ ‘Okay, goodnight,’ I answered. I didn’t sleep well that night. All I felt was sorry and remorseful. The next morning when I left the house for work with Gloria, Jeffery was standing outside our department. It really scared me. ‘See you later in cram school,’ Gloria said and left us alone. ‘Hey, how’s everything going?’ I said. ‘Why haven’t you replied to my e-mails?’ asked Jeffery. ‘I am sorry, Jeffery,’ I said. ‘Do not say sorry. I only want you to answer my question. Do you love him sincerely,’ he asked suddenly. ‘Yes.’ I heard my voice answer him without thinking. ‘Okay, I understand. I am going back to Germany 22

tomorrow. Can you give me a hug as a gift?’ said Jeffery. Then, I gave him a big hug and wished him luck in finding his Ms. Right in the future.

Leon ‘Wait, Jeffery!’ I yelled. ‘No! Both of you are liars! I don’t want to listen to you! Get away from me!’ shouted Jeffery. After a few blocks, I caught up with him. Jeffery turned back and hit me. ‘If this will make you feel better, then do whatever you want,’ I said. Jeffery struck me and cried sadly. Gradually, Jeffery stopped hitting me. ’Will you bring her happiness?’ asked Jeffery. ‘Yes, I promise you that I will do my best to love her,’ I promised. Then, we went home. I knew that Jeffery still couldn’t accept this consequence. After I got home, I called April first. She asked many questions and sounded nervous. I was really tired, so I promised 23

her that I would tell her tomorrow. I felt that April seemed a little bit strange, but I thought it wasn’t important. Therefore, I didn’t take it seriously. Everything seemed to be fine and would have a happy ending. I couldn’t believe that April and I was going to get married. It seemed like a dream to me. I was on the way to pick up our marriage ring with Gloria. At that time, I didn’t notice that everything would totally change after soon.

Chapter 7 A Car Accident April When I received a phone call from hospital, I couldn’t understand what had happened. The phone call really confused 24

me. I rushed to the hospital. ‘Excuse me, I received a phone call from your hospital says that my friend and fiancé has been sent here. Are they okay?’ I asked nervously. ‘Are their names Leon and Gloria?’ said a nurse. ‘Yes!’ I replied. ‘Please follow me,’ said the nurse. When I walked into the emergency room, I saw Leon sat there. ‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘A car accident,’ he replied impotently. ‘Is Gloria okay? Will she be fine? That won’t cause any serious consequence, right?’ I asked agitatedly. ‘I don’t know. Calm down, April! The only thing that we can do now is to wait!’ Leon held me in his arms and I cried sorrowfully. I didn't remember how long it had pasted, a doctor walked out from the emergency room. ‘Is she okay?’ I asked anxiously. ‘We try our best to save her life, but she won’t be able to walk anymore in the rest of her life. I am sorry! She also needs to stay in the hospital for observation for a while,’ the doctor replied. I didn’t know what I could do, so I just cried. 25

Leon Everything seemed to be fine and would have a happy ending. I was on the way to pick up our marriage ring with Gloria. ‘I am so excited and look forward to see April become my wife in law!’ I said. ‘So am I! I remembered that even though you were the most popular man in our college, you didn’t fall in love with any girl. I even suspected that you were gay. I don’t mean being gay is wrong, but you know that you really broke many girls’ hearts,’ said Gloria. ‘Really? I didn’t notice that,’ I replied. ‘That really surprises me!’ ‘Come on, you are not good at love,’ said Gloria. ‘You are lucky to have met April.’ I didn’t know why she seemed a little sad. ‘Maybe it is all in my imagination,’ I thought. ‘There is the accessory store. You wait in the car, okay?’ I said. ‘Okay,’ replied Gloria. At that time, I didn’t notice that everything had totally changed after soon. 26

If I had known this, I wouldn’t let her in the car alone. ‘Leon, you forget your wallet!’ shouted Gloria from the window. I turned back. A car had just run the red light and collided with my car. ‘Bang--’ ‘Gloria!!’ I ran to my car as quickly as I could and called 911. ‘We have a car accident at Caron Street in front of the accessory store, Holiday at no.167, Ming-chuan road. Please speedily dispatch an ambulance. A girl is hit by a car!’ I said hastily and anxiously. When we arrived at hospital, a doctor and three or four nurses came. ‘We can’t wait. Please sigh OP and anesthesia consent,’ the doctor said. Then, I signed it. ‘Please save her life.’ That was the last sentence I remembered that I say. I forgot to call April; I just sat there until April came. I had made a decision in my mind when I heard the outcome of Gloria.


Chapter 8 A Touching Reunion April After Gloria woke up, we hesitated to tell her what had happened. However, she insisted to know it. She said nothing, but accepted the news silently after we told her. I usually went to the hospital to take care of her after the car accident. She usually looked outside of the window and became quieter. She only spoke when Leon was in the room. I finally realized who the man that Gloria had loved for a long time was. It was hard for me to make this decision. However, I had decided to give up my dream to get married with Leon, although I did love him. That was the only thing that I could do for Gloria. They were more compatible. After a few days, April returned the money which Leon had lent her before and went to Germany without saying 28

a word.

Leon I was very sad about April’s decision but there nothing I could do. If she really loved me, why could she leave without telling me? It was selfish! After April left, I finally realized that Gloria had loved me since we had that first talk. However, I still loved April and regarded Gloria as my sister.

_Two Years Later_ April Since the car accident, I hadn’t returned home for a long time. There were so many questions in my mind. ‘Are they okay?’ ‘Has Leon married Gloria or some else?’ I wanted to know the answers, but also afraid to know the truth.


I met Jeffery when I was in Germany. We took care of each other as brother and sister there. He was shocked by those things that I had experienced in Taiwan. ‘So was I,’ I thought. Jeffery became more mature, but still boyish sometimes. It was really good to see familiar landscapes. After we left the airport, I saw Leon stood there. I was afraid to face him and tried to escape. ‘Don’t be afraid. I am by your side,’ said Jeffery. He held my hand tightly. He relieved my nervousness. ‘Hi, long time no see,’ Leon said. ‘Yup, it had been really a long time,’ I replied. When I first saw him, I realized that I couldn’t forget him. I still loved him. After going home, I saw Gloria was there. ‘They had gotten married,’ I gave Gloria a hug agitatedly. ‘I miss you,’ we both said. ‘April, I want to have a moment with you,’ said Gloria. ‘Okay,’ I answered. Then, we went to the backyard. ‘What do you want to tell me?’ I asked. ‘I admit that I had 30

loved Leon for a long time. However, I finally realized that Leon would not love me because of you. I tried to hate you, but I couldn’t because you were my best friend,’ said Gloria. ‘Gloria…’I said. ‘The car accident wasn’t your fault! Please don’t misunderstand us. He takes care of me as his sister. Leon still loves you deeply. Can you come back to him?’ said Gloria. I was astonished. After dinner, Leon invited me to take a walk in the garden. The atmosphere was a little bit embarrassing in the beginning. I didn’t know when, but held my hand during the walk. ‘Did you fall in love with another man in Germany?’ he asked. ‘No,’ I said. ‘Do you still love me?’ he asked. ‘I do.’ I answered without thinking. ‘So do I,’ he replied. And then, he kissed me and held me in his arms tightly. ‘I won’t let you go. Never!’ he said. I smiled and kissed him. After all this, we finally were together. It is engraved upon my heart. 31

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Kay Lan_Complicated Love  

Complicated Love Kay Lan Words checked = [4209] Words in Oxford 3000 = [91%] 1 But April, the young girl in this story, is different. She ha...

Kay Lan_Complicated Love  

Complicated Love Kay Lan Words checked = [4209] Words in Oxford 3000 = [91%] 1 But April, the young girl in this story, is different. She ha...